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The more you can differentiate yourself, the more likely you are to be remembered. In terms of development, it is critical that you constantly look for ways to offer new programming ideas or information that will keep clients motivated and working toward their goals. Here are just a few of the many ways to come up with ideas:.

Europe Active's Essentials For Personal Trainers

PDF | On Feb 1, , Thomas Rieger and others published EuropeActive's Essentials for Personal Trainers. Compre o livro Europeactive's Essentials for Personal Trainers na Endorsed by EuropeActive, the fitness and health industry's standard-setting authority in.

The fitness industry is constantly changing and we are continually finding new and better ways for people to improve their health and achieve their fitness goals. Generating new ideas for you and your clients is critical to your long-term success in the industry.

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Most successful trainers agree that one of the keys to their success is their ability to continually re-educate themselves and then incorporate this new information into how they work with their clients. Positioning is the perception that people have of you and your business. This perception can be based on what they see and how you present yourself, or how others speak of you. It is critical that you spend time thinking about the image you want people to have of you. Ask yourself what image you want to set and what message you want to communicate. It is crucial to ensure that you are consistent in your approach to positioning.

Think of them as brand guidelines for yourself. People need to know what to expect and are looking for consistency. Remember different customers are looking for different things, whether it be motivation, knowledge, encouragement or to just be worked hard in the gym. As mentioned above, it is essential that you have a financial plan. There are many ways to price your services. Pricing for personal training will vary based on many factors, including geographic location, your experience and education and the number of other personal trainers available competition.

You will already have some knowledge of the local economy and the supply and demand having looked at the Centre for Cities Data website. Generally speaking, you will be able to charge more for personal training in certain areas based on the cost of living and the economy in those areas.

Essentials for personal trainers

Trainers with more experience and education are also able to charge more for their services; the only stipulation is that you need to show people what they will get with this added experience and education. A highly competitive market for personal training will normally force trainers to charge similar prices since clients often shop around for the best value.

Most personal training specialists sell their services as either individual sessions or packages of sessions, or sometimes even more. Most of the time clients receive a discount based on the number of sessions that they purchase. Here is a potential pricing structure:. These are competitive prices for an hour session in most cities in the UK. It is also worth considering a rate for a minute session for those who are time poor. Also, what one person reacts to might not work for everyone, however, it can be used to lure people in and are often fun and competitive.

CanFitPro sate in their book Foundations of Professional Personal Training 2nd Edition that group training works best when the trainer has created a 4- to week programme based on a challenge or goal and all the clients have similar fitness goals. Instagram is particularly popular in the fitness industry. Many digital marketing experts believe video is the future and there are numerous statistics to back this up.

People love videos! This is your opportunity to create motivational videos and specialised coaching videos. Human Kinetics has a great selection of personal training books that can help you in your career.

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This will help you keep your clients and gain new customers. Remember to use some relevant hashtags too. Facebook is another way for you to promote your business to new clients. With Facebook adverts, you can target people with a specific interest. You can also target by location.

Twitter is another excellent tool to promote your business. Give out tips and encourage engagement, also retweet other fitness tips or scientific research — feel free to follow us for all the latest on fitness HumanKineticsEU. As well as social media there are plenty of other platforms to create awareness, here are some recommendations:. Although marketing can be time-consuming, you must not let your training programmes slip.

Retention is key to growth. Map out when your marketing campaigns will happen and how much you will spend on them. Some of your promotions could be timed to address holidays, key local events or partnerships with nonprofit fundraisers. All good marketers track the results of their promotion efforts. When people call you or come in to see you, you should always ask how they heard about your business. Digitally this is easy, get to grips with Google Analytics and social media platforms analytics. Each month you should have a running total of where your new clients are coming from.

If all of your clients are coming from referrals, is it really necessary to spend a lot of money on direct mail or newspaper ads? The fitness industry is not unlike many other retail industries in that the location of your business will play a major role in your initial success or failure. Other factors to keep in mind when choosing a location are traffic flow, transport links, parking, signage, the perception of the neighbourhood and future potential for expansion.

Whether you are looking at opening your own personal training studio or working in a fitness club, your choice of location is an important one. Successful trainers agree that once you have a dedicated client base, your location is not as important. If your clients have been with you for a long time, they are more likely to drive a little further to stay with you.

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This might sound contradictory to the earlier statement about people not being willing to drive more than 12 minutes. However, this is not to say that people will be willing to drive an extra hour to an area of the city with no parking and a high crime rate. Images of pushy, insincere salespeople come to mind. The good news is that if you are to run a successful as a personal trainer business, the high-pressure sales approach is not something you need to worry about. This approach might work in the short term, but it will eventually turn people off and hurt your business.

Marketing will bring people to you, but you need to be comfortable selling your services if you want to make a living in this industry. The key to being comfortable with sales is getting people to trust you.

Becoming a Successful Personal Trainer - Advice for NEW Personal Trainers

If you know and believe in your product and can show prospective clients how it will benefit them, then you have the potential to be good at sales. When approaching a potential client, introduce yourself as a PT, be polite, listen to the customer and gain an understanding of what they want from their workout. Then show them how you can help them achieve their goals.

His no-nonsense, results-driven approach has built a competitive yet friendly environment. His retention figures are exceptional and he has developed a bunch of athletes who encourage each other in every session. He has helped turn them around from struggling a Super League side to one of the strongest and fittest teams in the league in just a couple of seasons.

Building a Personal Trainer business takes time. Gain as much experience as you can, even if that means working for free at first. To become a good PT you need to gain exposure and build confidence. Greg states that you may have to combine careers for a while, maybe get a part-time job when you are starting out so you have a basic income. Greg says the reason Extreme Conditioning has done so well is due to the team environment that has been encouraged. Although singular PT sessions are great to focus on key areas he recommends group classes, these make clients feel more comfortable and reduce any anxiety or nervousness.

A group class is also more time-efficient and better for you and your clients from a financial point of view. In the short term group classes are better for retention too as clients are training with their friends. Think big, take small steps! Before you open your own gym you should ask yourself what do you know about business? What do you know about progressing people? You must learn these and understand all processes or you will fail. Great to see old and new faces!

EuropeActive to host two new events at RiminiWellness - EuropeActive

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Leaving night for one of our own!! Kirthi began his fitness career in a council gym, without any experience. He started out working full time as a fitness instructor doing whatever management told him to. Then he got a few PT clients and worked as a part-time PT and part-time fitness instructor. Whilst doing this he saved the majority of his PT money and began to research locations, running costs and start-up costs of a personal training studio.

He made a plan and followed it through, giving his notice to the council gym. From then, he was personal training in his own spot and he said the feeling was incredible!

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Kurt Woeller. The content applies to level 4 of the European Qualifications Framework. Joe Wuebben and Jim Stoppani team up to provide the most effective exercises and programs for increasing strength, definition, power, and size. Coburn, PhD, and Moh H. It is critical that you spend time thinking about the image you want people to have of you. The good news is that if you are to run a successful as a personal trainer business, the high-pressure sales approach is not something you need to worry about. Tim Bishop offers 80 of the most effective exercises along with programs for increasing lower-body strength, size, power, and definition.

Hopefully, this post has given you plenty of ideas. If you have any more ideas please comment below. Now go out there and run the best Personal Trainer business you can! Look at industry statistics, local demographics, find out your target market and their needs and wants. Start with a S. List all competitors in your area, find out if there is demand and footfall in the area. Find a unique selling point i.

It will pay off in the end as this post explains. Become an expert, become a member of a professional body, attend workshops. Read, learn and develop your product. Ask yourself what image and perception you want to set and what message you want to communicate. Find what works for you and be consistent while willing to adapt to you customers needs. In your cart, save the other item s for later in order to get NextDay delivery. We moved your item s to Saved for Later.

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