The Cambridge History of Seventeenth-Century Philosophy (vol. 1)

The Cambridge History of Seventeenth-Century Philosophy, Volume 1
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International Studies in Philosophy The remark ground breaking' on a dust jacket is seldom to be believed, but in this case the description is correct.

The Cambridge History of Seventeenth-Century Philosophy 2 Volume Hardback Set

Highly recommended for upper-division undergraduates and graduate students, researchers, and faculty. Margaret J.

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The Rationalists. Harding , Sandra, Whose Science? What Descartes had taken for created substances are actually modes of God. James P. As with previous Cambridge histories of philosophy the subject is treated by topic and theme, and since history does not come packaged in neat bundles, the subject is also treated with great temporal flexibility, incorporating frequent reference to medieval and Renaissance ideas.

Osler, Isis Richard J. Blackwell, International Philosophical Quarterly This is a splendid set of individual articles which attempts to convey a sense of the richness and complexity of a period too often reduced to stereotypes and oversimplifications.

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Frederick P. Reviews Schrijf een review. Bindwijze: Hardcover. Alleen tweedehands. Verkoop door partner van bol.

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Cambridge Core - Early Modern Philosophy - The Cambridge History of The Cambridge History of Seventeenth-Century Philosophy. Access. Volume 1. The Cambridge History of Seventeenth-Century Philosophy 2 Volume Paperback Turn on 1-Click ordering #1 Best Seller in Old Testament Commentaries.

In winkelwagen Op verlanglijstje. Andere verkopers 1. There are thousands of entries listed alphabetically on a wide range of philosophers and topics.

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Widener: RR Encyclopedia of medieval philosophy: philosophy between and , ed. Dordrecht; NY: Springer, The Encyclopedia of Philosophy, although largely superseded by the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy , is still valuable for looking up background and introductory material on a philosopher or philosophical topic.

Widener: RR The IESBS aims to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource covering a variety of topics in the social and behavioral sciences. It covers a wide variety of topics in the areas of mind, cognition, perception, and the like that are relevant to philosophy. The material contained in the IESBS tends to reflect current trends and research in the social sciences.

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However, this sometimes means that articles carry a certain bias or slant towards the more favored current theories, and may not treat a topic as fully or as objectively as might be expected. Nevertheless, IESBS articles are signed, dated, updated often, and contain references and links to further resources. Islamic Philosophy Online. This site is devoted to Islamic philosophy, and presents many full-text books, articles, and other resources for those interested in researching this field.

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This site compares the treatment of subjects and topics in six philosophy encyclopedias on the Internet. In other words, it lists subjects and topics alphabetically, and marks on a grid if and where various Internet philosophy encyclopedias cover these.

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There is no indication as to when or how often the site owner updates the information. The occultist tradition and its critics Brian Copenhaver; Doctrines of explanation in late scholasticism and in the mechanical philosophy Steven Nadler; Knowledge of the existence of body Charles McCracken; New doctrines of motion Alan Gabbey; Laws of nature John R.

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Milton; The mathematical realm of nature Michael Mahoney; Part V. Spirit: Soul and mind: life and thought in the seventeenth century Daniel Garber; Knowledge of the soul Charles McCracken; Mind-body problems Daniel Garber and Margaret Wilson; Personal identity Udo Thiel; The Understanding: The cognitive faculties Gary Hatfield; Theories of knowledge and belief Michael Ayers; Ideas and objective being Michael Ayers; Probability and evidence Lorraine Daston; Scepticism Charles Larmore; Conceptions of moral philosophy Jill Kraye; Reason, the passions, and the good life Susan James.

Review quote 'To anyone conditioned by their philosophical education to see 17th century philosophy as narrowly preoccupied with puzzles in the 'theory of knowledge' the richness and diversity of these volumes will be a welcome surprise. The book as a whole is an unrivalled scholarly resource for those wishing to enhance their understanding of the many complex facets of early modern philosophy and its origins.

I applaud the editors of this volume and Cambridge University Press for conceiving of and publishing this hard-core book.

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