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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Death of a Cure (A Thomas Briggs Novel) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Death of a Cure (A Thomas Briggs Novel) book. Happy reading Death of a Cure (A Thomas Briggs Novel) Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Death of a Cure (A Thomas Briggs Novel) at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Death of a Cure (A Thomas Briggs Novel) Pocket Guide. Are you trying to kill me with disappointment?! I guess I'll just take what I can get I'll shut up about the length. This one was classic Mercy. If you're a fan of the books, then you'll know This is what I looked like when the librarian handed me this book: If you're a fan of the books, then you'll know what I mean. Mercy is strong , but she's never the strongest person in the room. And yet, she always comes out on top. It costs her, but she manages to win. And she does it without betraying her morals, her friends, or her husband.

She's loyal, smart, tough, and a When I grow up, I wanna be Mercy. Maybe I'm not explaining it very well, but when I close one of these books, I feel like this: This time around was no different. The story starts off with a troll attacking cars on a bridge. I said a troll on a bridge! Not cute little trolls like you Like most things in Mercy's world, this troll is dangerous.

I don't want to give away any of the plot for those of you who enjoy just letting these stories unfold without any expectations. But I will say there was plenty of action, great dialogue, and the sort of storyline that I've come to expect from Briggs. Ok, and this has nothing to do with the fantastic stuff inside the book, but Because I'm a dork. Here are a couple of the comments that non-Mercy fans said: Does she have a second career as a stripper? And I'd like to be touched by her fire Of course, both of those guys were joking, but the point is , these covers lend themselves to that sort of thing.

She looks a bit In fact, her looks aren't even a thing! But she'd certainly go into battle with her stomach covered. Dear Publishing Companies, Pleasepleaseplease stop sexualizing these covers. It's embarrassing for most of the readers. Feb 10, Esra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 23, Christy rated it really liked it Shelves: This is one of those series I have been reading for forever and I still look forward to each book releasing.

There is always some supernatural drama going on around Mercy- and this book centers on the fae. It starts with a troll, then goes to a fire touched child. There is a lot going on, as always. I love how kick-ass Mercy is. She is a little less into the action in this book in some aspects, but I have my theories on that. All the other characters are fantastic, too. I especially loved Honey in this one and her speech. It was great to get more Zee and Thad as well. The are just great together. He tilted his head a little, his eyes meeting mine. This series does that.

View all 15 comments. I love it so much and think we are lucky as fans that the series has not ended yet. It's also one of the best urban fantasy series out there, in my opinion. So every Spring when a new book in the series is published I get so delighted because I really want to see what happens next in the series.

In this ninth installment, Mercy and her Alpha werewolf husband Adam, find themselves faced with issues surrounding the Fae. The past few books have been building up to this, with mentions of the fae disappearing and much more interesting activity afoot. Here Mercy finds herself battling a troll on a bridge with some members of the pack, and unintentionally speaking for the Pack on the stance they take toward the Fae, and claiming the Tri-Cities as their own territory. What follows is a series of events of Mercy and the Pack defending themselves and entering into intricate bargains with the Fae and other supernatural species.

This book took a little bit for me to get into, normally when I read a Mercy book it's finished in less than 12 hours. Fire Touched took me a while longer mostly because I had a bit of trouble finding the reading rhythm and binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer didn't help matters. I loved the bits where we saw the Pack resolving issues that needed to be solved like, 2 books ago. I was sick of the way some members had been treating Mercy and I like that some of that was covered.

The introduction of a new and mysterious character named Aiden, the human buy stuck in a Fae world for centuries, turning him into a sort of hybrid. I cannot wait to learn more about him. Being a romance junkie I would have liked more on Mercy and Adam but I understand that wasn't a priority. Briggs dropped a relationship bomb in this book and seemed to brush it off very quickly, but we saw that Briggs!!! And it better be talked about in the next book you sly author you! I also cannot help but think there is something going on between Jesse and Ben, or that maybe there will be in the future when she's not in high school.

Nothing obvious is written but I kind of feel that happening. Anyways, I love this author and this series, so hopefully you take a chance on it and read the first book, Moon Called. You won't regret it. And now the year long wait for the next book begins. View all 24 comments. Mar 14, Aisling Zena rated it it was amazing Shelves: These books are getting better and better. An excellent addition to the series and hopefully we will get the next one sooner rather than later. I never thought I'd get upset over a piece of wood but Patricia Briggs managed it.

Now, I seriously don't like being kept waiting. Who would have ever thought I'd love a coyote more than a werewolf! But I will because it's worth it and well, I have no choice. Fire Touched is another strong entry into the Mercy Thompson series, and even though it might not be my favorite book or even in my top three, the significance of this volume cannot be overlooked because it contains a lot of important moments and turning points.

For one thing, the pack has grown again. Mercy may have stirred things up after becoming the mate of Adam, alpha of the Columbia Basin werewolves, but after the e 3. Mercy may have stirred things up after becoming the mate of Adam, alpha of the Columbia Basin werewolves, but after the events of the last book Night Broken the pack has welcomed yet another non-wolfy member in the form of Joel the tibicena.

Now the Tri-Cities area has become a battleground for fae politics, forcing Bran the Marrok to cut ties with the Columbia Basin pack. However, Adam and his werewolves are standing firm on their promise to defend their territory and protect Aiden, the fire-touched child whom the Grey Lords want to get their hands on. But in the face of constant attacks on the pack and their friends, just how long will they be able to hold out? There were so many great moments in this book. First of all, Adam probably deserves a husband-of-the-year medal for finally putting his foot down on the nasty pack energy directed at Mercy, and I think even Briggs realizes this pack grudge against the protagonist has gone on for far too long.

I was never too keen on the pack power structure in this series, but I have to admit sometimes a werewolf dictatorship has its uses. There was also the epic battle on the bridge between the werewolves and the troll, which kicked off this novel with an action-packed scene. The story also culminated into a tense climax and interesting resolution. That said, I also felt that the pacing of this installment was very inconsistent and not very balanced. I mentioned fae politics, and there a lot of it in here, punctuated with a few scenes of wanton property destruction. Major changes to the future of the Columbia Basin pack notwithstanding, I also felt that little progress was made in the overall series story arc.

In spite of its weaker aspects though, I thought Fire Touched was a good book. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. View all 12 comments. Re-read April 1st 4. Taking in Aiden brings all kinds of risk and problems, but we all know Mercy and Adam would never turn their back on someone seeking safety. At the end of the battle, Mercy draws a line in the sand with Re-read April 1st 4. Seeing Tom and Moira's connection bud made me smile. Again, it ended a bit abruptly, but I as I knew these characters, and we see them again, it didn't bother me quite as much.

Alpha and Omega : Takes place during Moon Called. This is the novella that started Anna and Charles story. In Moon Called there are some discoveries that lead to Chicago. Here, we learn that Anna's right in the mix of that story. When she calls the Marrok to report the shady stuff going on, she's instructed to pick up his 'investigator' at the airport.

Enter Charles, more alpha than Anna thinks she can deal with. But as his wolf is, in his words, more interested in courting her than showing dominance, they're in for one interesting ride. I've reviewed this story elsewhere , so I won't go into it all again. I will say that after I got done re-reading this novella, here, I had to struggle to not go immediately into Cry Wolf to get more of Anna and Charles. They are so perfect together, and I love seeing them both grow as their relationship deepens throughout their entire series.

David Christiansen makes a brief, but pivotal, appearance in Moon Called. I didn't get a very good feel for him in that story except to know that his history was tragic and he'd created his own future out of it. Here we get to see him reconnect with a part of his family he thought forever lost to him. David's honorable and carries his guilt with him, always.

I liked that he was able to get some forgiveness from those that mean the most to him. I also really loved meeting Devonte. We hear, in the books, about how there are more than just witches, wolves, and vampires in this world This whole story was incredibly poignant and I loved the sweet, emotional and happy ending. Easily my favorite story in the bunch, "Roses in Winter" is told from Asil's point-of-view and gives us an update on the little girl that Mercy sends to the Marrok in Blood Bound , Kara. I've been wanting an update on Kara ever since she was first mentioned.

I hoped, against hope, that she'd not only survive but thrive. Here we get to see the beginning of her struggle to learn a new way. Asil came to Aspen Creek, and has been waiting thirteen years, for the Marrok to kill him. And despite thinking he doesn't have enough control anymore, we begin to see how wrong he is here. When he takes young Kara under his wing, trying to help her get control of her shifting, he develops a bond he never expected.

I love Asil. I've always thought more of him than he has himself, and I liked seeing this softer side to him - a side that we only occasionally glimpse in the novels. The Moor has got quite a reputation, well deserved and earned, but here we get the side so few people are privy to. Patricia Briggs has been dropping not-so-subtle hints for a while about Asil and another character. I really hope they have a future together, because they're perfect for one another. It's also always interesting to see beloved characters from a whole new character's point-of-view.

Asil has, sometimes laugh-out-loud, funny observances of Bran, Charles and others. This story is a beautiful mix of humourous, poignant, and exciting. I'm always impressed by how Patricia Briggs manages to make me hurt for characters I've just met. One of the things I've always loved about this series is that the author doesn't shy from showing the darker side of immortality. Sometimes forever is too long, and loss is too much. Though it makes me so incredibly sad, it also makes me appreciate the happiness that does happen exponentially more. Werewolf Warren and his boyfriend Kyle have long been favorite characters in Mercy's world.

Warren's just gotten his private investigator license and is working - mostly - for Kyle's law firm. While waiting for Kyle to get done with a consult, Warren comes face to face with a missing woman who has been turned into a zombie. One that's apparently after Kyle! I really enjoyed the twists and turns in this story. There's a good bit of mystery woven throughout, and solid investigative work done by Warren. It shows a different side than we usually get to see through Mercy's eyes.

I, also, was pleased to see the depth that was added to Kyle and Warren's relationship. The story does end a bit quickly, rushing through the resolution of the mystery and denoument, however Warren isn't one to 'play with his prey,' in his words, so it makes sense, too. This is the one short-story I'd previously read besides "Alpha and Omega" which was sold in e-format individually making it easy and inexpensive to get , and I enjoyed it as much on a re-read as I did the first time. Ever since he first appeared as the snarky, dangerous, somewhat broken, man, I've loved him - despite Mercy's own misgivings - and wanted to know more.

Every time he's appeared since, I grew to love him more. Here we get to see him becoming the person he is. Ben's had a horrible history, and is I know, I know, how can I love a character that's clearly hateful towards women? Well, the truth is that I'm not sure. But it's also that he's never had - prior to being in Adam's pack - any examples of women who weren't the "bitches" he calls them. It makes it hard to hate him.

I want him to get healthy and better, and we get to see the small-steps continuation of that here. When a woman at Ben's work, a woman that he doesn't even like because she's weak and "snivelling," get targeted by the office asshole, Ben isn't sure why he constantly makes moves to intervene. He doesn't do it nicely, in true Ben fashion, but he does it. His confusion, the ensuing discussion with Adam, and his growth here made me nearly cheer. I love this path he's on. It's slow, as most real change and growth is, but it's steady and solid.

There's also some funny moments here when Ben's taken a bet to give up swearing. One character tells him to avoid adjectives while he's attempting this. His speech at the end, and his coworker's thoughts on it, had me grinning like crazy. I can't wait to see more of Ben, and maybe one day for him to get his own HEA. Hollow : Takes place after Night Broken. A new Mercy short story! As Patricia Briggs puts it, what would a Mercy world anthology be with a Mercy story? Mercy's always had a knack for getting herself into trouble. Despite taking precautions and being smart about things, her desire to help people that ask it of her always leads to her getting in a bit deeper than she would like to be.

When a woman shows up at Mercy's demolished garage asking for help, Mercy knows it's not her mechanicking skills the woman needs. A ghost. Of course. And when the referral came from a trusted friend, Mercy feels the need to go check it out. Taking Zach - and can I say how happy it made me to see him settling in a bit better with the pack?! This is a short, quick mystery that's pretty easy to see what's going on. But I liked seeing the romance between two new characters, as well as how Mercy deals with this ghost.

It's not like normal ghosts, and Mercy's still learning how to control her own gifts. Because Mercy's not afraid to ask for help and rely on friends, we get an update on Gary, as well as Samuel and Arianna. This story made me more anxious for the next Mercy book just so I can spend more time with her, Adam and everyone else I love so much. From Silver Borne , it takes place near the end of this novel and is from Arianna's point-of-view.

Patricia Briggs notes that her husband thought, since she included the beginning of Samuel and Arianna's relationship in "Silver" and that it ends on a rather sad note, she should include something to remind readers that they do get their happily-ever-after. A sweet scene that shows them reconnecting, and gives even more history between them.

I loved seeing this, and am really hoping that we'll get more from these two in the future. From Night Broken , again it takes place near the end when Mercy's recovering and is from Adam's point-of-view. We all know Mercy ends nearly every book recovering from some horrible injury or another, and the same is true in Night Broken. I really loved seeing how Adam thinks of her, and how in love with her he is. They're so perfect together and it's nice - always - to get the calm moments after the storm with the characters I love. Shifting Shadows is a fabulous collection of short stories and novellas in the Mercy Thompson world.

Patricia Briggs writing is so beautiful and pulls me so completely into the world she's sharing that I never want to leave. I know I'll be revisiting this anthology many times in the future, and I can't wait for Dead Heat , the next Alpha and Omega novel with Anna and Charles coming out in Spring ! Review to come. View all 15 comments. Final review, first posted on www. Several different characters, who will already be familiar to readers of this series as secondary and minor characters, are given the protagonist role in these short stories, along with at least one new character that I believe is completely new to the series, Elyna in Final review, first posted on www.

The stories in Shifting Shadows are set in internal chronological order. Six of these stories previously appeared in print elsewhere, and the other four first appeared in this volume. At the same time, the fae Ariana develops tremendous magical powers with silver. Thomas Hao, a teenage boy whose father is in the opium distribution business, is turned into vampire through the acts of his angry, dictatorial father.

Awful parenting seems to be a theme in these first two tales. Hao meets Margaret Flanagan, a young fae who attracts disaster at the hands of other fae because of her powerful father. There are some great twists and turns in this story. Briefly escaping the vampire seethe clan just after she is turned, she runs home. Famished with thirst for blood, she unintentionally kills her beloved husband Jack. Many years later, Elyna returns to live alone in her old apartment in Chicago, unable to leave her memories behind. This story is a poignant look at love and relationships, as well as a glimpse into vampire politics.

He asks for her help saving his brother, who has been kidnapped by the local witch coven and is likely to be a human sacrifice on the next night, Halloween. This is a decent story but I didn't really feel it, perhaps in part because I haven't read Hunting Ground , where these two characters are introduced later in their relationship. I've previously reviewed this novella separately here. David Christiansen was formerly in the military service with Adam, the local Alpha werewolf in the Tri-Cities area of Washington state and the husband of Mercy. They were both turned into werewolves during their Army Ranger days.

David, a black man who has a minor role in Moon Called , now runs a team of mercenaries that specializes in extracting people from hostile situations. Early in his werewolf days, David killed his wife, who was cheating on him, in a fit of uncontrollable anger. As a result, he has been estranged from his daughter Stella for many years. Kara is 13 years old and has been a werewolf since about age 10, which is unheard of, since the violent change from human to werewolf almost invariably kills anyone under Although the beginning of Kara's story was only briefly referenced in Blood Bound , I really appreciated seeing what happened afterwards, and Asil is a complex, minority character who always brings depth to the story when he makes an appearance in this series.

It's tough being gay in the werewolf world, but Warren has found both a pack that accepts his sexuality and a human boyfriend that accepts his werewolf side. While working as a private detective for his boyfriend, Kyle, a beautiful zombie hitwoman is sent to assassinate Kyle. Warren ends up investigating the case, trying to figure out who wants Kyle dead, and why. This story got just a little tedious during the detective part and then almost exploded with complications and twists at the end.

Although it was enjoyable reading and Warren is an appealing character, I thought the extent of the disclosures at the end was a bit over the top. Ben is a brilliant database administrator and programmer, but also a misogynist with a filthy mouth. This is made more difficult by the frustrations of his high tech job and co-workers who aggravate him.

But as Ben realizes that he has a need to protect a vulnerable co-worker, he also is able to forgive himself and grow as a person. Or werewolf. This is my favorite story in this collection. Thirteen years ago he was accused of her murder, and though he was acquitted, many think he actually did the deed.

As always, when Mercy gets involved with a problem, it ends up being a lot more complicated and dangerous than anyone expected. There are also a couple of outtakes or bonus scenes at the end of this collection, just a handful of pages each. Many of these characters are minorities, but it never feels artificial or like Patricia Briggs is simply trying to check off the diversity box. I can only recommend this short story collection to someone who's already a MERCY THOMPSON fan and, preferably, has read most or all of the books in that series I do strongly recommend the series, it's just that I don't think this collection of stories is the best place to start.

But for those who are fans of this series, this is a great collection with no real missteps and a few excellent stories. View 2 comments. Jessica : HA. Samuel has never been my favorite branch of the Bran tree. No, that spot has always been reserved for Bran, himself. Jessica : This story is about a vampire named Thomas and a Fae named Maggie. These two both deserve their bit of happiness. The author manages to squeeze in vampire politics, love, and a decent amount of action in only 34 pages.

I found that the tale was well-rounded given its length, and even though the tone is for the most part sad, the ending was immensely satisfying. Jessica : Another creepy vampire story, and again, wholly unrelated to the stories that we know and love. I mostly liked it, except. There was a lot of wolf-y goodness, and sexual tension; as a whole it felt pretty complete for a short story.

I liked Tom and Moira when I first met them, and I liked learning how they met even more. Moira is one badass white witch. The Marrok has always been a favourite of mine, so I was pleased when he made an appearance in this story. I know this for FACT. Beyond that. I liked it a lot. It was a touching story that revolved around family and forgiveness; the author managed to pack in a surprising amount of paranormal elements in only 34 pages with werewolves, vampires, and wizards all making appearances. The conclusion was absolutely perfect, and a brilliant embodiment of the Christmas spirit.

Jessica : Hmmm. It was a Christmas story, and it was as heart-wrenching as the short intro lead you to believe it would be. Guess that makes me a Grinch. The ending with the rose and the guitar brought tears to my eyes, because it was just so beautifully executed. Jessica : I love Asil. NOT Charles and Anna—I love their storylines, but their relationship is still in that awkward, painful stage.

This is her story too. Jessica : Man. The werewolves are mostly bad too, or at least morally ambiguous. I wanted to believe that there was no truth in the rumors surrounding his past in England. Our favourite coyote is hired to shed some light on a haunting, finds herself in yet another life-or-death situation, and Adam of course is pissed. Jessica : Finally a Mercy story! ALSO—poor Adam. Jessica : And this is how Samuel and Ariana got back together. Jessica : What she said. View all 16 comments. Jun 28, Anne rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , urban-fantasy , kindle , short-stories , paranormal.

Nov 06, Carmel Rabid Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: werewolves. Reviewed by: Rabid Reads. Shelves: urban-fantasy. Not a dud present in this entire book! It's also a terrific introduction to new Patricia Briggs readers. There's also a Mercy story for fans craving something new after the last release, Night Broken. She was named for the metal--Ariana and silver were not always the same.

But she feared that the name meant what it sounded like; she could not love a wolf. It is not as sad as I thought it would be; it ends on a hopeful not. If you have not read the series you need to know that Samuel thought Mercy, a coyote shapeshifter and heroine of the Mercy Thompson series, was the key to his happiness. Mercy's appeal is personality and her ability to have children, which Samuel craves, but female werewolves can't bear. Through many books he meddles in Mercy's life.

Then, Poof! His happiness conveniently arrives in Silver Borne. Finally, Ariana and Samuel's history and relationship is explained. It's fitting and not as tragic as I thought it would be. You also get to see Bran as a human and what he was capable of before he became the Marrok. Also, my library loan ends soon. It is set in the same world. I still need to read "Gray" and "Hollow. He's a vampire, a monster. In the Mercy Thompson series there is one vampire who strives to be honorable.

Thomas demonstrates that vampires have a conscience, and capable of acting with honor. I can grant you that. If only the freedom to die. Thomas' past is just as compelling to read as his present, and it all ties in so well! His encounter with the young Fae and how everything comes full circle was brilliant.

Yes, vampires are monsters, but they are not inherently evil. I hope Patty Briggs writes more stories about vampires Perfect for Patricia Briggs newbies. Elyna Gray once basked in her husband's love. It ended too soon when she was kidnapped and turned into a vampire. Vengeance was finally hers. Decades later she returns home to an empty condo rumored to be haunted. If she is caught by the local seethe, it will not end well for Elyna.

Yet, perhaps home is the perfect place to die. Perhaps a tiny hope exists that she can be reunited with her beloved Jack. This is a very touching story. Elyna is wrapped in feelings of guilt and loneliness. She once had it all and lost it tragically. We learn not all vampires are twisted, but they are monsters, which Briggs reminds us.

Yet werewolves and witches have shades of gray in the Mercy Thompson world. Elyna's heartache feels nearly tangible. The ending is bittersweet, but not depressing. Even Leo was afraid of the Marrok. She didn't bother to answer his question--he already knew the answer. I made the mistake of starting with Cry Wolf and felt dropped into the book too soon; although, it was immerse myself into once I felt oriented. She doesn't reach out to the Marrok to save herself, but out of concern for another.

Bran sends Charles to investigate and leads into the misdeeds of one dysfunctional pack. Anna and Charles' beginning isn't pretty, but it has a sweet undertone. I especially liked Anna's inner strength and ability to stand up to Bran's "pet killer. She looked at him for the first time since she'd seen his face on the stairs. Who'd have thought he'd get turned on by a woman with a rolling pin? It's the story of a man changed into a werewolf, who returned ignorant to his family with devastating consequences. It's several decades later. The daughter he once horrified needs him. Forget "redemption!

Asil, a recurring character, point-of-view dominates "Roses in Winter.

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Ben had hung a whiteboard on the outside of the cubicle wall next to the entrance of his lair. On it he had written: I know you are here. Wait silently, and I'll get to you as soon as I am able. If you speak before then, you will not find me helpful. On the floor just inside his cubicle was a mat with a pair of black footprints and "Wait here" painted on it. Even though it's obvious what Ben's damage is we finally given his backstory. He's a foul-mouthed Brit with obvious severe anger issues, but his care of Mercy after one traumatic episode showed his character could be redeemed.

In this short story, we see Ben take another step out of his darkness. While his backstory is not pretty - sensitive readers may not feel so sympathetic - Ben's story is surprisingly funny! Who knew he was an IT nerd? She also tackles the mystery with bravery Mercy can't say no to those in need and humor. She limps on to save the day. This library loan was worth the wait. Ben shines. He rallies. His character moves forward. Office cubicles, wolf hearing, an obnoxious IT company guy Ben , and company politics are too good for any UF reader to pass! I hope we see more of Ben in future Mercy Thompson books.

View all 6 comments. I couldn't pass up a whole book of short stories from the Mercy Thompson series.

New PDF release: Death of a Cure: A Thomas Briggs Novel

I loved the couple previously so I was very excited to get to see their first meeting and watch Tom put his prejudice towards witches to one side to work with Moira to rescue his brother. San Francisco and around the Bay, South. Step III addresses type development and the use of perception and judgment by respondents. The dynamics of the ESTJ are found in the primary combination of extraverted thinking as their dominant function and introverted sensing as their auxiliary function: the dominant tendency of ESTJs to order their environment, to set clear boundaries, to clarify roles and timetables, and to direct the activities around them is supported by their facility for using past experience in an ordered and systematic way to help organize themselves and others. As written, I cannot quite buy into Ben's characterization or his redemption. People love twins. This modest title identified a variety of ambitious prose pieces, fictional, autobiographical, or descriptive that appeared irregularly.

I love most of the characters and even though I had read some of them, I didn't mind reading them again. The only problem I had was since I am current with the series, some of the time frames were a little fuzzy. It was interesting to get some of their family history. I was also happy to find out how Samuel a I couldn't pass up a whole book of short stories from the Mercy Thompson series. I was also happy to find out how Samuel and Ariana met. I'm not totally sold on their relationship but I think it helped me understand their connection a bit more and why Samuel was so into her.

It's about a vampire named Thomas who comes across an imprisoned fae named Maggie. I felt the story could've been developed a bit more but I enjoyed the connection between Thomas and Maggie and how they helped each other out. We get to meet Elyna Gray who's a vampire trying to come to terms with her prior human life and someone she left behind.

I loved the bittersweet love story. Tom is a werewolf and his brother is missing, thought to have been taken by a coven of witches. He's given the name of a powerful witch, Moira, and he goes to see if she can help. We actually met these two in Hunting Ground so it was particularly wonderful seeing how they got together.

I love that they both have scars and that they both don't care. Even better was their connection and sense of family. Great story! It was better reading it a second time because I now know so much more about them. I had forgotten how intense Charles was! And you always learn so much about this world whenever Charles or Bran is in the story.

We get to know David, who fought in Vietnam with Adam. It didn't grab me at first but as we get to know more about David's family life. I really enjoyed it Asil is a very old werewolf and feels that he is on the brink of madness and dying. He has left his pack of which he was Alpha to live in Bran's pack, hoping that Bran will be able to keep him from hurting anyone or kill him if necessary.

Because of that, it was especially fitting to see this softer side of Asil. I loved his connection with Kara, Devon and Sage. I would love for there to be more story with him and Sage! If you've read the Mercy series, you definitely know Warren and Kyle. Warren is a werewolf in Adam's pack and Kyle is his human partner. They've had a rough patch working out the kinks in their relationship but it was great seeing them work so well together.

And they definitely needed to work together in this story dealing with a crazy neighbor and a zombie that's sent to Kyle's work to kill him!

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I was thrilled to get a new story about Ben. He's the British bad boy werewolf in Adam's pack. He's become a much more vital part of the pack as the series evolves and I loved seeing a different side of him.

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The cussing, the scotch and the speech were priceless! You don't want to miss this one! Unfortunately, Mercy has to deal with some crazy ghosts and not just Adam. But don't worry, Adam does what Adam does best! That makes sense. Charging my wife interest. What a smart idea. I was happy it was included because it smoothes out how Samuel and Ariana got back together It's always wonderful getting anything from Adam's POV but this was especially touching. I just love Adam and Mercy! Throw in Coyote and the walking stick!! She acts from her heart, and that leads her to danger.

She needs a brave man to run with her. Are you such a man, Adam Hauptman? Mostly, they're too short and they're about characters I don't really like or just don't care for. And most of the time, I don't even find out about them. So, it's really nice to get them all in one book and with some new material as well.

If you enjoy this series, I would definitely recommend it. View all 24 comments. It follows a character named Elyna Gray, and it's been long enough since I read Moon Called that I couldn't remember if I should have recognized any of the names mentioned in the novella. Either way, I loved this novella. It endeared me to Elyna's character so fast that I immediately decided I would happily read a series featuring her as the protagonist, though if that hasn't happened yet, I doubt it's going to. There's something really tragic and haunting about this story that I can't explain without spoilers, but really loved.

These were also characters I hadn't met yet, but I loved Moira from the start — a badass witch who manages to strike fear into the hearts of everyone she meets despite her disability? Yeah, I'm here for that. I just found this whole story so enjoyable and lovable. I'm amazed by how quickly Patricia Briggs can make me fall in love with characters she writes. We get a little info on the Chicago wolves and more back story on the Cornick family, plus we get to meet Anna, who is instantly such a likable character. She's been through a lot major trigger warnings here for mentions of rape and abuse , but she's got a fighting spirit left in her and she really develops it quickly in these 61 pages.

The only reason this is getting 4 stars instead of 5 from me is because the "dominance" aspect of Charles' treatment of Anna feels a bit overdone at times he might have made me roll my eyes once or twice. The scope of this world is literally huge and after 8 full length novels starring Mercy and another 3 in the spin off series I feel like all of these characters are part of my family.

I love them all dearly but there were so many characters I am desperate to see more of. Patricia Briggs has already published short stories and novellas set in this world but they've always been part of multi-author anthologies and I have to admit I've not wanted to spend the money buying the books when I was only interested in the PB stories. Shifting Shadows finally places all six previously published stories in one handy book along with 4 completely brand new ones. The stories have been printed in series order so it is very easy to see where they fit in the timeline with the other books and they all have an introductory note from Patricia Briggs telling us what inspired her to write them and giving us other insights into the characters involved.

For someone who has only read 2 of these stories previously this book is absolutely wonderful but even if you've already read them all it is worth buying this book for the new stories alone. I'm going to give a brief overview of each of the stories in the anthology so you'll have to forgive me if this review ends up being quite a long one but I'm hoping you'll find the information useful. Silver - This is one of the new stories and is set hundreds of years before the start of the series.

It features Bran, Samuel and Ariana and is quite a bitter sweet story, one that is full of pain and suffering but that is bearable because I've seen how things turn out in the later books in the series. We already know about Bran and Samuel's capture by the witch that was Bran's mother but here we get to see first hand exactly what they both went through when they were turned into werewolves and basically forced into slavery.

We also get to see Samuel and Ariana's first meeting and watch them fall in love but if you're up to date with the series you'll know that things don't end well for them at this point. Their story continues in Silver Borne but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how things started for them even if it did break my heart and bring tears to my eyes more than once!

Fairy Gifts - Previously included in the Naked City anthology this story occurs before Moon Called and features introduces us to the vampire Thomas who Mercy first meets in Frost Burned. This story is set in Butte, Montana and starts in when the town had a busy copper mine. Thomas and his family are immigrants who are operating on the wrong side of the law and Thomas is turned into a vampire against his will. He struggles to deal with what happened to him but finds redemption in a very unlikely place.

I enjoyed this story but I have to admit I'd completely forgotten who Thomas was so I never really felt fully connected to him or as invested in his story as I did with the rest of the characters in the anthology. Gray - Previously published in the Home Improvement: Undead Edition anthology this story also takes place before Moon Called and it introduces us to characters that, so far, haven't appeared in the rest of the series. Elyna was kidnapped by vampires and turned by accident 80 years ago leading to a terrible tragedy.

Now she has returned to her home and is looking to make up for the sins of her past. This was another bitter sweet story, one that left me feeling more than a little heart broken for Elyna and her husband but that did have a kind of happy ending. If you've read Hunting Ground you'll probably remember the werewolf Tom and his witch mate Moira. I loved the couple previously so I was very excited to get to see their first meeting and watch Tom put his prejudice towards witches to one side to work with Moira to rescue his brother.

Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs mentioned in her introduction that she's planning to write more about these two in the future which is something I'm really happy about, we haven't seen many good witches in the series yet so I definitely think there is a lot of scope for Moira's character. Alpha and Omega - This story was previously included in the On The Prowl anthology and also published as a stand alone ebook.

The events run alongside those in Moon Called so I would recommend reading that novel first so you don't give yourself spoilers. This novella is the introduction to the Alpha and Omega series and is one of the only stories from the anthology that I'd already read. I love Anna and Charles so much and this is a brilliant start to their series.

If you haven't read their books yet I'd highly recommend reading this novella before you start Cry Wolf because it gives you so much information on Anna's background and her first meeting with Charles. The Star of David - This short story was first published in the Wolfsbane and Mistletoe anthology and it features Adam's army buddy David who we met in the Mercy series I'm sorry but I can't remember which book he first appears in.

Events in this story happen towards the end of Moon Called but don't really have any bearing on the series so can really be read at any point. This is a nice little Christmas read about finding forgiveness for your sins, David went through a lot when he was changed and it was nice to see him find some kind of peace through his family.

Aartsz, P.

It also introduces a young wizard called Devonte who I really hope we might see again in the future when he's grown up and fully come into his powers. I've often wondered what happened to Kara after she was sent to live with the Marrok so it was great to see how she was getting on but I was most excited to get to know Asil a bit better.

I find his character absolutely fascinating and I really hope he gets his own book or that we at least get to see him find a HEA at some point in the future. This story also features quite a few interactions between Asil and Bran which is always a nice bonus and this was definitely one of my favourite stories in the anthology. I have loved Warren and Kyle since the beginning so it was fantastic to see a story starring them both, they are such an adorable couple and I would love to read a full length novel about them.

This is a fun supernatural mystery that shows Warren in his new role as a private investigator for Kyle's legal firm. I wasn't too sure what to make of Ben in the beginning but the way he acted towards Mercy after she was attacked made me fall head over heels for him and I've been desperate to know more about his background ever since. This story shows us Ben at his grumpiest but it also shows us how far he has come since the beginning of the series. We get more of an insight into what happened to him before he left London and we also see him finally starting to heal from those events and letting people get close to him again.

He still has a long way to go but that just makes his recovery all the more realistic and I can't wait to see him continue to grow. Hollow - The final story is another new one and it takes place after Night Broken. You can't have a Mercy Thompson anthology without a story told from Mercy's POV and this is a perfect way to end the book.

This story is classic Mercy and it shows her once again putting herself in danger to protect virtual strangers.

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I'm not going to say too much about what happens but I will say that she's going to turn poor Adam's hair gray if she decides to take up ghost hunting full time! I love the interactions between her and Adam in this one, he is so supportive of her even when he wishes she would just walk away rather than put herself in danger. He knows that he'll never change her though and he accepts that and chooses to walk alongside her. Bonus Outtakes - It was a happy surprise to discover that the anthology also includes two bonus outtakes.

After reading about Ariana and Samuel's first meeting at the beginning of the book in Silver it was really nice to be reminded how much things have changed for them by the time we reach Silver Borne , this snippet brought tears to my eyes but it also left me with a smile on my face. Finally to end things we have a final outtake from the end of Night Broken told from Adam's point of view. This was only a short chapter but I absolutely loved it! We get to see exactly how much Mercy means to Adam and he always makes my heart melt. I don't think I'll ever get enough of reading his POV so this was a fantastic little snippet.

As you can tell Shifting Shadows is a fabulous anthology that gives us extra insight into some of the most popular characters in the Mercy series. I enjoyed every minute of this book and it left me desperate to start rereading the whole series again from the beginning. If you're a fan of this series then this anthology is a must read!

Aug 19, Mogsy MMOGC rated it really liked it Shelves: magic , review-copy , vampires , short-stories , urban , anthologies , shapeshifters , fae , paranormal. That said, I had a really good time with Shifting Shadows. Aside from four new additions, most of the stories in here have previously been published, though I never felt the need to read them due to the reasons stated above, so I am reading everything with fresh eyes.

A great starter to this anthology, and highly apt. I was scarcely able to follow along with the story with its confusing back-and-forth time jumps, and I felt like I was dumped into the middle of a situation without knowing what was going on or who everyone was and why they mattered. Going back to my opening paragraph, this story is a pretty good example of my issues with series companion short stories. This is definitely not one of my favorites either. But despite not being familiar with these characters, the author did a good job of really fleshing them out and I actually found myself curious to find out more about them beyond the events of this story.

We have a perspective character here who is a witch, which was a treat. I loved how this story had a bit of mystery and sleuthing by the characters, and a sweet romance that ends up blossoming between them. Which is a bit ironic, I know, given how this technically gave rise to the series of the same name. He reconnects with his estranged daughter in this heartwarming tale. Again, I barely remember Kara since she was such a minor character mentioned in Blood Bound, but never even appeared in any of the books but I do recall Asil.

But wow. I never imagined I would grow to love his character so much, and it was all thanks to this story. Patricia Briggs did a fantastic job making him sound like the cowboy that he is, and I can tell she probably had a lot of fun writing this. On the other, Adam and Mercy seem to trust him implicitly, and Ben has gone out of his way for both of them on more than one occasion. This story gives the reader a better sense of who he is, and how he got this way. Just a little. I could take it or leave it. I think it was the right call to leave it out. It endeared me to Adam, and my heart melts for his deep love for Mercy.

It might just be me, but this scene would have also made the ending to that book a lot less confusing. In fact, on the whole I think this book gave me a deeper understanding of the Mercy Thompson universe and made me appreciate it more. I highly recommended this for fans of the series, because if someone like me loved it, you probably will too The truth is , I don't care much for shorter-than-novel work. I reviewed here only new stories: Silver - 3. Frankly, I was dreading of reading this, because I -we- know it's a not a happy end story. You see, I grew so attached to Samuel reading firs The truth is , I don't care much for shorter-than-novel work.

You see, I grew so attached to Samuel reading first four books, not because I was favoring him in that love-triangle-that-never-was, but because Sam was so charming and nice and funny guy and I loved his relationship with Mercy and his wolf. That's why the events of Silver Born struck me speechless- they hinted that Sam is not quite alright, but I never really, truly believed it until he went all wolf in SB. It was the first time I realized that Samuel is actually so damn tormented and sad and it's the feeling that never really left me.

It's still the first thing I think of when Sam is mentioned. So, we know all about the forest lord who hated his daughter so much he set his hounds and wolves at her? Well, this story, Silver , has two villains. It's a story about Bran and Sam as much as it is about Sam and Ariana, because we go all the way back to the night when Sam and Bran were Changed. I don't want to spoil it much, but I know I will be rereading Cry Wolf with better understanding of what lies behind the reason for Bran's hatred toward witches.

As for Sam and Ariana, their romance story is as romance stories go. The reason I didn't give it higher rating is because Silver has that light fantasy feel; it's different style from Patty's uf stories and frankly, it reads like a fairy tale, like a myth you get to read in a illustration book. I assume this was deliberate and maybe it will appeal to others, but I'll go back here to the thing I first think of when Sam is mentioned- him being sad. The second thing then is a consequence of that- I want to see him happy. I want to believe that Ariana is what he needed in present time in Three Cities.

Fairy tales are wonderful and lovely, but well I guess I'll never be convinced Sam is ok again Unless he gets kid. It's a story about Kara, girl who was changed to werewolf when she was 10y old and who found her place in Marrok's pack. Ok, I'll be honest, this is officially Kara's story, but Asil steals the show. Story is told from Asil's pov and it deals with problems Kara as youngest turned werewolf ever known has.

She came to pack too late, so she has issues controlling her wolf and she is a kid. She started coming to Asil's greenhouse to hide and he takes her under her wing and tries to help her with control. They form an odd sort of friendship, so when other wolves try to use Kara for their own agenda, Moor takes offense. Asil is priceless and every conversation he and Bran have is amusing because they respect each other but also constantly trying to outwit one another.

This one was a winner. This was the main reason I bought this book. Ben is one of my favorite characters in series. This is not truly an origin story, or a story of what had happened to Ben- it's a snippet from his everyday life, but he has several memories that explain a lot, mostly his attitude toward women. I didn't give it highest rating because it was too short and I felt like a part is missing between two last scenes in the story. So, Ben is a DAB and he is a genius.

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In his own, twisted, skewed way he takes under protection a female coworker. I liked this story because the message is that Ben is still not out of dark, but he is getting there; he progressed. Also, Adam. I think this is great. Thank you, Patty, for hearing your fans and writing stories we wanted to read. View all 7 comments.

Apr 10, Carole Carole's Random Life in Books rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , paranormal , , series. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life. I love Patricia Briggs. So when I saw that this book was being released, it was an absolute given that I was going to read it. Most of the stories in this anthology were new to me but I had previously read several of them in other works. The stories that I had previously read were so good that I decided to read them again when I sat down with this book.

Overa This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life. Overall, I loved the book even though there were a few stories that I did not enjoy as well as most of the others. All of the stories in this book are set in the world of Mercy Thompson. I was a little disappointed that a couple of the stories did not feature any of the characters that I have grown to love over the years but the stories that did feature familiar characters more than made up for it. Silver - 4. This story is set very far in the past and I loved learning Bran and Samuel's background.

This story also shows how Samuel and Arianna first met. None of the characters in this story appear in any of the books set in Mercy's world which surprised me. I liked this story the least out of the anthology. Gray - 4 Stars This is another story that featured characters that I have not seen in any of the books set in Mercy's world but I loved it anyway. I actually have read this story before in another anthology. This story features a vampire named Elyna coming home to Chicago. Tom enlists Moira to help him rescue his brother.

It was wonderful to see how this pair meets and I loved everything about Moira. Alpha and Omega - 5 Stars This is my favorite Briggs story of all time. Anyone who wants to sample how good Patricia Briggs writing really is should read this novella length piece. I have actually read this story several times and I love it a little more each time. He gets a call from his daughter that he has not spoken with in many years. He agrees to help Stella with one a foster boy which leads to a lot of excitement.

This story had a little bit of everything and was a really nice read. Roses in Winter - 5 Stars This story was amazing. I loved this story that featured Asil and Kara but also included Bran and others that I know and love. Asil and Kara's relationship in this story was so nice to read about. Watching the troubled Asil help Kara through her troubles was wonderful. The story starts off strong when a zombie shows up at Kyle's office.

Warren works to solve the mystery behind the zombie. I thought this story was a lot of fun. Redemption - 3. This story was set at Ben's work and has quite a few funny moments as Ben gives up swearing. Ben works to protect a woman from his workplace that he is in danger. I loved seeing this side of Ben. Hollow - 4 Stars I was excited to read a new Mercy story. Mercy investigates a haunting for a woman who is in love.

I loved that Zach and Adam played parts in this enjoyable story. In all, I loved this book of stories.

Patricia Briggs – Required Reading

They are the keepers of our hope. They are better, we need them to be. They battle daily in the fight to find a cure for our loved ones. But is the dream of a cure . Death of a Cure, a novel by Steven H. Jackson, is first and foremost, very well written. The main characters, multi-talented, handsome, rich Thomas Briggs, and .

There were even a couple of outtakes at the end of the book that I found delightful. View all 5 comments. Oct 29, Maja The Nocturnal Library rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , just-another-book-crush , cover-lust , magic , favorites , werewhatevers , i-see-dead-people , multiple-povs , the-fae-are-so-scary , urban-fantasy. Shifting Shadows is a collection of short stories and novellas from the world of Mercy Thompson. But even without those four stories, owning all these stories about Mercy and her friends in one gorgeous hardcover edition is certainly worth i Shifting Shadows is a collection of short stories and novellas from the world of Mercy Thompson.

But even without those four stories, owning all these stories about Mercy and her friends in one gorgeous hardcover edition is certainly worth its price. Patty also shared her feelings about certain characters and situations, which was an added bonus. Some of my favorite characters from this world were finally given a chance to shine like the stars they are.

I was always fascinated by the Moor, and while I suspected that he might have a softer side, seeing it firsthand was practically priceless. View 1 comment. Aug 02, Heather C rated it it was amazing Shelves: cloud , historical , christmas , ebook , fantasy , fae , mystery , paranormal-romance , vampire , series. All the others were new to me and if I would have known that some of them already existed, I would have gotten to them sooner. One thing that also makes this collection so great is that the author has written and little introduction for each story giving a brief background or where the idea derived from.

Silver new - This tells the tale of Samuel and Ariana and is just as bittersweet and tragic as I expected; good thing there is a sweet scene of them in one of the outtakes at the end of the book. It brought back one major detail that I had originally forgotten: Bran and Samuel were changed at the same time…making Samuel nearly as old as Bran! Plus, there were no werewolves. For a sad story, this actually turned out to be very sweet.

The Star of David Previously published in the anthology Wolfsbane and Mistletoe - This one is set during Christmas time and is about the werewolf David from Moon Called and his relationship with his long-lost daughter. Oh, and there was a werewolf, a vampire…and a warlock!! Roses in Winter new - This was my favorite story!! I even cried!! Very heavy on the pack politics here, which one of the things I love about this world. In Red, with Pearls Previously published in the anthology Down These Strange Streets - I loved this story about Warren and Kyle and it is the second and only other story in this compilation that I had previously read.

I wish I could read more about these two. On a happy note, it was interesting to see the changes that Ben has made within himself that will directly affect his future place in the pack. Plus, there was a nice scene with Adam.