The Best Romantic Ideas: 365 Great Ways to Say I Love You

100 Reasons Why I Love You
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Turn delay into the art of creativity, dreaming, or doing nothing. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Is Love at First Sight Real? Follow me on Twitter. I came here for romantic ideas and left confused as to the definition of romantic.

Post Comment Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Notify me when new comments are posted. All comments. So I created a list of over 50 to get you started or if you are running out of ideas. It took me a while to write down 52 things. Trust me, I love my husband, but coming up with 52 reasons written in such few words was not easy.

My best advice is to think about little things, be specific. Some times one thing can be broken into 2 or 3. You can also break it down into the little things he does with the kids: Read bedtime stories, always wants to hold them, the way he looks at them, etc. Also be creative and personal. Put something silly he does all the time or even something that mildly irritates you. Make it personal! I love you because you love my kids like they are yours. I love you because you never walk in front of me. Hypnotize her to help her relax. Keep her picture in your car, your wallet and at work. Take a long lunch at work and meet her for a romantic snack.

Have a sunday BBQ.

Surprise Them With Gifts

Give her a long hug, out of the blue. Take her to a circus. Take her to a heavy metal concert. Convert a digital photo of her into an oil painting. Get one of those old-time western photos together. Have the two of you drawn by an artist in Paris for her. Run and work out several times per week to stay in shape. Introduce her to your friends. Write down dates of important events coming up in her life. Ask about her dreams. Save up for a trip for two to the canals of Venice, Italy.

View by gondola. Play the concentration game while driving. Play footsies under the table. Buy her an expensive bikini. Play thumb wars, just to hold her hand. Play with ice cubes on a hot day. Have a pool party in her honor. Pre-plant a love message under a rock and take a walk and find it. Eskimo kiss. Find out what qualities she values in a friend.

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I love you—I am at rest with you—I have come home. I love the way you handle troubled times. I love you just the way you are. You know how to make me feel confident and strong. I love the way you spark my creativity and imagination.

Butterfly kiss. Teach her a magic trick. Take her to an art gallery. Play truth or dare. Give her a piggy back ride. Buy her a stuffed animal. Get her a musical instrument and play together. Try cross country snow skiing together. Stay home, order a pizza and play cards.

Travel the world and tell her your worldly stories. Have champagne in a bucket of ice. Go very slow and drive her crazy with anticipation. Give her a hand massage. Write her a note on the refrigerator with magnets. Bring her breakfast in bed.

100 Reasons Why I Love You

Try burning incense and find her favorite. Take her aroma therapy shopping for her favorite scents. Make a list of foods she likes and dislikes. Find out what perfume she wears. Wear a cheap white shirt and have her leave kisses on the collar. Buy her old fashioned nylons with a line down the back.

Ask her top 10 wishes. Find out her favorite songs and bands. Discover her top 10 favorite movies and why she likes them. Have diamonds delivered with desert. Have her pick clothes that she things look good on you and wear them. Write her a poem while sitting under the Eiffel Tower. Make her delicous healthy sandwiches. Lay on your backs and find shapes in the clouds.

Pick her up in a limo.

Watch a parade together. Buy food for her pet s. Introduce her to new healthy foods. Kiss her wrists and forearms. Give up caffeine together. Get her a punching bag and boxing gloves. Have a running checker game, one move per day. Play romantic blackjack and make up your own rules. Dress sexy and go play pool and flirt with each other Get bagels in the morning, sit and plan a vacation together.

Go bowling.

7 Romantic Ways To say “I Love You” Without Words

Buy her a sexy white tennis skirt and play tennis. Devour her with your whole mouth as if she was a mango. Meet her parents and be nice. Buy her a necklace of real pearls.

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Take personality tests together and find out her type. Find out her astrological sign and see if your match is in the stars. Be quick to laugh, find humor every where. Go to a nude beach wearing fake moustaches. Swing on swings together.

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Take dance lessons together. Keep up with local events for date ideas beyond just movies. Go to Boulder Dam and walk on it together in the crazy heat. Watch a sunrise.

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Achieving a more romantic relationship doesn't have to be expensive or time- consuming. It just requires a willing spirit and a heart full of love. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. A fresh way to say “I Love You” every single day.

Watch a sunset. Watch shooting starts. Go through a corn maze together. Carve pumpkins together. Decorate a christmas tree. Kiss her under mistletoe Become actors and be in a film together. Go to a poetry reading and read a poem from memory. Tell her sexy jokes. Make up a funny dance for her. Rent a house boat.

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Shoot pistols at a firing range. Go water skiing. Play darts on a home dart board, winner gets a romantic treat. Take her to a fashion show. Play around romantically during a hike in the woods. Run or jog together to stay in shape. Take her to see a classical string quartet. Take her to see a live jazz show. Watch a live ballroom dance contest. Go to a big political protest. Got to a church service in a beautiful old church.