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Composers such as Stravinsky , George Antheil and Schoenberg are modernists. James Joyce 's Ulysses is the classic example of modernism in the novel. Ulysses has been called "a demonstration and summation of the entire Modernist movement". Eliot 's poem The Waste Land are also prime examples.

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Looking back, it is clear that: Fyodor Dostoyevsky 's Crime and Punishment had a great influence on other writers. The arrival of magic realism is part of modernism.

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This was arguably the founding organization for the German Expressionist movement, though they did not use the word itself. Sign in with your library card. Some commentators define modernism as a mode of thinking—one or more philosophically defined characteristics, like self-consciousness or self-reference, that run across all the novelties in the arts and the disciplines. Retrieved 22 July In each instance the listener was meant to recognize the source, to grasp the intent of a transformation which left salient aspects of the original intact.

Le Corbusier's famous remark "A building is a machine for living in" shows how different his thinking was to architects of the 19th century. The skyscraper, such as Mies van der Rohe's Seagram Building in New York — , became the archetypal modernist building.

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A criticism of the modern movement is that it does not value tradition , and goes in for change for the sake of change. What modernists want most is freedom of expression, or, perhaps, freedom of experimentation.

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This is why many modern paintings avoid making visual copies of real things. In modernist literature, an author may leave out plots or narrative or characterization in books.

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These experiments were not random. They drew on the ideas of their day: mass media , science and technology , Marxism , Freudian psychology , and so on. Forgot password?

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Performing Femininity: Dance and Literature in German Modernism [Book Review]

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Performing femininity: dance and literature in German modernism

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This book explores the complex relationship between literature and dance in the era of modernism. During this period an unprecedented dialogue between the. This book explores the complex relationship between literature and dance in the period of modernism. During this time an unprecedented dialogue between the.