The atlas of economic complexity : mapping paths to prosperity

Economic Complexity, Human Capital and Income Inequality: A Cross-Country Analysis
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On Economic Complexity and the Fitness of Nations Using innovative visualizations, the book locates each country in the product space, provides complexity and growth potential rankings for countries, and offers individual country pages with detailed information about a country's current capabilities and its diversification options. The maps and visualizations included in the Atlas can be used to find more viable paths to greater productive knowledge and prosperity.

Maps capture data expressing the economic complexity of countries from Albania to Zimbabwe, offering current economic measures and as well as a guide to achieving prosperity Why do some countries grow and others do not? Part 3 Country Pages. Cameron, A.

The Atlas of Economic Complexity

Chenery, H. Constantine, C.

The Atlas of Economic Complexity

Hausmann, S. We have discussed the fundamental issues with this assumption in an economic framework, and even though network measures are useful, they cannot be treated as direct causal determinants of economic outcomes. Hidalgo, C. As a consequence, refs 15 , 16 show that the sophistication of production should be used as an additional tool for catching the quality of idiosyncratic and tacit knowledge that is actually used in production and possibly shared within and across national borders. This approach avoids double-counting that is common in the patent literature patent renewals or multiple related filings in different patent offices.

Costanza, R. Dahlberg, S.

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The Atlas of Economic Complexity – Mapping Paths to Prosperity by Ricardo Hausmann

Hodgson, G. Kaldor, N.

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THE ATLAS OF ECONOMIC COMPLEXITY. MAPPING PATHS TO PROSPERITY. AUTHORS: Ricardo Hausmann | César A. Hidalgo | Sebastián Bustos. Explore the theoretical and applied research on economic complexity that Click on the highlighted countries on the map to learn more about these projects.

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