Historical Dictionary of Hegelian Philosophy

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G. W. F. Hegel - Oxford Reference

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What Hegel’s Theory of History Is

Hegel maintains that with philosophical history the historian must bracket his own preconceptions and go and find the overall sense and the driving ideas out of the very matter of the history considered. The idea of reflection, as the correspondence of mental images with the material world which is the source of those images, is the basis of the materialist approach to cognition. This article has no associated abstract. However, Hegel used this classification only once and he attributed the terminology to Kant. Michael Inwood. In Germany, there was no such contrast of sacred and profane. Celibacy undermined the family; the exaltation of poverty undermined work; bigotry justified mental laziness; and obedience exalted as virtue undermined conscience.

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Chapter 3.3: Hegel, the logic of History

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Historical Dictionary of Hegelian Philosophy

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Historical Dictionary of Hegelian Philosophy

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