Nephilim: The Truth is Here (Nephilim Series Vol. 1)

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Old Testament Wisdom:. Major and Minor Prophets:. New Testament:. Gospels and Acts:. Pauline Epistles:. General Epistles:. Bible analysis:. Bible translations:. Biblical figures:. Bible woo:. Scientific foreknowledge:. Types of creationism:.

The Nephilim Explained: Biblical Giants and the Book of Enoch

Evidence against a recent creation:. Creationist claims:. Global flood:. Intelligent design creationism:.

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Teach the controversy:. Text of creationist bills:. Fundie schools:. These New Testaments writings also seem to reference related stories in other popular Jewish literature that never got into the canon of either the Jews or the Christians. Nephilim will please world conspiracy theorists, who love to find "evidence" of sinister evil plans to subvert the world. It sometimes seems to me these popular stories seem to have unwittingly been absorbed by naive modern westerners.

Sadly, they seem so fascinated fascination with evil that they focus more on evil than on God's work in the world! The Nephilim and the Aliens This story connects a great world conspiracy of the Nephilim who will take over the world management and economic systems. Excitement begins when a Nephilim skeleton is found in an ancient sarcophagus uncovered by archaeologists in a secret passageway under the city of Jerusalem. Tests on the DNA show this is indeed non-human, or more than human.

There are 5 nucleotides involved in the DNA sequencing. Humans have only four.

Nephilim: The Truth Is Here

Some characters in the story believe this is a representative of the aliens with sinister intentions. The story involves the obligatory alien abductions and impregnations by aliens, along with the stealing of the fetuses all figure in to this well-written story. The Demonic Angels Some characters, however, promote the theory that these Nephilim, now returned in a great "end-time" deception, are not from another physical place in the universe, but from another spiritual dimension, as angels up to no good.

They have brought forbidden knowledge, which includes advanced technology, including space-ship-like transports. So the story incorporates the alleged government cover-up in Roswell, and the dead bodies of the crash victims could be aliens or angel half-breeds. The story has body and character, whichever theory you follow, or if you just like to read imaginative science fiction. Either scenario fits the science fiction model. I alternated from fascination to impatience with the simple-minded ideas.

Science Fiction But then, it is not so far off from some of the Star Trek and even Star Wars stories we are so familiar with.

This story fits right in with the New Age fascination with the Supernatural, benevolent or evil. Try it - you might like it! But to be sure, though this is billed as "Christian Fiction," it is Science Fiction. Or fulfill his agonizing quest for meaning and purpose in life? Lynn Marzulli is the author of "Nephilim" and possesses an in-depth knowledge on the topic of UFO cults.

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