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The number of American soldiers in Vietnam crests , Ronald Reagan is elected governor of California. And, in Oakland, California, a self-educated, twenty-four-year-old black man, in partnership with his friend Bobby Seale, forms the radical Black Panther Party. The name of that young man was Huey P. Newton, a clever and charismatic figure whose revolutionary career and legacy continue to stir strong interest today, not only among historians but for anyone seeking to understand the conflicts and paradoxes of race relations in s America.

To the white establishment, the Black Panthers were an armed menace to the established social order. To the black people in the communities they served, the Panthers were a more positive force—the purveyors of free breakfasts for schoolchildren, furnishers of protection for would-be victims of police brutality, and a source of hope and heightened consciousness for all. Seven years after co-founding the Panthers, Newton told his own story in the fascinating, turbulent memoir, Revolutionary Suicide.

It also narrates his sudden ascendancy to notoriety as a social and political leader of the Far Left—a status both enhanced and endangered when Newton is placed on trial for the murder of a police officer.

In Defence of the Republic (Penguin Classics) by Cicero, NEW Book, (Paperback) F

Apart from its significance as a political document, Revolutionary Suicide is the affecting story of an American life, evoking the exuberance of childhood, the pain of adolescence, and the alienation of a dispossessed adulthood. Yet it is in its observations of social inequality, its indictments of white authority, and its recommendations for radical reform thatRevolutionary Suicide leaves its most lasting impressions.

In Revolutionary Suicide, Huey P. Newton recalls a wide range of emotions, from anger to pride to a passionate love for a people and an ideal. Perhaps the only feeling absent is fear.

Cicero: Selected Political Speeches (Penguin Classics)

But in either case, Newton stands forth as a man who will never surrender, living his life with an unconquerable dignity that even his detractors must honor. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist.

USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Newton, in a dazzling graphic package Eloquently tracing the birth of a revolutionary, Huey P. Show More. Is it in some ways similar to religiously informed doctrines of renunciation, e. How is revolutionary suicide different from religious self-sacrifice? While Newton maintains that the acceptance of death takes the romance out of revolution, are there ways in which the image he presents of himself—the eloquent, handsome revolutionary, preparing to die young—approaches a pinnacle of romanticism? How isRevolutionary Suicide enriched and complicated by the fact that Dr.

Newton wrote it with such an evident literary consciousness? How is Dr. What does your opinion of Newton say about your own position in society? Although he continually prophesied his own death as a revolutionary martyr, Newton lived sixteen more years afterRevolutionary Suicide and died what some would call a senseless death.

Why was death so important to his self-representation? His most regrettable ones? Reading this memoir, do you feel you are reading about a real person or a self-constructed myth? How well does Newton succeed in conveying his personality to the reader? Why do you think autobiography is so central to the history of African-American letters? How does Newton confirm or defeat the expectations one might have regarding the son of a minister?

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How adept is Newton at self-criticism? How easily does he admit fault? Does he tend too frequently to lay his shortcomings on the cowardice and prejudices of others? Imagine yourself as a juror at Huey P.


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