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This should be the default if you installed the Administration Server correctly. Must be same on all nodes. Bind Address Should be left blank unless you are setting up a Hardware Virtual server in which case you enter the IP alias of the network interface. Server Port Port on which this server is to run. Usually 80 for a regular server, or for a secure server. Should be same on all nodes for consistency, but server will still work if not the same. Must be different on each node. DNS Lookups radio buttons System manager's preference. Document Root The directory specification that you have chosen for your document root.

COM from the system startup file. Alternatively, from any browser, connect to that node's Administration Server and use the Admin Preferences - Shut Down function. Alternatively, from any browser, connect to that node's Administration Server and start the FastTrack Personal Server from there. Alternatively, from any browser, connect to that node's Administration Server and stop the FastTrack Personal Server from there.

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Therefore, any changes you make have to be made to all Administration Servers for consistency. The remainder of this section documents aspects of the Administration Server which can be made cluster-common and how to achieve this. Failure to do so will result in the loss of access log information. Failure to do so will result in the loss of error log information. CONF file. This file is located in the [.

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Change this pointer so that it is the same on each Administration Server. ALIAS] subdirectory. There is no pointer to this location; instead, it is hardcoded into the server. This means that after generating or modifying a Key File or Certificate File on one node, you must copy the file to the other node's [. ALIAS] directory. Each pair of Key and Certificate files are known by an alias. DB, respectively. From whichever node these files were created on, simply copy them to the [. Instead, obtain one certificate for the entire OpenVMS Cluster using the IP alias for the Common Name , install the certificate on one node as usual, then perform the following steps: Copy the key and certificate files to all the other nodes.

On each node, enable Security and then restart the server. Therefore, any change you make has to be made to all FastTrack Personal Servers for consistency. Some changes require you to edit a config file. Config files are located in the server's [.

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Netscape DevEdge® Web developer's library Discover the best View Source APIs and techniques Netscape DevEdge Web Developer's Library is a. DevEdge? Web Developer's Library. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons. Publication Date: Binding: Paperback. Book Condition: New. About this title. Synopsis.

After making the change and saving the file, go to that node's Administration Server where you will receive the following message: Warning: Manual edits not loaded Follow the directions and use the Apply button to force the server to accept your manual edits. The remainder of this section documents which aspects of the FastTrack Server can be made cluster-common, and how to make them cluster-common. Locate the line beginning Errorlog, and define the file name to be the same on each server.

Then using the Administration Server, apply the change manually. Locate the line beginning ACLFile, and define the file name to be the same on each server. Then using the Administration Server, apply the manual change. It will help to keep the entries in the log files in chronological order.

Netscape FastTrack Web Server Version 3.01 for OpenVMS Alpha

A native image CGI file runs immediately. If the image was written in C, then all the standard CGI environment variables will exist.

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Executables written in other languages will not inherit these environment variables and should use a DCL wrapper. If the file type of the CGI is. If the file type is not. EXE 4. Therefore, you cannot depend on your CGI being run from a certain directory. Any CGI that depends on being run from a certain directory might not function. To correct this, modify the CGI to chdir to your desired directory. If you already have a version of Perl installed on your system, that version will not be affected by the installation of FastTrack. Note that FastTrack has only been tested with Perl Version 5.

If you attempt to configure this, you will receive a message that this feature is not supported. This command procedure, which resides in the [.

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COM accepts no parameters and rotates all defined log files. Make sure it is run from an account that has access to the log files. If the server is running, it is restarted after the log files are rotated. This is the same password you entered into the pop-up window when you configured the server to become an SSL server. This file is located in the server's own instance directory.

COM is located in the [. If the argument "-z password" was omitted from the command line, and the server is an SSL server, then you are prompted to enter the password on the command line. The JVM has several user-selectable modes of file sharing. Note: A sync for every write gives you file sharing close to what the JVM expects. However, things that normally take seconds to run can take minutes or longer.

Before every read operation, the JVM scans the list of open file descriptors. If a match is found with a write pending, the pending write is flushed to the disk before the read. Note that, with JVM file sharing, only one process can share the file reliably. The logical name must be defined in such a way that the server processes can see it. Type in an absolute file specification in UNIX format. LIST While this logical does not have to be in the system table, it must be accessible by the account that starts your FastTrack server.

News and notes from and for the Mozilla community.

If you are starting your server using the Administration Server, then the logical must be accessible by the account in which your Administration Server runs. You also have an additional option for enhanced security. This way the account information is in the memory of only the running FastTrack server. Using this feature can cause a situation that requires a manual restart of the httpd server.

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However, occasionally you may discover that a particular file must have record format Stream-LF. For example, the certificate database file must be Stream-LF. This includes the Server Security Certificate and the Server's key-pair file public and private keys. Use the System file default. Select Loads entire database on startup not the default. It is especially well-designed for managing CSS for a whole site and for developing and testing CSS that will work well and degrade gracefully across many different types and versions of browsers.

His validation helps tremendously to work out CSS code that avoids browser incompatibility bugs. It is quick, inexpensive and yet powerful, especially now that they have layers. Tons of online tutorials are available for how to do all sorts of things with PSP. PSP Album is also a great tool. A copy came integrated with Homesite version 3 and I got hooked. Note that it is not a strict validator, but rather a syntax checker. Not free, but definitely worth the money IMO.

Xenu's Link Sleuth A small, fast, yet capable and well-designed link checker. A good choice if you have a site larger than NetMechanic can handle for free but don't have the money for Linkbot. It's configurable on a number of levels to allow for easy setups for ISPs while allowing users to personalize their settings. Personally I download logs and run it offline under win9x. It's free, capable, highly configurable and very fast. You can also copy them to your browser links toolbar for quick access. They can perform all sorts of useful functions for surfing, webdesign, etc. Jesse Ruderman's Bookmarklets , zoom, web development, links-to-more , etc Go Wayback bookmarklet , When you get a page not found error, just click this to look it up in the Wayback Archive.

For now, to find this bookmarklet, go to What's New and look for them under May 16, Accessify: Accessibility-checking favelets A tool to view the structure of web pages: "Ian Lloyd, has created a free bookmarklet that exposes the underlying structure of a web page without requiring you to view source.

Add it to your Bookmarks or Favorites tool bar, and you can deconstruct most websites with a click of the mouse. It's great for sync'ing a directory tree on your harddrive with one on a ZIP drive. This one lets you save and quickly recall setups, so you can compare many sets easily. And it's free! By Juan M. You can have it call ExamDiff, WDiff or other external file compare tools. Works great with DirectoryCompare.

The Pro version has some very handy additional features and is quite affordable. For a more expensive one, but with a really interesting display method see PMDiff. Beyond Compare is also good. Bobby This validator tests for browser compatibility and access for the disabled. Note that this will help with some things, but may not help you check dynamic things such as javascript or DHTML issues. Not free, but inexpensive. Whois Source A great site to help you pick a domain name. Enter keywords and it puts together a variety of combinations of those words, telling you the availability status of each domains in.

Great for brainstorming domain names. DomainSurfer This site helps you get info on registered domains, either for looking them up or to help pick ones that aren't taken.

Netscape's Internet Foundation Classes

This is quick and does substring searches so it's a lot more useful than the standard single domain whois checks. See also DeletedDomains for domains that are now available. Com I found what seems to be a powerful and honest promotion, search engine submission tool. It's donation-supported, so you can use it and give what you think it's worth to you.

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This article describes it and some of it's advantages. The advice on the site alone is worth your time, particularly when promoting a new site. I've had good luck with Interland and MyHosting. Please tell them I referred you if you go with them. I don't use them much but they are ok for small sites. This section has some applications that you can use for your website, but which are hosted by 3rd parties. They provide all of the setup and administration and a certain amount of flexibility in design and look. You sign up and do a little linking or add a few form pages from your site to add the function.

Much easier than writing or installing scripts or similar functionality yourself. Free for sites under pages. I highly recommend this one. Much faster, more powerful, and more configurable than any of their competitors that I've found so far. Also, no ads! I'm using it here , on brassica and on cpc. See the notes from my testing. Freefind This site provides a nice little indexed search function for your website and can dynamically generate sitemaps and what's new pages in several formats. It's easy to set up and free to use.

Much more limited than atomz.

It has all the web-based admin you need, is free, and only takes about 20 minutes to be set up and going. You can have multiple lists, either announcement, moderated discussion or open discussion. I've used it on the NotGNU download site and asp4hs. GuestWorld This site provides hosting for free guestbooks.

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