Pony Girl Champion [The Maddy Saga #3]

Madison graduates 125 Friday with Pomp and Circumstance
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For some of the students at Benton Bluff Junior High, that place is room , the band room. From crescendos to crushes, from scales to schoolwork, each book follows one or two band geeks as they find harmony and belonging in exactly the right place. If you follow the rules, we know your time at Rotten School will be happy. Bernie is trouble! That is my important message. Enjoy your stay. I know that after a short while, you will all truly deserve the name Rotten Students.

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When a traveling minstrel foretells that he is to become a hero, Wiglaf sets out to fulfill his destiny.

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Pony Girl THE GAME

Be prepared for a frightening thrill ride with every turn of the page. A great deal of thought went into what text to include to develop the main plot points. Best for middle grades, but high school students who are fans of graphic versions or struggling with the story will find these options appealing Teachers looking to introduce these stories or reinforce the plot points in each will welcome these titles.

DEWEY: That is, if he can survive the sinister haunts lurking in the shadows. Dive into a steampunk fantasy story exploring the never-beforerevealed origin of the inventor known as Dreamfinder, and how one little spark of inspiration created a dragon called Figment. The most powerful destructive baddies are up to their usual tricks. He snags the best heroes around and leads the Super Hero Squad to victory!

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How will Steve Rogers adapt to the world of the 21st century? They fought on the decking of the Anna Grace — the widow, she was lost; the widow, she was lost. The boat moored up off the shore of this romantic beachside bar, where Hemingway , known as Papa too, would drink away all his woes. The lover, drunk, confessed his crime to Sheriff Mars , here near Hemingway's bar. So this is the tale of the Anna Grace , the lovers now has-beens. They couldn't make the best of things in 3.

Anon seems to get around a lot — authors a number of famous poems, controversial letters in the newspaper and thousands of Valentine's Day cards each year. Perhaps Lucky was trying to be original here, but I think it fell flat in 2. Anonymous Person. Or is he? He responds to Veronica's ad in the Neptune Navigator about a green Barracuda, and all he seems to care about is getting the reward money deposited into his PayPal account. Turns out Mr. Anon might not be a random alcoholic or a compulsive gambler after all, but he could be Billy Greene, a PCH-er and brother of the grieving dog owner.

Anon tries to a pull a fast one on Veronica in 2. Much-loved dog of Harry Greene. He met an unfortunate end when he was run over by Liam Fitzpatrick. He's no Lassie yet, but that is quite a claim to fame. Perhaps it's a lucky escape from being mistakenly skewered by his archery-enthusiast owner in 2. Ska band! They purport to be superheroes from the island Aquabania! All of their album and song titles end in exclamation points! They're still popular after more than a decade! That is why you can see their poster on the KRFF wall in 3. The centaur bowman that decorates the back of a dorm room door.

It's no coincidence that the resident of that dorm looks like a throwback to the days of New Kids on the Block. And if this is the way it's gotta be, boy, then check me out I wanna be used by you, Mercer The significance is revealed in 3. Neptune High student and animal rights activist. Supercilious, condescending and closed-minded, she leads the Students Against Animal Cruelty. Are her espoused principles genuinely felt or is she simply trying to ensure she has the monopoly on cow hide?

From her dominatrix ways, we reckon there's leather next to that skin, waiting to be revealed in 1. He may have been able to pull a few facts out of his cargo shorts, and we're sure his KRFF T-shirt nabbed a few brownie points, but Arnold never stood a chance against our favorite audiophile, Piz. Arnold talks to the hand, and we resist shouting "Move it, football head! A name on Parker's whiteboard. Is she Ashley Banks? Ashley Wilkes?

Ashley Simpson? Ash from Evil Dead? Well, probably not that last one, though it would be cool. Veronica's definitely got that "good, bad, I'm the girl with the gun" vibe in 3. Hearst student. She's probably working in one of those labs without monkeys, and she needs Wallace to change her media.

Wallace, my lad, don't forget to add the glutamine in 3. Working for the Vice-Principal. Her important contribution to this particular story is telling Clemmons that there is a husky-voiced impostor assistant district supervisor on the phone, but this she accomplishes with fervor in 1. The assistant to Clarence Wiedman, Jr. Does this make her an assistant to an assassin? Anyway, Veronica plays a prank on her by telling her that her car is being towed.

She's a poor nameless assistant in 2. Secretary to Bill Lee.

Flash (comics)

San Diego's leading ensemble theatre, Lamb's hee Players Theatre, provides the actress who gets to tell Woody's lawyer that Woody's daughter "Gia" wants him to call her on her cell, whereby Keith used that call to track the suspected pedophile. Jennifer, who no doubt got the gig due to a last name that stands proud in the minds of the makers of VM , makes what she can of a three-second appearance in 2.

Cartoon member of the Formicidae family. With the catchphrase "up and at 'em, Atom Ant," this superhero would use his fabulous strength and flying skills whilst his Saturday morning co-star, Secret Squirrel, would dig out truths with his pre-Inspector Gadget gadgets and snooping nature.

Keith must see a little of the former in his skills-of- the-latter-blessed daughter. Why else would he so instruct her to rise and conquer in 1. She'll stay the summer through, but she's telling you that she must be Aubrey certainly seems to be advertising to that effect in 1. The average man. Everyman moniker for the man in the street who is smarter than Casablancas REIT investors, as is proved in 2. A plastic baby. It cries and mewls like a real baby, though. It's probably a robot baby. Sex with robots is more common than you think.

Hauser wants the students to know the consequences before jumping in the sack with a robot in 2. Band from the days when Keith Mars was cool. While listening to Deputy Sacks , Ex-Deputy Leo and talking to desk clerk Inga Olofson hardly puts Keith in bad company, his reading material of choice might be an entirely different matter in 2. Band that Sully likes. Either they espouse a life of immorality, Bad Live rs, or they drink a lot, Bad Livers.

Which I guess some people might say is the same thing. Either way, their poster is up in Sully's room in 3. Okay, not really, but I have to spice this bio up somehow. Maybe he's related somehow to Super Huge Deputy? Well, he certaily bears no resemblance to Richard Moll in 2. Maybe Wallace thinks it's the early '90s, when William Baldwin was still a hot commodity, Stephen Baldwin had yet to find Jesus, and Alec Baldwin was years away from a headline-making custody battle. Well, there was never anything nice to say about Daniel.

At any rate, Veronica doesn't want to engage in a rap session about any of the Baldwin gang in 3. Veronica warns her that Chip might rape her, but she doesn't look that concerned in 3. Internet handle for an escort from premiereescorts. Man, if there's two things that shouldn't be combined, it's cute animated deer and sex. Although, using Bambi as a handle could just be code for something Did you guys know that Bambi the cartoon, despite the feminine appearance, is actually a boy deer?

Neptune High Student. He's decked out in school colors while watching Wallace's flagpole humiliation and volunteers that "the bikers did it. This Pirate gazes in fear in 1. Assistant to Roger Hearst. She's attentive, hardworking, and probably one more unreturned phone call to Evan away from going postal on her unappreciative boss. Sadly, we don't get to see that in 3. A doll. There are academic works about Barbie's effects on American suburban culture. It's a doll! The name is also synonymous with blonde bimbo airheads whose bosoms far exceed gravity's ability to keep them upright — which is fine because they are more accustomed to the prone position anyway.

Mac explains her name was a toss up between this and Cindy in 1. NHS jock and asswipe. He had a friend who died on the bus, he's got a weak curve ball, even if it doesn't stop him hitting the target and dunking Jackie Cook in the water at Winter Carnival, and he's mean to gay guys Dick in 2. One of Leo's jam session buddies. The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. Na na na na na na na na, Batman! English rock band.

First in gothic rock and in Max's heart. The story of Beauty and the Beast is really great, see, because there's this scary, horrific beast who is but a soft, loving prince inside, and then there's this total hunk, right, who is sooo hot OMG and yet in his heart is an utter brute! It's, like, totally profound and stuff. But here on Veronica Mars , everyone is always exactly what they appear to be outside, so let's just look at this pretty picture of the dignified and classy Principal Moorehead for the rest of this entry.

It's super tough to find a beauty and a beast hobnobbing in 2. In the words of a myopic judge, a "popular beat combo" of the sixties. Or, you know, the biggest and some, like Keith Mars , say greatest band of all time. Two members are dead now, but we hate Madison , so we're not going to quibble over the soundness of Veronica's conclusion that if Madison's parents really loved her, they would have gotten the real Beatles to play "Birthday" for her in 1.

Nice to look at. Trina tells Veronica that the NHS drama department is lacking in pretty girls; one can't help but wonder how that dearth impacted upon the school production of Beauty and the Beast. The truth is ugly in 2. According to the radio pirates, this boy is so hideous and stupid, he has to force himself on his dates to get some. Maybe he should ask Dick Casablancas for tips on how to resolve this problem. Becker gets a bad rep in 2. Zeta Theta Beta sister. Her father is a dermatologist, which means she's got the cortisone hook-up for all the other sisters.

Diane Ruggiero could have used Becky's dad's assistance at Rob Thomas's wedding, but, sadly, Becky and her dad are both fictional characters in 3. Hearst student who resides in Benes Hall. He comes running when he hears Parker Lee yelling "rape," asks some Excellent Questions of Mercer Hayes , and yet lets Mercer walk away. Hello, Beefy Resident? When someone has a a bleeding leg wound and scratches on his face and has just been accused of rape, don't let him walk away, mm-kay?

Beefy Resident is all talk and no action in 3. Corrupt ATF agent. Doesn't the ATF have a height requirement? He's on the wrong track, but failure is not an option, so he doesn't let that put a dent in his arrest record. Yucky guy. Now if they had managed to get Johnny Depp or Denzel Washington, one might have been slightly more sympathetic when Logan started pummelling his face. But a Home Improvement survivor? We cheered in 1. Hearst College student. He lives off-campus with Wang Yi , the alleged rapist who turns out to be Claire's boyfriend.

Ben inspires Veronica's classic WTF face in 3. Unsubtle reporter. Bernie's mission: to acquire personalized information about the bus crash from Wallace Fennel. He tries to be as cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University, but he only manages to lose his notepad's top page to Wallace in 2.

A PCHer. Possibly infamous for tripping breakers, or so says Weevil. Though if he was the only person besides Weevil when the 09ers attacked, we're thinking they said to him, "Have a nice trip, see you next fall! A cow. I'm sure she wasn't as sexy as Kendall , just as I'm sure Kendall doesn't have six nipples, but Logan compares the two anyway in 2. Teenaged-looking newspaper reporter. Unfortunately for her, she hits Terrence Cook's Porsche in the process and becomes a target of Wallace's detective skills.

He shows that Veronica has taught him well in 2. Servant of the Dashwood family in Austen's Sense and Sensibility , a filmed version of which plays in the background of Neptune's modern take on 'Tis a Pity She's a Whore. Whilst the increasingly impoverished Dashwoods must scale down their living standards, they could never part with Betsy or Thomas. Betsy carries the key to the silver cabinet, and her sterling qualities are implied by the choice to retain her in 3. She's blonde and curly and oh-so-peppy.

What in the world is wrong with the 09ers?! Off-the-cuff adoption of this name was inspired by meeting Archie lookalike Richie in 1. Secretary of Woody Goodman. Rolling her eyes at her boss, snarking at Logan Echolls , smiling at Keith Mars , and surviving the episode make this model's government worker's guest spot a tad more successful than those of rental car desk clerk Stacy and journalism teacher Leslie Dumass. No wonder Beverly's a winner in 2. One of Veronica's imaginary friends. When Meg and Duncan sit down with her, Veronica bids Biff move his butt in 1.

Victim of the Neptune High School bus tragedy? At the one temporary memorial of most interest to the Hawaiian-shirted man is the message, "Goodbye Big Al. Dumass wasn't big, Cervando doesn't contract easily into Al, and Meg isn't gone. Who the hell is Big Al? Is the death of another biker noted in 2. Pi Sigma-ite. His name is written large in a Comic Sans-eque print, yet his score is but a mediocre I could make all sorts of joke about size and overcompensation, but the fact that he is involved in a contest where he gets numerical scores for the girls naive or drunk enough to sleep with him sort of makes all my jokes for me.

Big Boy is a sad example of humanity in 2. He's watching you. Right now, really. While you're doing that math problem. Can you puzzle that one out? It's 5, dude. Believe it, man. Big Brother said so. Logan has always been at war with Veronica in 3.

See a Problem?

We really don't want to think about where John got his nickname and why he has so many Loveladies, so instead we'll make fun of his poster on the wall of a Hearst hallway. It looks to be made using Crayola markers. This is college, guys! Can't you just make fliers, like the one next to your poster that "seek[s] a bassist"? Hey, that's not you guys, is it? Are you bassless? Perhaps my accusations are baseless in 3. Pi Sigma Sigmoron. Not one to be bound by petty things like "convention" or "punctuation," Big!

Dave takes exclamation points to a whole new level. Veronica would probably want to know, though: sure, it's Big!

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Judging by B! D's paltry score of , it's a safe bet that this hog is no match for the greats. Size matters in 2. Legendary ape-like beast. Reports of Bigfoot sightings are often dubious and sometimes accompanied by conveniently blurry or indistinct photos, so we seriously doubt that there is actually a—holy crap, look over there! It's Bigf—oh, too late. You missed him. Lamb thinks we can safely cross Bigfoot off the list of rape suspects in 3. Chief of the Neptune Fire Department. Veronica's jailbait in more than one sense when she persuades him to commit a little petty larceny and tamper with evidence in 1.

Pan High School mascot. You'll never guess what Billy is. Go on. Give it a go. An eiderdown duck? No, that's not it. A lemur? Come on! You're not even trying. An antelope? Closer, but no cigar. Billy is a Cool, huh? Billy Goat Gruff has it a bit rough in 1. Perhaps he is a kid or a goat or perhaps he is just the assistant of a schoolteacher-turned-president who stupidly tragically met his death. Or maybe not. One can never tell in 3. An educator in the birds and the bees, and the snakes and the ladders of life. Yes, it's Buddy's buddy, the teacher who thinks feeding live rats to pythons is suitable entertainment at Neptune High.

He has to find something to do to distinguish himself as his roll call is a little on the dry side, and not in a Rowan Atkinson way , in 2. Fraternity nickname of Andrew "Drew" Barndale. It figures that someone with life ambitions seemingly underscoring even Dick's would want to name himself after an animal whose greatest achievements are panting and retrieving dead fowl. Drew sucks at puns in 2. One of several of Desmond Fellows' nicknames for Piz. Bizen is a city in Japan famous for pottery. Piz is a college DJ in California known for talking too much. Yeah, we see the connection.

Desmond keeps us guessing with the geographically referential nicknames in 3. Not a much-abused vegetable, but a hip-hop group that was the first to ask, "Where is the love? They don't lie when they pump it and say, "Hey mama, shut up. An indie rock back from San Diego. Piz has a poster of them in his room. They have a unique sound for an indie band, with electric keyboards, samplers, and even a saw. Unfortunately, the only procession of black hearts is Mercer and Moe fleeing the scene in 3. Piz's band. He claims to that he doesn't want a radio DJ gig just to get exposure for his band.

With a name like Black Licorice — which he describes as being "dark and moody, but at the same time, it's candy" — they're going to need all the help they can get in 3. Screen name for a groupie. As a fan of My Pretty Pony , this chatstress took Desmond's suggestion to "surprise [him]" while he was in town literally, awaiting him in his hotel room clad only in leopard-print lingerie after climbing down from the balcony above on a sheet. Unfortunately, this vixen was not the vixen Desmond was looking for, as she was actually of age. Her real-life alter-ego is a boring assistant professor of Chinese, but Blackcat70 still knows how to walk on the wild side in 3.

My Pretty Pony fan and Desmond Fellows groupie. One can see how Desmond got confused, what with the similarity in names between this nubile young thing and BlackCat Desmond is disappointed not to be surprised by BlackCat80 in 3. A rather ditzy lady who thinks Keith may have taken a shine to her. Oh, hon, you're no Alicia. Or Rebecca , for that matter. You seem sweet enough, but it's entirely possible that the desperate vibe you're sending out could be why the dating service "It's Just Coffee" didn't work for you.

Blind Date doesn't get lucky with Keith in 2. A blind date of Keith's. She apparently enjoys indulging in extensive criticism, talking about her ex-husband, and making really off-base comparisons soon after meeting her dates. One cannot imagine why she, of all people, needs a dating service! She suggests a bit of change for Keith in 2. Office manager for a local doctor. Keith finally stumbles upon the Ms. Right outs the Good Doctor 2. A name Veronica calls Thumper. What's in a name? Blinky is the name of the main character in a magazine serial by Gene Markey, yes. But neither of these can really explain why Veronica thought this was Thumper's name in 2.

Fan of Desmond Fellows'. From mere feet away in the caf, this former My Pretty Pony follower calls Piz's radio show for a chance to chat with her idol.

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Perhaps she's a super-recent henna convert, because while clearly a redhead and referenced as such , the credits bill her as "blonde female caller. For Keith, this is proffered as proof that he was cool. For the rest of us, this is incontrovertible proof that he is in the grips of a fever and the only prescription is Will Ferrell's Gene Frenkle's legacy lives on in 1. Stripper who Or maybe her name is actually Blue. Or both. Either way, she was quite offended when Tim suggested that she and her friend might have bummed a cigarette from a stranger. I mean, come on: taking your clothes off and dancing around a pole while men shove singles in your G-string is one thing, but smoking?

A girl's got to have some standards and self-respect in 3. Nursery rhyme character or Lamb's favored casual wear. Come on, Lambie. We'll come peeking in your windows to see you play with your crook anytime, even though you were a little busy in 1. Imaginary house vendor. Oh, how we wish that Francis's agent was as diligent in maximizing his client's screen time as Weevil is in maximizing his profit margin in 1. Student at Neptune High and Jane Kuhne's chauffeur friend.

Bob is at the loser's end of the who-wants-to-get-into-whose-pants dance that is high school. Carrying Jane's books and driving her around is no substitute for the allure of basketball star Wallace Fennel in 2. Frisbee-playing Hearst College student. How pleasant, bobbing along, bobbing along with a Frisbee on the beautiful college green. What a chance to get a better peep at the near-nude creature in his sleep. Bob glides, tripping o'er the Pi Sigs' pride, obscene though the knickers make the scene Lucky for Chip, it wasn't a bedknob or a broomstick up his ass in 3.

Name Logan is not allowed to call Veronica when her Dad is around. We really wonder why Logan shouldn't use this charming nickname, because after all, how could a reference to a feral feline be construed to mean something not entirely innocent? Young Mr. Echolls gives us more insight into this steamy relationship than anyone could ever wish for in 3. How cute is that? He made the O like a bomb. Colored it in and everything. What a great guy!

And how tacky in a town that lost eight of its citizens to one. Check out his claimed chick score in 2. Did this wannabe Don Juan also wannabe a throwback to the '90s like his fratmate The Bomb or did he just want to be called "fireman" only with more Latin flavor? Of course, judging by his rather sad score of 50, perhaps other people started calling him that because of his ability to single-handedly put out the fires of, er, passion?

The origin of this jerk's nickname is a mystery in 2. A fratboy on the Pi Sigma scoreboard. His head is made of bones—gosh, these frat boys are smart. Or maybe Bone Head is not so smart. Or maybe he's a paleontology major. Or maybe he's just really horny. Anyone's guess is as good as ours in 2.

Cute, giggly teaching assistant at Hearst who seems to think fixing a thermostat is worthy of undying adoration. It's hard to blame a nerdy lit student, though, for falling under Weevil's gruff, manly, wrong-side-of-the-tracks, former-gang-leader spell in 3. PCH biker. Much like the Sith, the PCH bikers seem to thrive on giving their members silly nicknames: after a bug and a Bambi character, we now get a footwear fetishist.

Despite his remarkable moniker, Bootsy is rather anonymous, given that he wears the trademark badass biker helmet. Bootsy is seen, not heard, in 2. One of the many valiant officers responsible for patrolling our borders against illegal aliens Unfortunately, this agent who must be pulling double time, 'cause it looks like he's a customs agent too is foiled by his evil archnemesis: traffic. This agent looks nothing like Hugo Weaving in 2. A love interest? Lianne's final guess as to the identity of her daughter's mysterious boyfriend, the selection of which finally forces Veronica to 'fess up in 1.

Jackie Cook's two-year-old son. Kid's screwed, of course, not knowing his mother from his grandmother. Or not. It's a little hard to tell based on events in 2. Neptune High student. The Silent Bob to the chattier Favorite Band Sucks T-Shirt , our boy doesn't do much besides sitting and staring at a video featuring the dead but still fabulous Lilly Kane in 1. Singer, songwriter, and flamboyantly gay leader of the eighties band Culture Club.

Tad thinks he is insulting Seth by calling him Boy George. Besides, you can bet your bottom dollar that George doesn't have Seth's name tattooed on his back like Tad in 1. Rap group that was most famous in the '90s. Assistant to Budd Rose. He's pushy, rude, snotty, and a snappy dresser: what more could a guy ask for in an assistant? Well, stroking your hair while you're sleeping and throwing a jealous fit because you're still married to your wife might be a little over the top. Not that there's anything wrong with that Daddy's little devil.

She leaves purple gum on seats, snarks on Veronica , and wears Lilly's necklace. Can someone get this kid in the next Problem Child sequel? At least then we won't see her in any episode besides 3. The invisible man, apparently, or at least a Milford graduate. A Dandy Warhol and probably a close relative of Sue Storm, Brent has taken it upon himself to hide among the other minor speaking roles, but still appears in the credits just to spite us.

Oh, Brent, you rascal! We used to be friends! Brent is neither seen nor heard in 2. Brer Rabbit is the amiable trickster who, when trapped by Brer Fox, begs not to be thrown into the briar patch. This is exactly what the silly fox does, enabling Brer Rabbit to escape. Lamb has read the story and delights in avoiding Veronica's trap of telling him that Duncan's not in Mexico. But Veronica is a really tricky trickster and counts on him avoiding her trap, thus entrapping him more in 2.

Leader of the paintballers. Though Brett is not his real name, that's the moniker Veronica saddles him with when she accuses him of vandalizing Babylon Gardens. Consider yourself lucky you aren't Towelie , Brett. Brett's mischief making and random paintball shootings is brought to an end by Veronica in 3. Aaron's tennis coach. A cool dude that Aaron will discuss anything in front of, so long as it's not adultery. Aaron and Brian practice in 1. Brother of an indiscreet hospital worker. This is how gossip works. Brian's brother tells Brian.

Brian tells Ashley. Ashley tell Carrie. Carrie tells Susan. Veronica eavesdrops to discover that Duncan is loony-tunes bonkers. All good fun in 1. Best roommate a guy could have — or something. Something had to be done to remedy the situation, so they sent Chelsea his way — and then got pissed off when they learned what really happened that magical night at Comic-Con — in 3.

Friend of Caitlin Ford. Poor girl. Dog owner. Veronica comes to the rescue by upping the reward and Wallace gets to return Louie to a grateful Bridget. As he hoped, she is hot, grateful and single Wallace needs a girlfriend, so it's a shame this May-December romance never gets off the ground in 1. Karaoke singer who bears an uncanny resemblance to the lead singer of Spoon.

After Veronica pours Britt a cup of coffee, he serenades her with his rendition of "Veronica. Unfortunately for Lars , his fickle gal also becomes smitten by Britt's sweetness and total bed-head hair in 2. He may have a large comic book collection and go on to host the Tonight Show or possibly become the sheriff of a beachside town terrified by a shark. But here's the question: is a stinkpalm worse than a trip to the dentist? We'll never know, since Brodie's only mentioned in 3.

Namesake of the diner where Jackie and her mom work. Hmm, I wonder where this diner could be possibly located? This not-so-subtle diner name is just another in a long line of anvilicious writing in 2. Michael Jackson's former chimpanzee. No, seriously, that's not a euphemism. Poor Bubbles. Veronica implies her father is her "monkey with connections" by calling him this in 3.

Catholic School Girl complains bitterly that her seniority gives her first refusal in song choices and that Tory can't claim the band wrote one specially for her. Now this, of course, all depends on whether Tory is an alias for Buck Cherry, the notorious Hollywood transvestite who used to bum cigarettes from that band and from whom they took their name. Somebody, possibly masquerading as John Enbom , knew their rock history in 3. One of the missing pedigrees, he is enjoying the hospitality of Balboa Animal Control.

He is rescued in 1. One of Inga's pets It is hard to be sure, as Lamb interrupts her gossiping with Keith , much to her displeasure, in 1. Snake not on a plane. In fact, this snake is positively grounded, stuck in a high school biology class. He lives on a steady diet of rats because whole-animal cuisine is where it's at. An attempt to feed him processed rat meat shaved into thin, sprinkle-ready portions would be met with "I've had it with these flakes!

The name Fern Delgado uses when " Veronica " is too hard to remember. It's a mistake, for that name has a particular resonance with our chosen one. Veronica isn't just going through the motions, for she has a theory when she finds the bunnies that left Chip a Keister egg. If they're together, the Lilith House girls are the mustard under the spell of revenge, even if they'll never tell.

Male rape isn't a parking ticket, but Veronica may let this one rest in peace as deserved punishment — a dawn's lament for Patrice Pitrelli. No matter what you feel about it, Veronica may well be standing up for rough justice, if not wholesale faked rapes, for she's walked through the fire and knows that humiliation isn't something to sing about.

Question is, where does she go from here after 3. Cartoon wabbit. The bunny's wacky exploits are brought to mind as Veronica visits the Shark Field stadium site and checks out what's up One of the twin daughters of President George W. As a brunette, Gia might align herself more closely with Barbara than with blonde Jenna, but as both have a flair for the public drunkenness, sluttiness, and minor scandals that Gia is heir to now that Daddy is Neptune's commander-in-chief , hair color is probably the least of her concerns.

Gia looks to emulate one or the other of them in 2. Corruptible German Shepherd. He will roll over for a pretty girl. This may be the reason why the sheriff's department has left him in the kennels since 1. Probably the most affectionate nickname Desmond could have chosen, as a buzz is most notably the beginning stages of blissful intoxication — the state in which Desmond seems most content. Desmond teases Piz because he cares in 3. Alternative country band from Tucson.

Or indie rock band from Tucson. Anyone else wish that music genre-deciders would make up their bloody minds? Or better yet, that music genres would just dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? Anyway, Max's "friend" Fred may not have a lot going for him, but he is wholly redeemed in this writer's view by having a Calexico poster on the wall in his dorm room, because Calexico are fab.

Seriously fab. This is from someone who doesn't like country music as a rule. Roman emperor of questionable morals. Depraved and cruel, he was deposed after only four years, making way for his stuttering old uncle Claudius. Man, that Caligula.

Veronica's quick thinking results in the one character in history whom Keith might actually think is a worse person to come home and find his daughter with than Eli "Weevil" Navarro in 2. Trash-talking radio alter-ego of Marcos Oliveres. Mild-mannered and kinda gay by day, Marcos cut the edge and pushed the envelope by night in discussing such vital topics as "Who's Our Hottest Prostitute?

The late great pirate is sorely missed, sort of, in 2. Member of the jury. With that name, he sounds like a superhero. Well, okay, a corporate superhero. But the way he acts, he seems more like a supervillain. Or maybe a regular villain. Anyway, first he wants to make Veronica forewoman, but then he's all "You can't convict these two rich 09ers! The Captain needs to shut it in 2. Nickname for Logan. Jeff Ratner attempts to insult Logan by calling him Captain Moneybags, but Logan promptly promotes himself to Admiral.

Logan's wealth isn't a secret in 3. The owner of Jumbo's Clown Wash. We don't know if his name is Jumbo or if he is just using bad punctuation to say that there is a Jumbo Clown washing cars. Although why you would want a Jumbo Clown washing cars is a mystery. A creepy, creepy mystery. Anyway, he's mean to Weevil and calls him "cholo," but what do you expect from someone who doesn't even put the word "car" in his car wash business?

The Winchester brothers might need to make a pit stop in Neptune to take care of this guy in 3. Room service waiter at the Neptune Grand. His waistcoat is more sumptuous than the Presidential Suite, which says a lot about hotel standards. Discreet and polite, Carl lifts the lids off dinners in 2. Capistrano Ministry worker. The sight of Logan's toenails was the final straw. He resigned from his job as a waiter at the Neptune Grand. He applied for a job at the latest variation of Starbucks to open in Neptune and was happy to get an interview.

Dressed in his Sunday best, he headed for Cappuccino Minibars. Dyslexia led him to the headquarters of the Rev. Both declared it an act of God, a match in heaven was made, and Carl found his true calling It's probably not the same guy in 3. Concerned member of the Neptune Homeowners' Association. He throws around what appears to be the Homeowners' Association's considerable weight, leaning on Keith to get results in the robbery cases before the impending election.

If Carl thinks Vinnie would be a better sheriff, he obviously isn't as smart as he thinks he is in 3. One of the help. She should feel honored that someone as important as Lynn Echolls would even bother learning her name. She teeters on the edge to ensure that there are no bald patches on the Christmas tree for a super-duper 1. When Meg and a reluctant Duncan join her for lunch, she asks Carlita to make room in 1. This grinning caroler seems as fascinated with his singing partner, Caroler 2, as he is with the holiday tune they perform.

Either he's already had his share of wassail, or he's wondering how much wassail it will take before she sheds that prim, Victorian costume of hers. He is hopeful in 1. Even though she and her colleagues try hard, their inspired Christmas singing can't beat the entertainment value of Aaron Echolls getting stabbed by a jealous ex-fling in 1. Rosy-cheeked and full of cheer, this caroler attempts to bring Christmas joy in 1. Is this a television show or a commercial for tooth bleaching? This caroler shows off her pearly whites in 1. A true professional, this singer braves Victorian costumes, fake snow, and ridiculously low pay to practice his craft in 1.

She'd probably rather be elsewhere, but alas, in Neptune, even holidays are only for the rich. Pity the singer in 1. The shortest of the bunch, she proves that powerful voices can be housed in small bodies. This tiny diva sings her heart out in 1. Are the mischievous grin and seductive eyebrow raising part of the choreography?

This caroler must be practicing for his upcoming date in 1. Teen witch without the cuteness. They fix the prom queen vote, then douse her with blood when she's crowned. Big mistake. Carrie has been cursed with powerful telekinesis and tears the place apart. Although she approves of the grievous bodily harm her minions attempt on Veronica's jacket, Arianna is not quite so effective in silencing opposition in 1.

A fan of Landry's work. One must wonder as to which is the scarier: parents who name their child after a blood-soaked fictional witch who wipes out the population of teenagers in a small town, or a girl who stalks a criminology writer to the extent of tracking down his cell phone number so she can call him and gush? Either way, Landry should have taken it as something of an omen, given events in 3. She's a feisty one! When the results of the purity test become public, she publicly confronts her "best friend" who apparently had some sort of relationship with her boyfriend.

You go, girl! Chaos reigns and Agent Smart is nowhere in sight in 1. Her claim to fame largely consists of being one of the first people passed by our luminous heroine , but she can also pride herself on being one of the passive bystanders at Wallace's humiliating first day of school. At least there is no denying she looks cute in that hat in 1. Or, according to Veronica , possibly just a down-on-her-luck schoolgirl carrying concealed produce. She may think men are scum, but she still helps point Veronica and Tim in the direction of someone who might be able to help find Veronica's supposed deadbeat dad.

Her tip proves fruitless, but it's the thought that counts in 3. Works in Accounts Payable at the sheriff's department. Given what a tool Lamb is and the likelihood that Keith will regularly recover lost prisoners, she probably sees him more often than it might seem from 1.

Fellow classmate in Veronica's Intro to Criminology class. Cathy seems to have taken a shine to their professor — Dr. Since he's a criminology professor, we're sure he's aware that dating a college student is slightly frowned upon. Cathy may have to rival Veronica's affections for him, but with Veronica happily in a relationship, Cathy's got dibs in 3.

This is the man to go to for that special blend. Of course, if what Keith tells Veronica is true, then specials at Liberty may mean something other than tobacco. Missing dog. Look at her him. Isn't she he cute? Look at these soft ears and her his earnest loving eyes. Don't you just want to pick Lola Chappie up and steal her him? We know Hans would. Kristen Bell's dog does double duty in 1. Being mentally challenged doesn't stop him from being enchanted with Jackie's beauty. She graciously invites him to the Sadie Hawkins dance, and they dance the night away — at least, until his mother abruptly whisks him away so he can get to bed on time.

Mentally challenged or not, Charlie probably wishes he could rip his mother a new one in 2. One of a trio of nubile women working for a voice in a box. Without ever mussing her hair or breaking a nail, an angel can roll out of a moving car. Veronica is tempted to play an angel in 1. Much like Alicia Fennel a long time ago, she is gullible enough to let a man's bad reputation sully her image of his daughter. She ruins her son's evening in 2. Charleston's conceivably cheating girlfriend.