Liquid-Phase Oxidation of Oxygen-Containing Compounds

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Country of ref document : CA. Country of ref document : MX. Country of ref document : JP. Country of ref document : CN. Ref country code : DE. Country of ref document : KR. Country of ref document : RU. Ref document number : PI Country of ref document : BR. Disclosed is an optimized process for more efficiently and economically carrying out the liquid-phase oxidation of an oxidizable compound. Such liquid-phase oxidation is carried out in a bubble column reactor that provides for a highly efficient reaction at relatively low temperatures.

When the oxidized compound is para-xylene and the product from the oxidation reaction is crude terephthalic acid CTA , such CTA product can be purified and separated by more economical techniques than could be employed if the CTA were formed by a conventional high-temperature oxidation process. USP true CA CAA1 en CN CNB en EPB1 en. JPA en.

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EST3 en. MXA en. PTE en. WOA2 en. Process for production of aromatic carboxylic acids with improved water removal technique. Oxidation of o-xylene to o-toluic acid and other oxidation products by the staggered supply of an oxygen-containing gas.

BRA en. Processes for reducing a purified carboxylic acid slurry to purify a staged oxidation product to produce a purified carboxylic acid product, and purified carboxylic acid slurry. Air lift externally circulating bubble tower oxidation unit for producing terephthalic acid. CNB en. KRA en. Jacobs, J. Peeters, Chem. Hermans, P. Peeters, Phys. Bozzelli, J. Hermans, J. Peeters, P. Jacobs, Top. Fukuda, S. Sakaguchi, Y. Ishii, Adv.

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