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http://test9.expandit.io/digital-gold-how-i-escaped-the-rat-race.php In a later episode, her family name is revealed to be Fairywinkle Cosma. Originally, she was going to be called Venus, but "Venus" ended up being her middle name. Wanda has an obsession with chocolate , and it is one of the only things that can distract her from her top priorities.

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Vicky voiced by Grey DeLisle , portrayed by Devon Weigel in the live-action movies , is Timmy's mean, selfish, malicious, and tyrannical year-old babysitter. She has but a few friends and enjoys torturing children, watching television and making the world miserable, especially for Timmy. She lives with her mother, her father, and her younger sister Tootie. Also, she has encountered Mark Chang in his natural form but dismisses it as a Halloween costume.

A plot point in the episode "Frenemy Mine" involved her belonging to a dark society known as B. Babysitters Raging Against Twerps. She has been shown to be accepting of her own cruelty, and that the only reason she is mean is because she was mistreated as a child by her own babysitter. He was the first fairy baby born in over ten thousand years, with his own father being the second to last.

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His gradually underdeveloped, untapped magical abilities are channeled and controlled through his magic rattle. His first word is "poof" and his second "Timmy", as pointed out in the episode "Mission Responsible". In "Fairy Old Parent", Poof is assigned to his very first person as a fairy godparent as his own, for miserable old people; such as Mrs.

He grants her wishes but became overworked and exhausted, returning to Cosmo and Wanda via Timmy's plan. At the end of "School of Crock", he is heard speaking fluent English, which further develops and strengthens his innate fairy magic to slightly higher power-levels. Since his first appearance, he inherent magical abilities are tied to his feelings and emotions. When he cries, bad things happen. When he giggles, good things happen. When he burps, lightning happens, When he hiccups, natural disaster happens.

And when he breaks wind, reality resets. He is shaped like an orb and wears a light purple jumpsuit. He also uses a toy rattle which babies do the way other fairies use magic wands. His voice has gotten deeper and more comical as part of his formal training to be a great fairy. Chloe goes completely crazy over him, as she loves babies. Sparky voiced by Matthew Taylor is Timmy's talking fairy dog, who was a character in season 9 , as he was dropped from the show before season 10 due to negative reception.

Sparky has orange fur, a wand for a tail, a blue nose, and fairy wings.

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He wears a fairy crown and a blue collar. Sparky's magic tail doesn't work when he is wet. He has magic fleas that will turn people into dogs if bitten.

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He is highly allergic to pasta, and is capable of performing human acts, such as driving. Unlike Timmy's fairy godparents, it is okay for other people to know about Sparky, but they cannot know that he can talk.

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Although in the beginning they do not get along being polar opposites , they end up becoming best friends. Chloe is seen by Timmy as an annoying, goody goody, and boastful, little girl and she has the tendency to cause chaos with her wishes. Dad, also known as Mr. Turner, voiced by Daran Norris, portrayed by Norris in the live-action films and Mom, also known as Mrs. They have the same voice actors as Timmy's fairy godparents. Their faces were unseen in early episodes, but became fully seen by the end of the first season.

Their first names are never revealed. Mom is a real estate agent and home dealer; and Dad works as an employee of a pencil factory called Pencil Nexus and troop leader for Timmy's Squirrelly Scouts Troop, though both have had several other jobs, usually only for the duration of a single episode. Mom is shown to be a horrible gardener and cook, as anything she tries to grow dies and her meals usually come alive and try to attack her family.

Dad is often shown hating the Dinklebergs, the next door neighbors, which can be compared to Homer Simpson 's hatred for Ned Flanders in The Simpsons. Both are completely oblivious to the magic in their home, and despite their obvious love for Timmy, tend to be somewhat neglectful. They leave Timmy with Vicky, his babysitter, and are oblivious to obvious signs she is evil; even going as far as believing that the song "Icky Vicky" was about pumpkins. They often forget his birthday and punish him for situations that are beyond his control.

Because of all this, they are often rivaled by Cosmo as some of the dumbest characters in the show. He lives in a trailer with his father in an impoverished community with few amenities. Although his mother was mentioned in the episode "Teeth for Two", she has not been shown in the show. He is generous and cares more for others than himself, as every time he has obtained magic, he has used his wishes to try to improve the lives of others, even though it usually leads to disaster. He becomes the only classmate of Timmy to know about his godparents' existence in Fairy Idol , but it is not mentioned again in later episodes it is presumed he loses his knowledge of this after wishing everything back to normal.

He often wears worn-in, oversized clothes. He has freckles, green eyes, dental braces , and blonde shaggy hair and eyebrows. He comes from an upper-middle-class family, and is a straight "A" student in school, a quality both his parents have achieved as well. He has constructed an older brother who defends him from bullies, fulfilling his need for a real one. He plays with video games and reads comic books like his other friends, in spite of his superior intellect. He has a secret laboratory that he conceals with a "cloak" button on his bedroom wall which, when pressed, it converts his lab into a typical bedroom.

Jorgen Von Strangle voiced by Daran Norris , played by Mark Gibbon in the live-action movies is the toughest fairy in the universe who speaks with an Austrian accent and is a high-ranking official in Fairy World. He uses an oversized wand, is the tallest fairy, and is one of the very few fairies who does not levitate in the series. Unlike other fairies who "poof" from place to place, Jorgen appears and disappears in the form of an atomic explosion and has a jet pack instead of wings, stating in the episode "The Temp" that normal fairy wands and wings are too wimpy and girly for him.

In "The Zappies", he mentioned he has had only one godchild, Winston; the reason for this, as revealed in "Temporary Fairy", is that his extreme wish-granting and daredevil stunts unnecessarily endanger the lives of godchildren. He is a big supporter of " Da Rules ". He is sadistic and enjoys the idea of others cowering in fear of him, which affects his ability to have friends besides Cosmo and Wanda. Although Jorgen is known as the toughest fairy in Fairy World, he is seen multiple times crying in front of Cosmo and Wanda.

Jorgen has a smaller wand hidden in his boot, as seen in Wishology. No wonder they call themselves the Sacred Fools theater company! The cast of 18 speaking characters is too large for the small stage. The Sacred Fools ensemble is abundantly talented, just bad at choosing worthwhile material.

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One mistake made by the casting director was the use the character Dick Skills, performed by Joe Hernandez-Kolski, of the quartet; a disgusting example of horny men, he gyrated his hips, stuck out his tongue, spat nearly every word he growled and yelled, and literally reeked with body odor. The lead character, Corme, portrayed by Lauren Daniels, is also disappointing, full of sighs and dreamy eyes, and with no sign of the fighter that her character really is.

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Like each movement of the martial art style Tai Chi, a play flows well when each scene melts into another. Carefully and deliberately, each thought continues into the next, and the words form unity around a climactic theme. When the pattern is broken, the message loses its full potential. Certain metaphors both carried the play and hurt its integrity.

Beautiful Tai Chi movements styled the drama from the scene of the beating to the depiction of Vincent Reggie Lee in heaven watching over his mother. Peppered with drums and the music of Motown, the contrasting moments of noise and silence furthered the moments of tension, pain and pride. No moment remained as powerful as the scene in which Vincent entered into a fight with two auto workers who mistook Chin as Japanese and blamed him for losing their jobs.

The act ended as Chin lay on the floor injured while red cloth symbolically draped the stage. Tapping into the heart of a real mother, her intense love shined through the sadness. Calculated and true to spirit, "Carry the Tiger to the Mountain" proved worthy of the message it portrayed. Malaprop Karesa McElheny , insists that she marry into wealth, Lydia instead spites her by marrying a poor man. Knowing this, Jack disguises himself as a penniless ensign to gain her affections. Events quickly spiral out of control as he finds himself ensnared in an increasingly complicated web of misunderstandings and double-crosses.

Christian Noble remains in control as the scheming Jack, expertly manipulating the surrounding characters to meet his ends. Noble keeps the play grounded in reality, turning in a delightfully understated performance in contrast to the over-the-top antics of the lunatic supporting cast.

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A Birthday Play

Have I the single sense of my own being, Or in relation's teeming roundabout Am I a breath from others' meandering? It ' hasn't been updated. You go too far to prove your object worthless; There must be some desire in your distress. Perfect Son. The parents save the kids by getting rid of the game and telling their kids to get some fresh air.

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