How to defend society against science

How to defend society against Science
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Post navigation "How to Defend Society Against Science",. Paul Feyerabend. Practitioners of a strange trade, friends, enemies, ladies and gentlemen: Before starting with my. Feyerabend, Paul. (). “How to Defend Society against Science”. Introductory. Readings in the Philosophy of Science - 3rd Edition. Klemke, Hollinger,

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From Scientist to Activist Blog Post. Science Network Our network of more than 25, technical experts advancing science-based solutions for a healthy planet and a safer world.

Predicting the consequences

Pitts, J. More than Earth scientists, including teachers, crowded into a session at the union's autumn meeting last week see below , where they were urged to seek election to local school boards. Bering, Jesse M. Achyuth Rao. Moser eds.

ABSTRACT: The objective of this article is to make explicit some concrete ways in which an accurate perspective of what science is contributes significantly to improving science teaching. Effective science teaching begins with the recognition that for both practising scientists and students the desire to find answers to personally meaningful questions about natural phenomena is the strongest incentive to study science.

Instructional methods that nurture and draw upon the curiosity of students have the best chance to motivate students to learn science.

Paul Feyerabend Interview (1993)

Teaching in this way entails helping students 1 to see the conceptual relevance, utility, and aesthetic dimension of what they are studying; 2 to appreciate the need for, and power of, rational thinking in problem solving; 3 to undertake their own exploratory projects to investigate some aspect of the physical world that interests them.

For science teachers to do this well, they must, themselves, a be knowledgeable of the science they teach, b keep abreast of advances in their areas of interest, and c develop their own experimental and observational skills so they can teach with confidence based on personal experience. Related Articles:.

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Conceptual-Network-Based Philosophy of Science. Date: May 8, Date: November 11,