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Stockbrokers are going extinct. Wall Street hasn't trained a real stockbroker in nearly twenty years. Today, stockbrokers have been replaced with "financial consultants" or whatever they choose to call themselves who do nothing more than gather clients' assets, outsource the actual investment management to third parties, and collect fees. Is the demise of the stockbroker a good thing for investors?

We say no, it's very bad. Roll the clock back to the mid s, a time when retail commissions were spiraling downward. For firms like Merrill Lynch , it was a serious situation as their brokerage units were highly dependent on commission revenues. Additionally, their sales forces were growing to the point that it was getting increasingly difficult to supervise them. Who did Merrill turn to?

With the help of McKinsey, Merrill set out to persuade regulators to allow brokerage firms to offer asset-based fee accounts in lieu of commissions , something that brokerage firm weren't allowed to do at that point. After some slick regulatory footwork, in the SEC adopted a de facto rule allowing these new fee-based brokerage accounts, and not surprisingly that rule became known as the Merrill Lynch Rule. In , Merrill hired Mr.

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Gorman to run its marketing department and to oversee the new fee-based strategy. Gorman eventually went on to run Merrill's sales force, successfully converting Merrill's stockbrokers into this new breed of asset gatherers. In many respects, fee-based brokerage accounts are the brainchild of James Gorman.

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One of the great attractions for many that become stockbrokers – also known as investment advisors – is that there is no such thing as a typical. How Discount Brokers are Disrupting the Stockbroking Industry Today, trading or investing has moved onto investors' palms. That is where.

Gorman's solution for Merrill Lynch was brilliant. Under this new model, Merrill's brokerage unit would have predictable and stable revenues.

How Discount Brokers are Disrupting the Stockbroking Industry

A summer internship is a good place to try and get a foot in the door - eventually you will need to get hired by a brokerage or other firm registered with FINRA Financial Industry Regulator Authority which, in turn, will agree to sponsor you for the state licensing exams you'll need to pass to become a broker. You'll need to at least get your Series 63 license, which deals with basic ethics and related issues, as well as your Series 7, which allows you to sell stocks and other securities except for futures and commodities.

Not everybody is cut out to be a stockbroker.

Tomilson Hill. But you do have to have a gift for gab, a knack for sales and relentless determination to court and recruit customers and build a book of business.

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That can mean lots of work in the evenings and on the weekends, either meeting with clients or cold calling and organizing events to recruit new ones. One in three people in commodities, securities and financial services sales work more than 40 hours a week, according to the U.

The first five or ten years can be the toughest for new stockbrokers as they build up a portfolio of customers with assets to invest.

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That can mean coming to the office hours before the market opens and staying three to four hours each night cold calling prospective customers or putting on seminars and other marketing events. Summing up, the life of a stockbroker is far from a gig where you take home the same paycheck, week after week, with the occasional raise. How much you make hinges on your hustle and the commissions you generate. New York, and specifically Wall Street, is the best major metro market for stockbrokers looking to make the most money possible.

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The New York metro market, which includes chunks of Connecticut and New Jersey, also has the highest concentration of brokers and other financial services sales agents, at 59,, or 8. You'd never guess whose No. The wealthy New York suburbs around Stamford, Conn. Vanita D'souza.

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