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It's a museum. Ral h Fie-nnes? He's an actor. Is there museum? S It's expensive car. Chinese New Year? In January and February. In Africa. CV the Rio Carnival? In February.

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J 'CV the Sorborllle? It's a university. They're in South AlllericQ. Singular anI:: boy Pa Underline the correct form,. Use possessive forms. J 1 Nicholas. EU:ln and Leo ;arc Tony and dto-i". Leo daughter. Leo 2nd Illmher. J 6 The father is Tony Bbir. J m Look at Cherie's family tree and write about her. J I Her Use possessive forms. J I 2 Her name is Ton ' Booth. I 4 Her name is Tony BlaiT. Nicholas 5 Her ll:llllC is Katherine. Kathcrinc, EU3n 3Ild Leo.

Then look at the picture and write Dan's answers. Cjtu Ka. J you he your his! J she it wo her its ou,! J ,h their! I children. Ihey passport? Cl: 7 Karlh r. J 3 They're 4 Its credil cards. I 7 Is this 8 Whats radio? Cl: J rn Cirde the correct word.

Hi Jack. HOw is 1 yow new house in Dublin? So, phone them - 8 telephone number is 01 J Asha can't type. You can swim. Yes, h. She Can I Lara --"'Jf. Asha and Alain 5 Asha use the interncl. It it No, it can't. They th"l' ther o Write sentences about you. She"" speak EngJ;th. J I use a computer. Match the people with the jobs in the adverts. Use words from the box. I The dog The boy. Use the present continuous. She's sitting on the mill and spe. I 1 ",ear..

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I Some boys a. Iic HW soon 6 One boy. I've got a cup. I I've got three cups. Spelling page I'''e get eaI'. I've got some cups. I ,'vc got some milk. I've got two bottles I've gol a bottle of milk. I l'oe get t'We milk!. I ri1 Write questions about now. I SOffl. NOj rite. That pictuTC is Japanese. I s;lbeUa is a photographer. The camera is -.

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The books arc S Wc arc from Sp:aill. The passports are 6 Have you got a credit card?

Is this? ID Complete the sentences with this or that. It's their I theirs. Presidem on Tv. I] Complete the answers. I Tom nottwork. No, 5 Have you gOI a hat? I Complete the sentences with a possessive form. I It's c:unen. S The small book's.

She's studying English. I p3per 2 money 3 person S She wl'aring a hat. S '[ p3rk your car here. It's raining. It's hot in this room.

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The sun's shining. Its cold in thi. I'm working on it. Use the verbs In the box. Go and speak to. Call you help hot bath. S Cfh0 my computer. Hc's speaking to the manager.


My office is OP the first Ooor. It's in Regular verbs Irregular verbs a big building opposite the station. Base form: work live teach go study h,ve b, It's next to a bank. Unillt"nilY fWo ng'llct"ti"s Td. J Complete the table with a verb in the present simple. Complete the magazine article with the verbs in the box. Use the present simple.

The President's Day 2 Where's? He 2 with his family in 3 Where's? It's on the ground floor,. He J for about 11 hours every day. It's next to the receptioiiJ He 4 at am and 5 into his office at am. He 5 Is there Yes. It's 0 osite the restaurant, next to room Complete the sentences about Jane with present 7 Where's? It's next to the cafe, 0 ositc the feet liOll. She 2 in London. The bedrooms are 3 the first to now. She 5 1 in Europe and second Doors. There's a bathroom 4 every room. Breakfast is from 7. OO every morning, 5 the restaurant..

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There is also a manage 3 people and 6 custOlllers. H, Sh, It. Thai flower is be:luriful. Where does work? In a bank.

I Is this I these your book? Look at the picture and complete his sentences with these, those, this or that. In 2 room wc've got work from South America and Africa. Fricda Kahlo. I Look at the picture of Sam's room and answer the questions In B. It's It's 20 to km.

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