Citizenship, Nationality and Migration in Europe

Towards a European Nationality
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Handoll, J. Honohan, I. Hughes, G. Fahey, H. Whelan eds , Best of Times? Kertzer, D. King, J. Lentin ed. Loyal, S.

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MacLaughlin, J. Lassalle, M. Prum, F. Nascimbene ed. Piola, C. Ruhs, M. Ryan, B. Smyth, C. Shah, and W. Sweeney, P. Symmons, C. Van Oers, R.

Vasileva, E. PDF accessed March Yester, K. While public international law uses the term nationality to refer to the legal bond between an individual and a sovereign state, several domestic laws use the term citizenship or its equivalent.

Citizenship & Nationality

Bertocchi and C. Cole and J. Strozzi, op. In the following pages, the two terms will be used interchangeably. Barry ed. Coulter and S. Coleman eds , The End of Irish History? See T. Figures are based on various data compiled by the Central Statistics Office. Ruhs and E. See M. Farrel and P.

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Quinn, op. Cubie and F. See also B. Weil and R.

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See J. Handoll, op. Loyal, Understanding Immigration in Ireland. Symmons, op. One example in the s could be Taoiseach John A. In the s, the wish to extend Irish citizenship as widely as possible corresponded to a desire to encourage emigrants and their descendants to come back to Ireland. It was also a way to fight the psychological trauma caused by the continued depopulation of the island.

On these points, see Mary E. Ryan, op. Piola, op. Daly, op. Crowley, M. Gilmartin and R. Handol, op. For a full discussion on the Citizenship referendum, see also J. Smyth and D. Becker and C. Cosgrave, Naturalization Procedures for Immigrants Ireland. That element has to be put in some context. Honohan, op. Cosgrave, op. Only a census can provide such complete detail. The census is not, however, an end in itself! Rather the results are essential tools for effective policy, planning and decision making purposes. Kertzer and D. Arel eds , Census and Identity.

Brandi, op. Anderson, Imagined Communities. Cadogan, op. Germain et al.

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Fenton and R. Main journal in British area studies published in France. It covers all social sciences, including history and the Empire. French Journal of British Studies. Contents - Previous document. Citizenship, Social Policy and Political Representation. Julien Guillaumond. Outline Introduction.

Citizenship and nationality issues in Ireland. Statistics or the determination of the contours of Irish citizenry. Full text PDF Send by e-mail. Introduction 1 Over the last two decades, international migrations have driven many European States to alter their immigration policies. Cole a In the following pages, th Positive migration, th Zoom Original png, 45k.

Watt eds , R esponding to Racism Cases and Materials Dub Weil and One example in the s c The Politics of Race, Ethnicity, and Language in Maignant, Le Tigre celtique en question C Adding Ethnic Census Categories in the Republi Bibliography Anderson, B. Top of page. Browse Index Authors Keywords. Follow us. Newsletters OpenEdition Newsletter. In collaboration with. EU15 minus Irish and UK. First, it looks at the relationship between citizenship of the Union and European identity and assesses how immigration and access to nationality in the Member States impact on the development of a common European identity.

Secondly, it discusses how the idea of solidarity interacts with the boundaries of EU citizenship as constructed by the entitlement and capacity of mobile citizens to enjoy equality and social rights as EU citizens. Thirdly, the book engages with issues of EU citizenship and equality as the building blocks of the EU project.

By engaging with these themes, this volume provides a topical and comprehensive account of the present and future development of Union citizenship and studies the collisions between the realisation of its constructive potential and Member State autonomy. Administrative Law beyond the State Nordic Perspectives. From having been a legal discipline with a predominantly national perspective, administrative law has increasingly become influenced and affected by the general trends of globalization in modern society.

Globalization in general and Europeanization in particular have resulted in a multitude of economic and social contacts across borders, within and between commercial and personal, as well as public and private spheres. Globalization has thus led to a need to find new and adapted administrative law solutions.

Which Countries Don't Allow Dual Citizenship?

This changed legal landscape for administrative law is a reality that nearly all lawyers active within the field of administrative law have to relate to in their work. In this book we have gathered a number of prominent scholars who analyze the developments of administrative law from their respective perspective. The papers were first presented at a colloquium at the Faculty of Law at Uppsala University in March The aim of the colloquium was to increase our own understanding of the processes of globalization within administrative law and to learn from each other.

By publishing the papers, we hope that the knowledge gained there can be passed on to a wider group of interested scholars and practicing lawyers. The contributions to this book are divided into three parts; Governance and procedures, Administrative law within and beyond Europe and Theoretical approaches. The book opens with a paper by Lena Marcusson, Professor of Administrative Law, Uppsala University, which also served as the introduction to the colloquium in Author: Elspeth Guild.

Politicians and media have stressed not only that leave means leave, but also that much of the British voting public was motivated to vote leave by issues of immigration and border control. Guild investigates how the issue of EU citizenship became transformed into a discussion about immigration through four themes: the negotiations between the UK and the EU before the referendum; the nature of and difference between British and EU citizenship; the issue of third country national family members and the fears incited by the referendum in light of the rejection of expertise.

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Citizenship and Nationality

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. What the three countries appear to have in common, however, are attempts to establish a framework of cohesion and equality, which could serve to integrate a diverse population into a social community. Germany has restarted family reunifications for refugees with a limited protection status two years after the policy was suspended in a bid to curb new arrivals. One main objective was to contribute to a harmonization of nationality legislation in the European region Hailbronner, Simon Green. Britain and Germany Imagining the Future of Europe. The Kurdish populations of Syria and Iraq have experienced a similar fate.