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Wes Gilbertson More from Wes Gilbertson. Bard Stefen is eighty years old when he finally arrives in the Forest of Sorrows to die and join Vanyel Ashkevron.

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Magic's Price : Epilogue. Pol is born. Pol is Chosen by Companion Satiran.

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Pol is thirteen years old and has a little bit of every minor Gift. Brightly Burning : Chapter Five. He is eighteen years old.

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A must read. Been There, Done That. Now with his own starship Estel, he sets out to further that plan by journeying from world to world, heraldin Through a strange turn of fate Terry Steward, born Terry Radnor, was in the right place at the right time to save the secret colony Maclairn from terrorists who would have destroyed its plan to spread advanced mind powers to Earth and the other worlds of humankind. Siege Breaker. Paperback , pages.

Herald Pol completes his year-and-a-half internship. He is nineteen, almost twenty, years old. Theran , heir to the throne of Valdemar, is born. Amaly is born to Herald Pol and Healer Ilea. Kaika is born to Herald Pol and Healer Ilea.

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Elenor is born to Herald Pol and Healer Ilea. Fyllis begins training for Empathy with Herald Pol. Malken is born. Brightly Burning : Chapter Six. The court is run by the Monarch's Own and the Council.

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The novel Brightly Burning takes place during this time. Heir Clevis, son of King Theran is fifty-eight years old. A Shin'a'in Swordsworn dies. One hundred and four years from now he will train Tarma in a two-handed pattern-dance. Oathbound : Chapter Six. Oathblood : " Keys ".

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Kavinestral is born into the House Pheregrul. Oathbound : Chapter One. Kethry is married off to Wethes Goldmarchant by her brother Kavinestral. She is twelve years old. Kavinestral is twenty years old. Kethry mentions her brother is eight years older than her. Kethry escapes with the help of her nurse Tildy. She apprentices under the White Winds Adept Melania.

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Oathbound : Chapter Five. When the Vows and Honor series takes place. Beginning of the Exile's series takes place during this time period, starting with Exile's Honor. The Tedrel Wars happen at end of Sendar's reign. Numerous Valdemar series take place during Queen Selenay's reign, which begins at the end of Exile's Valor.