Matsushima mycological memoirs (part 2)

Epub Matsushima Mycological Memoirs Part 1 1980 2001
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Corticioid fungi growing on ferns in northern Europe. Windahlia Fragmente zur Mykologie XIV. Mitteilung, Nr. Wien, Math. Hsieh, W. Cercospora and similar fungi from Taiwan. Hsu, S. Chang, C. Chang, J. Tsai and T. List of Plant Diseases in Taiwan 4th ed. Taiwan Phytopathological Society, Taiwan. Huang, T. Hughes, S. Studies on micro-fungi. Beltrania, Ceratocladium, Diplorhinotrichum, and Hansfordiella gen. Papers Kirk, P.

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New or interesting microfungi XIV. Dematiaceous hyphomycetes from Mt Kenya. Kirschner, R. Foliicolous hyphomycetes from Taiwan. Periconiella species anamorphic Mycosphaerellaceae from Taiwan. Mycosphaerellaceous fungi and new species of Venustosynnema and Zasmidium on ferns and fern allies in Taiwan. Phytotaxa 1 : New species and records of mycosphaerellaceous fungi from living fern leaves in East Asia.

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Knapp, R. Ferns and Fern Allies of Taiwan — Second supplement. Koukol, O. Pentaster cepaeophilus gen. Nova Hedwigia 96 3 : Kramer, K. The families and genera of vascular plants, vol. Berlin: Springer. Kumar S. Stecher and K. Lindsay, S. Development of a multi-access key to the ferns of Thailand.

Liou, S. Notes on Taiwan discomycetes I. Pezizales and Helotiales. Taiwania 22 1 : Matsushima, T. Matsushima Mycological Memoirs No. Saprophytic Microfungi from Taiwan, Part 1. Matsushima Fungus Collect. Medel, R. Hyaloscyphaceae Ascomycota growing on tree ferns in Mexico. Mehltreter, K. Interactions of ferns with fungi and animals.

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In: Mehltreter, K. Fern Ecology. Miersch, J. Mycena alboaculeata, eine neue Helmlingsart mit stacheligem Hut aus Deutschland. Olariaga, I. Laskibar and J. Molecular data reveal cryptic speciation within Tricholomopsis rutilans: description of T. Petrini, O. Fisher and L. Fungal endophytes of bracken Pteridium aquilinum , with some reflections on their use in biological control.

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Sydowia Phengsintham, P. Chukeatirote, E. McKenzie, M. Moslem, K. Hyde and U. Two new species and a new record of cercosporoids from Thailand. Mycosphere 1 3 : A community-derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns. Pressel, S. Bidartondo, K. Field, W. Rimington and J. Pteridophyte fungal associations: Current knowledge and future perspectives. Razikin, M.

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A survey of tide-washed coastal area of Southern California for fungi potentially pathogenic to man.

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Mycopathologia et Mycologia Applicata Dethoup, T. Diversity of Marine Fungi in Eastern Thailand. Kasetsart Journal, Natural Sciences Dix, N. Fungal Ecology. Cambridge University, London. Domsch, K. Compendium of soil fungi. Ellis, M. More Dematiaceous Hyphomycetes. Commonwealth Mycological Institute, Kew. Dematiaceous Hyphomycetes. Gomes, D. Brazilian Journal of Biology Harley, J. Fungi in Ecosystems. Journal of Ecology Hogg, B. Microfungi on leaves of Fagus sylvatica. The microfungal sucessions. Transaction of the British Mycological Society Hyde, K. Ecology of tropical marine fungi.

Hydrobiologia Biodiversity of tropical microfungi. Kirk, P. Direct enumeration of marine arenicolous fungi. Kishimoto, R.

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Plata, download the genesis of of tools. Fungal Ecology. Google Scholar 9. Your Enthusiasm draws been a maximum or decent checkout. Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest.

Pathogenic and potencially pathogenic fungi isolated from beach sands and selected soils of Oahu, Hawai. Kohlmeyer, J.


Ilustrated key to the filamentous higher marine fungi. Botanica Marina Marine Ecology: The higher fungi.


Academic Press, London. Larrondo, J. Fungal diversity in the sands of the Mediterranean coast beaches Mycopathologia Maria, G.