Turning Swiss: Cities and Empire 1450-1550

Thomas Brady
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Banks, Arthur S.

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Additional terms may apply to data associated with third party namespaces. Brady, Jr, electronic resource represents a specific, individual, material embodiment of a distinct intellectual or artistic creation found in University Of Pikeville. Even by the modest standards of the time, most of these territorial "urban centers" remained in the sixteenth century little more than overgrown villages. Rudolf revokes all post alienations of Imperial rights. Sign In. Ludwig Hain also lists another edition printed at Wessobrunn; Repertorium Bibliographicum Leipzig, , no. Ruiz ed.

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Sketches of the Chinese. Body Politic. Expansion of National Administrative Capacities, Tilly, Charles : ed. Princeton : University Press. Wakeman, Frederick Jr. The Manchu. Beyond Progress and Development. Macro-Political and Macro-Societal. The bibliography includes both items cited directly in the paper and publications illustrating the alternative approaches to state formation I distinguish at the start. The fact that CHARLES TILLY cities are loci of capital accumulation, furthermore, gives their political authorities access to capital, credit, and control over hinterlands that, if seized or coopted, can serve the ends of monarchs as well.

The positions of cities within market hierarchies international markets, regional markets, exclusively local markets, and so on correlated approximately with their size, their demographic impact on their hinterlands, the extent of their capital accumulation and CHARLES TILLY their ability to build up and control an extended sphere of influence. Berkeley : University of California Press, Brighton, Sussex : Wheatsheaf Books.

London : NLB. Aree, regioni, Stati : Le coordinate territoriali della storia contemporanea. Krigsvetenskaps akademius Bihafte - Militarhistorisk Tidskrift : Paris : Bernard Grasset. War, Money and the English State, Its association with Reichsreform and the nation. Landfriede: the synergies, tensions, and independence of the crown, the principalities, and the localities in matters of peace and justice. The importance of alliances and associations in political life.

Beyond chaos, disorder, and failed state formation: the logic of political life in a polycentric and fragmented world. The Holy Roman Empire: a political anomaly in European history? Anti-king William of Holland elected receives general recognition. Both paid vast bribes to the electors, and both claimed family ties with the Hohenstaufen.

Effective absence of the monarchy from Imperial affairs for ensuing 15 years. Pope declines to confirm Alfonso as king of the Romans. Rudolf revokes all post alienations of Imperial rights.

His son Albert is passed over by the electors in favour of Adolf of Nassau. Albert elected king of the Romans as Albert I. Treaty of Trausnitz stipulates that they should rule jointly, though this falls through, and Frederick dies in Papal Schism divides the different powers within the Empire.

Royal attempt to impose an Empire-wide set of measures for peace and justice which favours the victorious princes from the recent wars. Sigismund in attendance except late to late He liberates several towns from Austrian overlordship and grants many rights and privileges to encourage local Rhenish powers to fight. Many southern German powers recognise him. He also allies himself with Zurich, which had broken away from the Swiss Confederation because of a land dispute, hoping to reconquer lost Habsburg territory south of the Rhine. However, they quickly make peace and pillage Alsace.

Frederick is lampooned at the concurrent Diet at Nuremberg for his ineffectiveness. He leaves South Germany for Vienna, not to return for 25 years. King Frederick accepts Roman papal authority in return for substantial privileges for the Imperial crown and the Habsburg territories in the German church. Felix V steps down. Zurich rejoins the Swiss Confederation. They meet with demands for effective justice and peacekeeping Landfriede by the crown in return. Burgundian Wars begin. The Swabian League of towns, princes, and nobles is resurrected under Imperial protection to enforce the Landfriede.

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