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Kit Harington on Jon Snow quitting the Night’s Watch
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He finally finds the Dark being and is astonished when he discovers it is young Egor. Anton spots them and talks with Maxim, explaining the Treaty between Light and Dark, but Maxim doesn't comply, pointing out that Egor will grow up to be a dark mage, and it's better to kill him now.

Dead Watch by John Sandford

Anton intervenes when Maxim tries to kill Egor, and they fight in the Twilight. Anton realizes that killing Maxim would mean that all witnesses proving his innocence would be dead, and is stabbed by Maxim. Gesar then comes over and suggests that Maxim should become a member of the Inquisition, and when Anton brags about how he outwitted Zabulon again, Gesar reveals that Zabulon has nothing to do with it and that all of this was planned by the Night Watch to raise Svetlana's magical level.

An old man arrives from Uzbekistan and is intercepted by a team of Dark Others led by Alisa, who attacks him thinking he possesses a coveted artifact. As they fight, his son slips away unnoticed with the artifact. All of the Night Watch operatives go to Tiger Cub's house to relax, but Anton doesn't manage to have fun, as he is concerned with Svetlana's growing powers influencing their relationship and the reason Gesar sent them off.

He finally leaves, and when he gets back to his apartment, he discovers Zabulon calmly reading a newspaper and waiting for him. Zabulon reveals that Alisher, the young man from Uzbekistan, brought with him an artifact, a piece of chalk. Anton's research suggests that it is the Chalk of Fate and that it could be used by the Light to rewrite destiny, allowing someone to change the world to establish a new world order. Discussions with Olga and later Gesar reveal that Svetlana in fact is to use the Chalk to rewrite a destiny.

Walking outside, Anton drains the Light power from all of the passers-by he sees, taking their joy away. Anton joins Gesar, Svetlana, Zabulon, Egor, and Maxim on a rooftop where Svetlana prepares to rewrite a destiny, while a storm is gathering around them. Svetlana then opens the book of destiny.

Gesar supposes Anton could use all the energy he has drained to stop the storm, but Anton uses it instead on himself via a simple remoralization spell. Astonished, Svetlana stops rewriting Egor's destiny and asks Anton for advice, but Anton says that she must decide what to write herself. The Book disappears, and Gesar notices she didn't write anything, she only erased things. Egor reverts from a potential Dark Other back to an unaffiliated state. Zabulon notices that their planned operation failed because of Svetlana's indecisiveness and, triumphant, leaves.

Anton then notices the Chalk Svetlana used is not whole.

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Gesar reveals that Svetlana rewriting Egor's destiny was just a distraction, and in the meantime, Olga rewrote the destiny of someone later revealed. Gesar reveals the true nature of this plan was to save his love of Olga. Without her full powers, their love was doomed. Within the Night Watch universe there are several different races with different characteristics and levels of power. Note: Bromfield's English translation translates the Russian word " sumrak " [2] as "twilight", although "sumrak" actually refers to a state of coming darkness in singular visible in one place, not the whole sky ; " sumerki ", which would usually be translated as "twilight", is its plural form.

Winter is Coming

Note that the Russian word sumrak does not have the negative emotional connotation of the English word gloom; sumrak has a lighter connotation, characterised by Nabokov as a "not infrequently pleasurable and poetical gloom. The Twilight, although a realm of existence beneath the human or ordinary world and therefore not sentient, indiscriminately absorbs energy from whomever enters it. An Other enters the Twilight by stepping into their own shadow, it then starts to drain their strength. The only way to survive in the Twilight is to slowly feed it energy.

The skill required to stay or even enter into the Twilight for an extended period of time is acquired through formal training. Others who lack this skill yet still manage to enter the Twilight are at an increased risk of being completely drained of their life and energy. The nature of Twilight is not fully elucidated in the first novel. It is composed of seven levels, each layer requires geometrically more power to enter and remain in.

Each layer is quite different from the layer above it. Most powerful Others can't make it past the 3rd layer, a higher magician can penetrate down to the 5th layer. A Magician beyond classification such as Gesar or Zabulon can get to the 6th layer. Only a zero point magician can get to the 7th. Zero point magicians have come into being only once every thousand years or so.

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There are stories of magicians who have been lost to the Twilight either because they exhausted their energy in battle within the Twilight , or because they were careless. Novices have also been lost to the Twilight because they have allowed it to take too much energy; they lack the skill to "feed" the Twilight. Some greatly powerful Others decide to fade into Twilight when they have grown tired of the world.

Unless enchanted, physical objects can only affect beings on the first level. A nuclear blast extends all the way down, through every level. This is why the Watches have done everything in their power to prevent nuclear wars. Others' auras have color in the Twilight as do their emotions and the magic that they manifest. The colors present in or around an Other in the Twilight can be read in order to gauge their feelings. The Twilight imbues the Others with most of their magical powers. It is also responsible for giving them their unnaturally in human terms long lives.

Due to the Twilight, Others can live to be hundreds, possibly even thousands, of years old.

Night Watch

This is because, unlike regular humans, they absorb rather than produce magic. The process of absorbing magic also extends their life. The more powerful the Other the less magic they produce, and the more they must absorb from regular humans. The Others have a twilight form that they can take on in or out of the Twilight. Most Dark Others take on the form of a demon like figure. Zabulon takes on the form of a red, rock-skinned demon with horns and a tail, also with slits for eyes and a forked tongue. Many Light Others take the form of white glowing Angels.

The Twilight itself is divided into several levels. Each level is harder to get to and accessible only to powerful Others; this is due in large part to the fact that the Twilight drains energy much more quickly and greedily in deeper levels.

All Night's Watch Deaths (Game of Thrones, The Night's Watch, Deaths)

In order to access the lower levels of the Twilight, an Other must step through their shadow at each successive level. At the first level the Twilight is a gray or sepia-toned version of the human world where time runs much more slowly than in the human world; this means that you can do more in the Twilight in less time than it would take in the human world. In this level remnants of the human world still exist and can be seen.

For instance, humans can be seen but they are sepia-toned and are moving at a much slower rate due to the time difference between the two realms. This level is inhabited by a parasite, a blue moss feeding on energy, which doesn't seem to do any harm to those who enter the Twilight, and is easy to eradicate. Contrary to what we see in the movie, there are no mosquitoes in this level of Gloom. The second level is even less like the human world—all human buildings and people disappear, but all magically built buildings change into a different version of itself.

It is described as being darker, and having a consistency that is comparable to clouds. There are also three moons. The Twilight is accessible only to Others both living and dead , particular magical objects, and certain animals. Others access the Twilight by raising their shadow, increasing its volume and density, then stepping through it.

Bestselling Series

There are too many theories about him that require him to be breathing. In the Battle of the Dawn, were the Others annihilated or merely pushed back? Cal Sweeney Season 1, Episode Season 5, Episode Dead Watch John Sandford. Crazy Credits.

As mentioned before, particular magical objects can enter the Twilight. However, it is not so much that they can enter the Twilight as that they exist on multiple levels of reality. For example, a copper amulet in the human world may be seen existing in the Twilight as a small ball of fire. Night Watch hinted that animals do not always follow the same rules as humans or Others when it comes to the Twilight. In the first book of Night Watch entitled Story One: Destiny , Anton explains that "For cats there is no [human] world or Twilight—they live in all the worlds at once.

There is only one natural inhabitant in the Twilight, a dark blue moss that grows along many surfaces of the sepia-toned human world in the first level of the Twilight. It feeds off of the emotional energy of Others who enter into the Twilight and of humans in the ordinary world. There is a theory mentioned in the books that states that large colonies of dark blue moss can unbalance the human psyche and cause psychosis but it has not been proven. Nonetheless, the protagonist of the Night Watch —Anton—occasionally feels compelled to utilize magic to burn off the blue moss at points in the story.

The Twilight is still largely an unknown.

Night's Watch

This may be because there are very few truly powerful magicians who can successfully navigate its levels. Night Watch mentions that the deepest levels have been navigated by Zabulon see character descriptions below but at the cost of great energy expenditure even to him. When an Other dies of natural causes, is killed, or dematerialised executed their "soul" or "essence" is passed into the Twilight where it remains for all eternity. Since Others are 'born' in the Twilight it would make sense for them to return there upon their death but the reason for this is never stated in Night Watch.

They become spectral-like figures, cloudy silhouettes of their former physical selves. It remains a mystery whether or not they retain any memory or feeling as they hardly communicate with living Others who enter the Twilight. In the second part of the Night Watch, what is assumed to be a dematerialised Other in the Twilight seemingly communicates with Anton as it points him towards the TV tower where the Day Watch has set up its field headquarters as it searches for Anton who is being framed for killing Dark Others.

Anton is unsure if it is a dematerialised Other, or if it is simply a part of a trap put into place by Zabulon. Two films based on the novel, 's Night Watch and the follow-up Day Watch , have been produced. The Day Watch film is based on the second and the third part of the novel, not the follow-up novel Day Watch. In , Nival Interactive released the video game Night Watch , based on both the novel and film adaptation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Night Watch disambiguation and Nochnoy Dozor disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Nothing is really answered in Night anyhow. Watch it for fun. But it's not like you'll miss anything besides the dead rising. Find More Posts by Jackskeleton. I'd prefer watching them in order. Find More Posts by gutwrencher. Static Cling. This is a question about movies, not anything specific to the DVDs. Moving to Movie Talk. Find More Posts by Static Cling.

Matthew Chmiel. Each film stands on it's own as mentioned before. Each film has different characters and different situations other than zombies running amok occuring. If you do want a sense of idea on how the whole zombies running around started, then you should watch Night of the Living Dead before you watch Dawn or Day. Night starts off right when the zombies start appearing everywhere, Dawn takes place when zombies are starting to overthrow humans, and Day takes place where only a handful of humans still exist.

Find More Posts by Matthew Chmiel. All the charactors are different and there is no direct relation between the films. The stories are all independant, they just take place in the same universe. Last edited by cactusoly; at PM. Visit cactusoly's homepage! Find More Posts by cactusoly. You can watch them in any order really. But to get the best effect, watch Night first. While the stories don't really share any characters or plot devices, there is a definite progression in the overarching story of zombies taking over earth as was said before.

But really Find More Posts by jaeufraser. Short answer, no. They don't really add anything to one anothey, they just basically explain why the world is in the shape it's in in the next movie. But for most people, it's too little, too late. If I were you I'd watch "Night", a true classic of the genre, then watch it again, and skip this lame remake.

Find More Posts by Rivero. I actually have Day of the dead and plan on getting dawn of the dead. Last night i started watching Day.

About 20 minutes in so far and its really shitty. HOpe it gets better. The characters and music in this are just so freakin bad Find More Posts by whynotsmile. While I wouldn't call Day shitty. I do thinks its easily the weakest of the trilogy. Dawn is the best IMO. Find More Posts by Thrush. Originally posted by Jackskeleton Unless you can't graps the concept that the dead are walking the eart and eating humans, then you might have to go back to the beginning. Find More Posts by ckolchak. Not to mention the social commentary that DAWN privides pointed at the average shopping consumer whore.

Originally posted by Rivero If I were you I'd watch "Night", a true classic of the genre, then watch it again, and skip this lame remake. Find More Posts by Giantrobo.

About Day of the Dead, as the years hell months even go by my enjoyment of that film rises. It's already passed Night for me and if it keeps going at this rate, I'll probably like just as much as Dawn.

The Night Watch

I don't think it will ever pass Dawn though. I've easily seen Dawn well over a hundred maybe times, and I only discovered it 6 years ago. I'd go with watching them in order. You have them all, might as well do that. That being said, each film pretty much stands on their own, so you can watch them any way that strikes your fancy.