The Quiet Professor (Betty Neels Collectors Editions)

The Quiet Professor
Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online The Quiet Professor (Betty Neels Collectors Editions) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with The Quiet Professor (Betty Neels Collectors Editions) book. Happy reading The Quiet Professor (Betty Neels Collectors Editions) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF The Quiet Professor (Betty Neels Collectors Editions) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF The Quiet Professor (Betty Neels Collectors Editions) Pocket Guide. So she got a typewriter and developed what was to become a fantastic loving relationship with her millions of readers around the world. Betty Neels died peacefully in hospital on June 7, , aged Writing career Her first book, Sister Peters in Amsterdam , was published in Her novels have several recurring themes. She wrote novels. The main male and female characters usually "vast" or "splendidly built" are often brought together by circumstances before love flourishes.

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The male protagonist is often a Dutch surgeon. A character will often have an expertise in antiques. Family pets are common. Chronological List. Alphabetical List. Available Only List. A Christmas Wish - Xp94 Paperback.

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He seemed to have taken a dislike to Judith on sight - a dislike which, it must be confessed, Judith returned with interest. And now he was turning up to spoil their pleasant holiday in Portugal as well! When Rauwerd van Kempler proposed to Tilly, he made it clear their marriage would be a convenient arrangement, one which brought him a wife who would run his home and partner him on social occasions.

And Tilly would have the security of a roof over her head and a man who could be depended upon not to make passionate love to her. How could she fall asleep during his lecture? It wasn't the best way for Nurse Lucy Prendergast to attract the attention of distinguished consultant Fraam der Linssen, especially when the attractive Dutch doctor kept appearing in her life - at the hospital, at her home and in Holland when she went on holiday. If only he were equally aware of her! But it wasn't likely, for far prettier girls were obviously his for the asking.

Esmeralda Jones was a very nice girl. It seemed to Esmeralda that she was also invisible to the opposite sex. Perhaps the real reason for this was the impaired foot she had struggled with since childhood. When the brilliant surgeon Thimo Bamstra offered to cure her, Esmeralda was over the moon. Thimo also managed to mend her broken heart. Esmeralda had never imagined marriage as part of her future, but now she could dream of little else. For Olivia Harding, the offer of employment at a small private school came as something of a godsend.

Of course, his frequent visits to the school had more to do with his small goddaughter, Nel. She was not going to exchange one dull life for another! Far from being brokenhearted when her long-standing and rather dull engagement to Tony came to an end, Prudence welcomed it as an opportunity to break out of her comfortable shell, to make a new and exciting life for herself. So the job that Benedict van Vinke offered - acting as his secretary and looking after his little daughter - had come just at the right time. It would also give Prudence a chance to visit Holland. Titus Taverner was a busy and successful medical man who lacked a wife.

Arabella had applied for the job of caretaker at his consulting rooms but was happy to accept this new position Titus was offering -until she complicated matters by falling in love with him Was love out of the question? Charity thought she had it all - marriage to respected consultant Tyco van der Brons and being a mother to his two children.


So why did her heart yearn for his love, too? She had known from the start that theirs was a marriage of convenience - so it would be foolish to wish for anything more Sarah Dunn had worked with Hugo van Elven for a long time, and she was astounded when he suddenly proposed to her.

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Both of them were still smarting from previous unhappy love affairs, which was why Sarah decided to accept; surely neither of them would wish to get emotionally involved again for a very long time. But she had not considered what would happen if her feelings for Hugo underwent a change while his remained the same Alone in the world, without a job.

She was determined to be sensible about the whole thing, that was, until Gijs suggested that she marry him instead.


She liked Gjis very much, and knew he was fond of her — that seemed as good a basis as any for a marriage. But then her perfectly constructed world fell apart, and she found that her one hope was Professor Jake van Belfeld. He seemed determined to rebuild her life - but why was he taking such a personal interest in her? He couldn't think that her heart needed his attention, too, could he? Narrator's voice was cozy and her depiction of the characters was warm, however I couldn't seem to shake of the sense of the hero being elderly.

I've read the book in print and didn't have that problem.


Also, there's an incident in the book right near the end that is just too far-fetched for me, but oh, well. I'm a Betty Neels fan and will listen to this book again anyway. This is the first Neels book I've found on Audible, and I hope there will be more, especially if they vary the narrators. What made the experience of listening to The Quiet Professor the most enjoyable? I am a Betty Neels fan and have read almost all of her books. This title was one of my favorites. I was very disappointed with the narration.

I felt that it didn't fit the book. Who would you have cast as narrator instead of Anne Cater? Have no idea. I am also a fan of the Royal Spyness series. That narration fit the story. Any additional comments? No, I think I have stated my case.

I sincerely hope I did not offend anyone. It was great to hear a story I have read several times. Great story to read. Loved it. I liked the accents. It made it more personable and real. I wish Audible had the other Betty Neels audio books as well. A gorgeous reading of Betty Neels story. A guaranteed Happily Ever After. Thank you for this audiobook! I loved being able to listen while I did other things, mostly crocheted. Overall the performance was great but there was an occasional word that I couldn't hear.

Thankfully not very many and my hearing is not very good. Would you consider the audio edition of The Quiet Professor to be better than the print version?