Social and Community Informatics: Humans on the Net

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Social and Community Informatics: Humans on the Net

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I highly recommend reading it. It is useful to everybody and not just HCI professionals. As a discipline, Informatics has developed over the years from its initial focus on data processing and software development, towards a more recent emphasis on people's use of technology and its impact on their working and private lives.

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Social and Community Informatics: Humans on the Net. Reviewer(s). Stuart Ferguson (Charles Sturt University, Australia). Keywords: Information research. PDF | As a discipline, Informatics has developed over the years from a focus on data processing and software development, towards an.

In Knowledge Management for Development Journal , 10 3 This discussion paper builds on the body of research and practice about technology stewardship originally explored in Digital Habitats, and on the findings from an initial probe into the experiences of five development agencies using collaboration platform technologies. The probe was conducted from September through February We propose a framework for looking at productive practices in selecting, configuring and supporting use of collaboration technologies in international development organizations by focusing on the opportunities that exist in the boundaries between different parts of a development organization and different kinds of interactions that lead to learning and development impact.

We suggest that there is a very useful opportunity to expand this initial probe using collaboration pattern language and a complexity lens to develop a useful repertoire of technology stewarding practices for collaboration in international development with the goal of supporting greater impact of development work.

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Nkondo, M. This one handled a pedagogical rescue. The interesting information processing features enabled by Lotus Notes were emphasized in numerous stories in the technical press and See, for example, Kirkpatrick , This view of social informatics has important repercussions for public policy, professional practice, and the education of information technology professionals see Kling , ; Kling and Allen , ; Kling, Crawford, Rosenbaum, Sawyer, and Weisband , McIver defines CI as an emerging interdisciplinary field concerned with the development, deployment and management of IS designed with and by communities to solve their own problems.

The slides can be downloaded here. It would be interesting to see to what extent collaboration patterns for social innovation are alike and differ in the US and European contexts.

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As Huntsville has an incredible wealth of high-tech engineering knowledge seeking new applications, it would be a very worthwhile exercise to build and compare libraries of collaboration patterns in the Dutch Noord-Brabant and US Alabama cases. A common theme to investigate could be civil aerospace applications , for instance. Just published: H.

Weigand and A. Nowadays, many innovation projects are based on the collaboration of multiple parties to co-create value. Communication is a critical success factor.

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This paper introduces a pragmatic research framework that aims to improve communication practices in innovation projects. In this way, justice can be done to the many different communities that are involved in social innovation and the various ways they interact.

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Social media are powerful conversation technologies. However, exactly how social media afford and constrain complex social requirements in collaborative communities is still ill-understood.