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In addition Mar 21, - Chip speed in CPUs is like horsepower in auto engines, an irrelevant metric. Taking a page from automobile marketers, Intel will Mar 23, - "This notion that you've got to be 'connected' at all times is just plain crazy. Read more Mar 24, - "If you can't leverage something that you are doing for one client across your entire client base, then you should take Mar 28, - Seth writes, "Have you noticed that people who want you to help them are getting a lot more insistent?

My incoming Mar 29, - Heather writes, "So I thought I would start off explaining a little bit about what is considered marketing here at Microsoft Apr 20, - Fast Company offers a powerful article on the state of management and managing in Escape from the Red Zone: "'Every day I May 04, - Jacques Murphy writes, "I am a person who worries.

That has been the case for as long as I can remember May 06, - Kenneth Norton, director of product management at Yahoo, has coined a new word--"Snam"--for the unwanted e-mail generated by "social networking" Web It's really a book for developers but offers some great insights for Jun 26, - When Daniel Shefer asks, "What's a feature? Marketing--A feature is what we need to increase market share. Sales--A feature is Aug 17, - "Innovation often originates outside existing organizations, in part because successful organizations acquire a commitment to the status quo and a resistance Sep 10, - Johanna Rothman reminds us that development doesn't follow a formula.

Creating great products is still an art, not a science. Sep 15, - Every interaction between a customer and a vendor is a "moment of truth. Did the product Oct 07, - Updating the resume was one of my primary tools in employee appraisals as well as for planning my own career. I gave Nov 12, - In our seminars people often ask about typical roles for product managers and marketing professionals, particularly job responsibilities as well as Nov 15, - Naseem Javed comments, "Advertising slogans or taglines pushing sales of new products are great for getting a customer's attention as they Jan 12, - Technologists often see their technology as the primary driving force for innovation.

But Peter Drucker, known as the father of modern Jan 13, - Seth Godin is one of our favorite bloggers and yesterday's posting hit the nail on the head. In bold he tells Jan 26, - from It's the list! Mar 20, - Spalding found out that simply getting focus groups together to talk about problems isn't what leads to break-through products.

The innovation Apr 01, - All of that data flying at you by e-mail, instant message, cell phone, voice mail and BlackBerry--it could actually be making May 04, - Why is the iPod successful? It's not the technology! Jun 29, - Sitting in his company's South American headquarters here, A. Jul 27, - The average American internet user is not sure what podcasting is, what an RSS feed does, or what the term "phishing" Aug 19, - How can you tell if you're too obsessed with urgent? Smart organizations ignore the urgent.

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Smart organizations understand that important issues Sep 16, - from CMO Magazine: Conventional wisdom holds that great marketers, like great companies, stay ahead of the curve by following one simple Sep 22, - Here's an interesting look inside the iPod nano and Apple's margins: "According to a writeup of the iSuppli analysis on BusinessWeek, Oct 20, - In the Thunderbird Innovation Challenge, over teams from over of the top MBA programs in over 20 countries compete Nov 04, - Every year, Pragmatic Institute conducts a survey about roles, responsibilities, and compensation for product management and marketing professionals.

You can find Nov 28, - David Meerman Scott writes, So what's with all the nonsense words being thrown about by well-intentioned marketing people at B2B companies? Jan 25, - Volumes have been written about the concept of customer loyalty and how essential it is to a company's profitability and growth Feb 01, - The new issue of the productmarketing.

Go to Volume 4, Issue 1 for articles on Feb 05, - What does it mean to say 'no' to a huge client? When does it make sense to "fire" a customer? The key to success is joining the conversation, Feb 10, - My friend Len wrote me: I just saw something that completely floored me and it make me think about you and Feb 17, - Most mergers fail. It's an assumption repeated so often that few would dare question it. But is it true? During the s, Apr 19, - BusinessWeek discusses the World's Most Innovative Companies: A close watch of customer insights can also bring innovation to even the most iconic May 16, - "It's not always the stories that we tell to prospects and consumers that matter.

It's often the stories we tell ourselves May 28, - Michael writes, "Don't mindlessly copy features that competitive products have. Focus instead on features that competitive products don't have but customers May 30, - In productmarketing. Jun 27, - from Seth's Blog: In my travels, the group that wants to know the most about marketing, and seems to know the most Jul 16, - Michael reminds us Don't Annoy Customers!

Aug 04, - Blogging is how CEOs and other top-level execs can quickly and easily position themselves--and their companies--as thought leaders in highly competitive Aug 11, - In Issue 4 Extreme Product Management, we explore Extreme Product Management, why the better product still struggles in the marketplace, a Aug 15, - Design News reports: "Vindication arrived for Stephen Gass on the afternoon of June 28, , when someone finally agreed with him Aug 17, - In Let's make people want it , we commented on the table saw that won't cut fingers.

But my friend Tim Aug 18, - In Dear Libby, Guy Kawasaki summarizes in one place all the "best" techniques for applying for a job: knowing the company, Sep 27, - Some product managers spend more time designing products than they should.

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If you're drawing screen samples and logic flow, you're not Oct 10, - Seth explains why cheaper isn't better in Seth's Blog: Cheaper: "She sent me a note asking me to persuade her bosses Jan 01, - I managed to finish reading a stack of books over the holiday. I never want to take an almost-finished book on Jan 15, - by Naseem Javed The appendage of the letter "i" to a word as an aim to create an icon is silly Jan 25, - My daughter bought a new printer, plugged it in, turned it on, and it She was so surprised that she Feb 09, - I tend to install new versions of software as soon as they're available.

Sometimes I regret being an early-adopter, like when Feb 27, - What happens when we pre-announce and then miss the date? Your stock loses value And how often May 03, - Sometimes I pine for the simple days of a single, great product.

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The product managers I meet are usually in an May 24, - United is now offering Red Carpet service at the airport. He writes: The most successful organizations I've seen Jul 19, - I posted my first video to YouTube as part of a contest to present at the Business of Software Conference Dec 03, - Have you ever tried to be funny in email? We use smileys or other clues because the Mar 28, - Yes, there is indeed such as thing as a bad buyer. Sales people can't understand it but customer support people sure Apr 25, - "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.

May 01, - I just love being quoted in a news release!

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It makes me seem so clever, particularly when I use long sentences Aug 08, - This may be one of the best commercials ever made. And I think about it often as we attempt to incorporate Rather than assuming I've been reading and recommending Product Bytes since it was first introduced Dec 17, - Dean Leffingwell pointed to our white paper on agile product management and has generated tons of interest, both pro and con Dec 19, - "The great thing about fact based decisions is that they can overrule the hierarchy. Michael writes, Product managers are the messengers of the market for Feb 06, - The Alternate Routes' new album is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Order A Sucker's Dream now, if only to please the Mar 05, - In our training classes, we emphasize the importance of solving market problems. Describing problems encountered by our target personas. It's the Mar 18, - Alistair Cockburn offers these ten tips to know if your agile team isn't really agile: The team is co-located, but people Apr 24, - "You chose product marketing.

Now deal with it! May 01, - "You chose product marketing. May 12, - What's the best pizza sauce? There isn't one. Best coffee? Turns out that there isn't a best anything because people Jun 23, - Too many product managers use opinions when data is required; they are in the office more than they should be. You can destroy the Emperor; he has foreseen this. As a frequent flier, I want it now! Jul 28, - Good marketing isn't about your product and its features.

Good marketing is focused on solving a problem and then helping buyers Jul 31, - "Don't freak out"? How cool is that? This bank is great! What would your bank say? Aug 04, - Scott Sehlhorst at Tyner Blain makes a simple but powerful point. You want your requirements document to read like the lines, not Aug 06, - "Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. Aug 18, - In recent years, most product managers and product marketing managers have adopted the practice of creating personas to represent the types Sep 15, - My move into product marketing was an accident.

I mean, really, how many people plan to go into product marketing? Sep 18, - Here's what I starred this week in Google Reader. Sep 24, - Bob Corrigan pointed this one out to me. Say what you will about Microsoft, this is a fine scenario-based demo. Nov 03, - There's often confusion about what is a requirement and what is a specification. Let's play "Req or Spec. Nov 10, - There's often confusion about what is a requirement and what is a specification. I'll review last year's Nov 13, - Ever wonder if there's a McDonald's nearby?

Read more at Where The Buffalo Roamed. Nov 17, - There's often confusion about what is a requirement and what is a specification. Nov 24, - There's often confusion about what is a requirement and what is a specification. Dec 01, - There's often confusion about what is a requirement and what is a specification. Dec 15, - Have you every found yourself getting a request, googling it, and sending the link? Don't you wish some of your least Dec 18, - Every lose your TV's remote control?

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Just in time for Christmas from thereifixedit. Jan 20, - I'm somewhat of a Beatles-maniac. This amazing chart reveal how much and how little! The Beatles collaborated. More at Charting the BeatlesData Mar 15, - Red Canary's Shop Talk offers several perspectives on product management from some top minds in the Toronto area. Read the post Nov 18, - Did you know?

The average age for product managers is 38 years old. The average age for product marketing managers is Does this Nov 15, - As Pragmatic Institute espouses, we should be market-driven, with a focus on solving the problems that customers will pay to solve Nov 14, - You know how everybody says the world of technology moves so fast?

But does it really? Scrum and other agile methods are hot Nov 11, - Product names generally fall into one of four different categories: good, safe, meaningless and bad. There may be better categories to Google products Mar 20, - Technology-driven companies still believe, "If you build it, they will come. Mar 06, - Have you contacted all of your customers in the last year? Every company needs a function to stay in continuous contact with Mar 02, - Product managers write terrible requirements, littered with buzz words, ambivalent language, and non-specific performance parameters.

They read like somewhat-technical marketing hype Let's see. I take the red line to Rosslyn and then connect to the yellow line to Nutley Feb 02, - It seems that sitting in the left lane, engine idling, waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so you can make a Nov 10, - In a recent Corporate Executive Board survey, sales executives' top terms for their marketing colleagues included "paper pushers," "academic," and perhaps Nov 04, - "Most books on decision-making tell the reader: First find the facts. But executives who make effective decisions know that one does Nov 01, - When do you post?

When do your readers read?

This infographic gives you tips on the best time to get your Nov 01, - Myth 1: Multitasking is critical in a world of infinite demand. This myth is based on the assumption that human beings are Oct 28, - Recently I managed to get out for a few days to meet with some customers.

I talk to customers every month, Oct 27, - Time and time again, we mistake good decoration for good design. When we are looking for inspiration, we go to the Oct 27, - most products are poorly designed because the product leadership failed to get out of the building and talk to customers. I basically describe Oct 25, - Nest, a company founded by former Apple iPod co-creator Tony Fadell, makes thermostats. Oct 24, - Saeed writes: So what do you think of this list?

Oct 23, - Luke is a product manager in the software industry. He wonders if Dec 02, - Sometimes a Sales Engineer has to do that special kind of presentation - the Product Roadmap.

The trick to this is Dec 02, - The first step in identifying the important market problems is to identify a set of market problems that might be important Nov 24, - If you're interested in clean language and communicating clearly with your customers, you owe it to yourself to spend some time Oct 18, - A Sales Engineer is a part of a technology sales team, for an organisation trying to sell Hardware, Software or Services Oct 14, - Sarela Bliman-Cohen writes, Many of my fellow product management practitioners are often placed in a difficult situation where customers request certain features Oct 12, - I am a new product manager working on developing a new product.

One thing that I am struggling with as a Nov 10, - Guest post by Naseem Javed The growing notion among big advertising agencies and brand marketers is that as search engines find But few, if any, of these people have Oct 07, - Cindy Alvarez writes, Many designers do not fully use the product they are designing. Sometimes this is due to laziness on the Oct 02, - I bought a new book on Agile and was pleased to see my own ebook in Amazon's recommendations. And-- I'm embarrassed to Oct 02, - Instead of just being demo dollies, Sales Engineers come in all sorts of different types and roles.

Some sales organisations need Oct 01, - Imagine the product manager as an orchestra conductor, and the product as the symphony being played, Sawhney suggests. Sep 26, - If you think giving a presentation or a speech in front of an audience can be stressful, wait till you have Sep 23, - That said, it is possible. Sep 23, - Last week while I was in Stockholm for a speaking gig, my friend Steve Johnson sent me an email with the Sep 21, - How often have we heard it?

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We're getting killed out Oct 20, - The furor over the iPhone 4S and its lack of a larger screen grows louder with every passing day. Not by Sep 18, - Agile Alliance is happy to present Asias largest Agile conference. Agile India is the first Agile Alliance conference to be Sep 16, - My new pal Jim has something you'll enjoy! He writes: Each month I share a new phrase that is relevant to product managers Sep 14, - Why must white papers be locked behind a gate?

Well, there really isn't a reason for it. In fact, ungated white A product that is great for some people, Nov 22, - Remember that Seinfeld episode? Sep 21, - Put an inexperienced person in any role, and prepare to be underwhelmed. Sep 20, - These days it seems on any given day, you can receive up to a dozen requests to participate in a customer Aug 02, - it was funny in a way to see how so many companies were facing the same exact perception problem I faced Apr 06, - I just had the opportunity to spend an hour talking product management, marketing and some random things around tech. Many thanks to Doug Karr for giving me some time to chat and for the fun discussion.

Jan 10, - Scott Sehlhorst at Tyner Blain writes: You start with a point of view about what makes a minimum viable product. When your Mar 10, - Lots of Saturday pcamps coming up. I'll be there. Jul 14, - Do buyers spend millions with your firm because of a relationship? Yes, but not the one you think. When I work with Jul 12, - I sometimes get emails like these:After going through your training, I've gotten heavily into talking with clients, and it's fantastic Jun 02, - "It's really hard to treat things whose names you know and whose stories you know with contempt.

May 27, - At a meeting of customers, such as an annual user conference, do you dread the "feature list haggling" breakout session? Can this analysis You need acts that create emotional connections. Simple, inclusive, accessible, relevant and human encounters that change the momentary experience May 13, - Voice of the Market VoM is different in that it incorporates input from the greater market.

The market contains not only May 13, - I see the features. Where are the benefits? Jun 01, - I'm often asked by marketing leaders about staffing levels compared to other departments. Like them, you probably feel there are never Jun 08, - Each department in your organization needs product and market information to make sound business decisions. Executives need a business plan and May 10, - We are neither for nor against bonus programs but surprisingly they may actually de-motivate by encouraging the wrong behavior.

Oct 03, - The average enterprise IT budget has finally bottomed out and is actually going up--an increase of 3. Oct 11, - Reading FusionBrandsby Nick Wrenden, one remarkably simple idea is that brands are created by operations, not by marketing communications. It reminds us Oct 14, - Marissa Mayer, Google product manager, on user interaction: I like to say that Google should be "what you want, when you want Oct 15, - "Leave it to the Gartner to come up with a laundry list of vague and contradictory predictions for the years ahead.

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Oct 19, - Some Pragmatic Institute instructors use a cool feature of Windows and PowerPoint to see notes on our laptop display while showing the slides Nov 04, - Linux is making significant inroads into Germany, Europe's largest economy and home to some of the world's largest corporations. That's the message being Nov 05, - Record companies and movie studios are turning an anti-piracy spotlight on corporate America, sending a letter to top CEOs this week warning of Nov 11, - From Ziff-Davis: A crisis of epic proportions is brewing between corporate IT departments and their vendors.

In this article, Jason Jennings, a management consultant, argues that Nov 27, - Product management roles and salary survey updated for Nov 29, - Daniel Shefer describes the advantages of an online customer forum and offers tips on how to set up and manage one. Rational has more than 3, employees and customers in 89 countries. Rational estimates that Dec 08, - When asked what they had to say to the VP of Sales, product managers wished that the sales people would understand the Dec 09, - Craig Conway, president and chief executive of PeopleSoft, doesn't believe Web-based software companies are viable.

Dec 09, - The act of positioning is a core element of a successful marketing strategy.

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I mean Palo Alto, California: Tesla Motors. Retrieved February 3, This is also due to other factors such as drag coefficient, weight, motor efficiency and rolling resistance. Retrieved June 4, Retrieved May 7, Return to Book Page.

This is a change—a healthy one—from the days when Dec 27, - Ad Age named JetBlue, the discount airline, its marketer of the year--an honor recognizing companies that use PR effectively. JetBlue has received lavish Don't forget your web pages and all paper documentation. Jan 08, - When times are good, in-house IT makes great sense. But after a downturn or two, outsourcing starts looking like the most Jan 09, - We've renamed sports arenas and tournaments after corporations. On eBay, a couple offered to let you name their baby after your Jan 10, - Over time, brand leader companies have developed and refined research practices that tap the voice of their customer for answers.

Jan 11, - Mobium Creative Group in Chicago recently released survey results that identify top problems with b-to-b communications. The survey, which was conducted Jan 18, - The Online Publishers Association reports that the total market for paid online content in the third quarter of grew to Is this the beginning of consolidation of the analysts? Jan 25, - A fast-moving computer worm slowed down Internet access Saturday for about 22, servers, according to the Internet security firm Symantec.

Jan 28, - Hilton Hotels Corporation announced it is installing wireless connectivity in the common areas and meeting spaces in the 55 U. Feb 04, - New to the job of product management or perhaps product manager for a new product? Brandon Whichard advises Where to begin Feb 22, - Mohanbir Sawhney writes that typical vendors do not really deliver solutions; instead they merely offer tools that require customers to create Mar 03, - The number of high-tech companies pursuing long-term branding strategies is down sharply. Results of the study, presented at the Silicon Valley Mar 05, - In his Good Experience newsletter, Mark Hurst writes, "By now you may have heard of the study that proclaimed Google to Mar 06, - Thursday is the time to stay home and get some work done.

Read Time for product management. Mar 11, - IDC reports the deep cuts to IT marketing budgets over the past two-plus years are symptomatic of a much larger problem Mar 12, - Do you fly a lot? Wanna know the best seat? Check out Seat Guru with commentary on seating options by aircraft It was fun but strange.

The Interwise software Mar 26, - The technology spending recovery is coming--next year, says Gartner chief executive Michael Fleischer. The blurb says this: Whether you are a Apr 15, - Instant messaging has become a corporate tool for many product managers. It's a great way to have a quick discussion with Apr 17, - Software Product Management Best Practices is a study focusing on the best practices in enterprise software product management.

Developed by SoftwareMinds Apr 21, - Southwest Airlines posted another profitable quarter while American dropped executive bonus plans that raised objections from the unions. It's interesting to Apr 26, - Those concerned with security may be surprised at how willing employees are to share passwords with strangers. A recent survey by May 02, - Management upheaval.

Labor discord. A brush with Chapter It was May 03, - The landmark book on user interface has been updated. About Face 2. May 08, - Check out Ambient Orb. They describe it this way: "This frosted glass Orb slowly transitions between thousands of colors to show May 13, - This month's Product's Bytes is about gathering competitive intelligence with some tips for using third-parties. Alex Tew was a student trying to figure out how to pay his way through university.

Short of money and short of socks, he scrawled "How can I become a millionaire? The concept was simple - create a website and charge people a dollar-a-pixel to place an image on a grid a thousand pixels wide by a thousand high. Launched towards the end of August the idea was so novel, quirky and brilliant, the least I felt I could do was part with a little of my own hard-earned cash and buy up a few in a show of support. At that time the site was far from full, and it was still unclear whether or not all the space was going to sell.

CO to auction off i. Pincus brings Zynga statistics to Web 2. Want To Watch The Web 2. Eric Schmidt shows off a Nexus S at the Web 2. Watch the Web 2. Eric Schmidt At Web 2. Datran Media's Aperture to Sponsor Web 2. Livestream from Web 2. Facebook and Microsoft email vs Google Gmail? Bradley, Rubinstein on stage at web 2. Android Gingerbread launching today in Web 2. Android Gingerbread 2.

Google May Announce Android 2. Sebastopol's O'Reilly Media co-producing Web 2. Inbox Related? In recent weeks,… read more. If you've got any burning questions for the corporate leaders that are What we don't like is when they mature and transition to less palatable rent extraction strategies Not only do John and Tim deliver the hard hitting, Sioux Falls firm has hand in upcoming Web 2. When John Battelle called up Blend Interactive and said that he wanted them to submit a proposal to make an interactive map for his annual Web 2.

The Web 2. You can pan and zoom to explore the map Points of Control: The Web 2. Viral Chart: The Web 2.