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Thames River bridge rail service outage imminent New London, Conn. Louis-painted RS1 diesel No. What is the Caboose? Louis-area yard. Sepember History: Weirs Wreck continued. Ames NH. News: More Train Yard. Seems they have no idea how a serious situation they are potentially in. Seems a new years party and drinking is the main thing on their mind while serious money is being spent to rescue them not to mention the risk to life of the rescuers.

I also watched Global National news Canada and they called it a research ship but no mention that is was involved in climate change research. Way to go MSN, two thumbs down. Landing pad has been marked out on the ice, then transfer when safe to Aurora. Captain and 22 crew to remain with Akademie. Please leave them there. And shut off their internet. It should be of even created concern if somehow this vessel sinks and the resulting pollution impacts on the area.

John says: December 30, at pm Questions: …Although this is a Russian flagged vessel, who are the real owners and in what port does it typically reside? They kind of surge up and then smash down onto the ice. Very slow progress to smash a channel through, and only then through a few feet.

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Interesting how Lawson sailed right in and the wooden boats made it in for 3 summers. They were just tourists on a ship stuck in the ice. Just an idea. I will be looking for a follow up to the expedition and the spin regarding how Global Warming has caused the ice to increase in Antarctica for the last 3 decades. Regards, Richard. People are at home inside relaxing between Christmas and the New Year and this is better than watching the soaps. Peter Yates says: December 30, at pm This is a classic case of the leaders of a hazardous…. Make sure all of the members are competent both physically and mentally.

All too often you get tourists taken to places or put into situations they have no business being in. Life is Lethal! The reporter from The Guardian embedded with the expedition, blogging about emissions melting ice, is now complaining loudly that he ran out of bananas…. In the climate models, he could pick fresh bananas there…. Apologies to William Hughes Mearns. Maybe they will get a visit from the Greenpeace Santa, who is looking for ice. Speaking from the Akademik Shokalskiy, exhibition leader Chris Turney told ONE News morale among the passengers was holding up despite news earlier this morning that the latest rescue attempt was unsuccessful.

The media are doing a splendig job lying about this expedition. You have to know the job description. There, I did my part…. Everyone is working hard to support one another. We are all keeping busy, with twice daily briefings outlining all the information we have to hand, alongside classes through the day knot tying, languages, yoga, photography and many others while the science programme has continued as best we can.

Thanks for all your support and we hope to see you all soon. Knot tying: mass suicide? We hope to see you soon: Hmmm! No comment on that one. This meant it was a given that his route was up to 40 miles away across the ice. I wondered if it really could be possible but had dismissed the idea. Every scheming alarmist sexed that up to the point where everyone believed it applied to all Antarctic sea ice- including scientists. I think this is quite important. It may be fruitful to see what the pre-expedition propaganda has to say. So there is a precedent.

Loose a propeller then where are you at? Answer: A worked of hurt! Pellissiere said his ship was between Honolulu and Sydney, and would require a week or so to sail to Antarctic if needed. Politics enters by the mouth of the Geographer [a variant of the bacillus Foot N Mouth]. Coast Guard asset is more than 3, nautical miles away.

We are communicating with Australia and standing by if our assistance is indeed needed. Physics Wins! If I was on that ship, I would commandeer an Ice augur and a tent along with some fishing equipment and be ice fishing for the duration. The whole fiasco has been funded by in part the University of NSW and of course underwritten by the Australian Taxpayer.

One of the last acts of the previous government prior to the election. Thankfully more people are waking up and soon this rubbish will be given the heave ho. Meanwhile I think the fools down on the ship in Antarctica would be left there to contemplate the true meaning of weather and ice and snow and perhaps just occasionally a helicopter should drop some rations down to them to keep them from starving — say for another 6 months or so.

Maybe by then they will recant? I cannot comment beyond all that was done prior. All I can do it share…… The irony is immense. Seriously, it could be a life-saver a week from now. Victory awaits him who has everything in order — luck, people call it. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time; this is called bad luck. Anthony, you have sent calendars how about a trophy?

I Will kick in! Residents and walkers were delighted by the return of unspoilt views across the rolling hills and deep blue waters of Chelker Reservoir. The Daily Mail article has some interesting reader comments.

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Has anyone done the math to figure out the carbon footprint of these geniuses and their vanity trip? Not to mention the real world price tag? To whom do we send the bill? Has anyone been monitoring the Russian blogs? Do they do a better job of covering what is going on with the crew? I really think they should have to pay to be rescued, otherwise they should be left there frozen for eternity really, and in my movie they will be marooned there for eternity :] But of course someone will eventually have to waste valuable resources on these useless brie and bagel eaters and defilers of the Antarctic!

Answering myself — probably too much to expect that the Russians are interested in the fate of the Russian ship given the troubles their having with their own representatives of the Religion of Peace TM. As amusing as this little saga has been it serves to highlight a far more serious problem. If we skeptics tried we could not script a green fail as monumental as Prof Turney has kindly blindly done for us. The most worrying part of this sad tale is that the media has been exposed for what it is; a purveyor of lies. This is a big story that possesses irony seldom found and MSM journalists are hard at work burying the truth.

Found this in the comment section of The Independent. I never even saw that one coming. AGW …. Do you suppose stupidity is contagious? Has anyone seen his name? One interesting point of dissonance is that before they set off Professor Turkey blogged that Commonwealth Bay has been blocked for the past three years by a giant mile long iceberg that has lodged there. If he already knew that, how did this Band of Boonies intend to land? A Moses act of parting the ice and waters perhaps. Yet another mystery to be solved.

I mean, Google maps would have told them it was a bad idea before they set off with my taxes in their pockets. Have I got this right? A pair of Australian professors whose names sound like Christmas Turkey and Fogwilly use research funds to organise a tourist trip PR stunt in Antarctica by chartering a ship with a name that sounds like MV Academic Shocks-are-likely.

A bipolar expedition? Teddi says: December 30, at pm What does penguin taste like? Kerry to conduct talks with the pack ice. He will have Al Gore on his team. I will play a round of golf and work with the Pres. Back to your jobs and send in your taxes. The whole episode reminds me of the excellent novel by W. Arrogance plus ignorance………. One can only hope the Guardian gets to foot the bill for the rescue.

A Science of Impurity

Scripture often speaks of fire in hell. At first this seems preposterous. This is a great opportunity to develop the tools needed to effectively carry out NVDA training, prepare people for actions, and understand why Civil Disobedience works. This, of course, appears to go against the third law: that absolute zero cannot be reached. Cook, G. Why is the structure non-negotiable? Energy is conserved in propagating wavesat least no one wishes to throw out such an important principle at least as a first approach.

I hope they will be home soon and safely. I am forming the opinion that it is the climate scientists that are the useful idiots and those that control the media are the ones who control the future, we should do our best to discover and reveal. We find that transnational corporations form a giant bow-tie structure and that a large portion of control flows to a small tightly-knit core of financial institutions…. Gail Combs, Yr: 30 December p.

All that decided at a meeting of the captain and crew on Monday. Pretty compelling human interest material, there, I would say. Time will tell. Aagain, thanks for the link, Gail. In the meantime, my admiration is for the crew of the Akademik Shokalskiy and the Chinese pilots steeling themselves for the real challenges ahead. Wish more coverage were given these brave men and women? But not gonna happen, I think, for reasons previously given.

Obama has had to lie over Benghazi and so they have covered for him to the maximum extent they could. They know exactly how dreadful Obama has been, and cannot even manufacture a greater good, that their lies and distortions have protected the community from having to do without, had Obama lost the election in spite of every service they rendered in defence of his reputation and image.

Teddi says: What does penguin taste like? Janice says: Chicken, of course. As a retired Sailor I can tell you that comments regarding false bravado and putting up a good front are spot on. It seems to be a natural psychological response to fear. The smell of fear is a tangible thing. In the confines of close quarters; one not easily forgotten. We can hardly expect the expedition leader to roll over and cry like a baby. Once out of danger, a good leader will accept responsibility for his actions.

Having said that, I believe several emergency options are available to cast and crew, including an overland trek to the modern Mawson huts. For those interested, the Spirit of Mawson objectives albeit weak are outlined in bulleted format on the expedition web site. One objective is to examine the cause of the increased Antarctic sea ice extent. Methinks, the expidention was launched to find a suitable excuse for this inconvenient truth. Tax payer money should never have been spent here and those responsible for funding should be held accountable.

Leo G says: Have I got this right? I remember Pyke. He was a bit of a nutter, too. They might have actually worked. Presented by science writer Gaia Vince, it consists four programmes looking at the notion that humans have launched a new geological time period on the planet, the Anthropocene. What would you like to ask him? His name may be left out for just that reason, he will be the one to take all the blame so the media do not want readers to become familiar with him. The ice? Well, it was there and someone made a mistake.

I would just like to see them all safe. Ignorant and safe is …okay. Truth will win out in the end. Okay, I know they are money-grubbing, lying mud-sucking watermelons but I always hold out hope for redemption. And he is waiting to be evacuated at some point in the near future. Or perhaps they just have too much money in Australia. Penguin probably tastes like chicken as does everything else in that category. Exceptions are duck, goose and many game birds. Many think that alligators also taste like chicken, but although many of the flavor elements are similar, those that are more discriminating find significant flavor profiles exist that are different from the impressions of occasional eaters.

Eat more penguin and become an expert. But if it walks, flies , swims or crawls, you can probably eat it. And many of them will eat you if given the opportunity. Myself, I would aim for a Chinese twice cooked affair. Take a penguin breast. Slow simmer it for 40 minutes with about 10 ginger slices and a couple of smashed cloves of garlic. Stir fry it with home made or commercial kimchee. Serve over rice or rice noodles. Or you could make it into spring rolls. Or you could take thin slices of the raw breast, Marinate them in fish sauce, garlic, a little lemon or lime juice and chopped shallots or scallions, grill them and roll them in rice paper with a cucumber slice, peanut sauce mint leaves and cilantro.

Then cut it into small chunks, saute it and make your favorite chilli from memory. BTW On Jan. Planned and paid for before I discovered and started spending three hours or so daily on this website. I will eat whatever nature throws at me. My choice. Spent all summer practicing for that. At least they are making themselves useful with classes through the day in knot tying, languages, yoga and photography. Excellent projects to get out of mortal danger. This is pure media spin. I saw web cam views of the ship trying to break the ice.

If the weather was a problem, why not resume after the storm passed? More media spin to protect the message. It may be summer now but remember…. Winter is coming…. They go out on fieldwork trips with the researchers studying how the wildlife that lives in this inhospitable environment is responding to climate change… Ornithologist Kerry-Jayne Wilson discovers that an iconic breeding colony of Adelie penguins at Cape Denison, the rocky area where Douglas Mawson built his expedition hut, has depleted numbers as the fast ice has grown.

They go out on fieldwork trips with the researchers studying how the wildlife that lives in this inhospitable environment is responding to climate change. They study penguins, record the underwater songs of seals and deploy a robot submarine to sample the rich sea life under the ice. Along with continuous recording of sea temperatures, sea ice thicknesses, wind speeds and pollution, the expedition aims to illuminate environmental change in this part of Antarctica, and the frozen continent as a whole.

For one month, Alok and Andrew will report on Antarctic science, history and the dramas of life on the ice in four special programmes on the BBC World Service, recorded as the journey progresses to bring the Antarctic to life for a global audience. Of course not. Even during its summer, Antarctica is subject to extreme weather. But it does show that like the rest of us chickens, scientists have feet of clay.

Turney had told journalists that his expedition wanted to collect data that could be used to improve climate models. He believes the ship was stuck in old ice from a mile-long iceberg that broke apart three years ago. Fair enough. Climate changers usually warn about Arctic ice, which has been receding over the last few decades, but rarely address the overall growth of ice in Antarctica… Turney told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. And is saved by fossil fuels. What else is new?

Event Archive

Felix says: December 30, at pm Does any of this refute data, actual measurements, showing that the Southern Ocean is warming? You know, the expedition Turney is trying to retrace? Yeah right Aussie MSM. Maybe they could snow board behind the helicopter? Calling Dr. A quick estimate is somewhere in the order of I believe that ship has a good chance of being trapped until next year summer ; weekly updates will drive the greens nuts.

What a way to end the year. I wish them all a safe trip back home with a fresh and healthy sense of skepticism for the New Year. I hope that this is not bad news. Antarctica is currently basking in the Summer sunshine, with Mai-tais, and hula skirts. Surely this ship is trapped in the Arctic Ocean.

Not to worry; it is going to be ice free quite soon! Well karma comes in all shapes and sizes. I have a notion that vessel owners, as well as tourist operators, are going to see a big increase in insurance premiums for ships that venture into Antarctic regions. It must be dawning on the underwriters this type of trip is a very high risk venture.

We do not know how this incident will play out. A small miracle no lives were lost then. Different ocean, but only a favorable wind saved the Costa Concordia from moving away from land and rolling completely over. Luck is fickle. The two sinkings above had some. The next two, who knows. So many comments Anthony, can you break them up in day to day? Just saw this, lots of pictures and good reads in this news link.

BBC are reporting that the Chinese Ice breaker has become stuck in the ice…. No helicopter or quick rescue likely now. Anthony, maybe we should create a reference page for AGW propaganda expedition fails. Ann Bancroft. The Caitlin Expedition. Many WUWT links. Lewis Pugh. Most of this has been purged from the Internet.

Time to fire up the wayback machine. These are just the expeditions. The video, the i-squared debate. Whaddya think? It would be nice to have a central location to point out silliness. The thick chaotic surface we see around the Shokalskiy is consistent with the idea that this ice is several years old and is considerably more difficult to break through by icebreaker than single year ice.

The presence of dark watersky to the southeast shows the presence of open water which is reflecting off the underneath of clouds. We hope the Australian ice breaker Aurora australis may have more luck finding leads from this ice edge to reach the Shokalskiy. We are all hoping the Shokalskiy will find a route out thanks to the efforts of the Australian and Chinese icebreakers.

The BBC are unsurprisingly not allowing comments on the story that the Chinese icebreaker is stuck, I wonder why? Josh will be busy for months on this there is just so much there that can and will be used to poke fun at them. Talk about making a rod for your own back, but doing it in a way that puts others lives at risk for your own reasons is bad very bad. Now that would be a long list. James Bull. Although lean by name but fat by nature, he could certainly provide Andean-style nourishment for the rest if the stores give out…. In the middle of a very dramatic rescue. This must be a first in media history, since ancient Greece.

DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING [Expedition organizer, professor of climate change] Turney also responded to speculation from climate sceptics who have taken to social media sites in recent days to attack the scientific consensus on climate change, pointing out the apparent incongruity of there being so much sea ice around the Shokalskiy in the middle of the Antarctic summer. BBC reports that the scientists on board thought the ice was much thicker than usual for this time of year. Love the typo. How appropriate.

It is officially an exhibition. It must be due to climate change then. Just asking Prof.

A Science of Impurity

Turney , just asking. After a few stiff Martinis the party revellers were reported to be shaken but not stirred. Mike Jowsey says: December 30, at pm andrewmharding says: December 30, at am One question I would like an answer to is how did the icebreaker that went to rescue them only get to seven miles from them? Because the ice is unstable and rather than being like ice on an ice rink it is actually moving and it would be extremely dangerous to walk on.

Chinese helicopter, init? But I will be fascinated to see what effect this has on the participants if they survive — how will they be able to square the circle of Global Warming vs nearly being killed in a summer ice sheet? I wonder how many worms of doubt are currently eating their way into their brains? Believe it or not there was an item on BBC News 24 this morning.

The news item is short on two things, facts and truth. The strange thing is he said that conditions on board were good, yet the bit of film showed him in a tent? That proves it! Global warming strikes again. Think this might come back to haunt! Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition assured. Professor Turney says the hundreds of thousands of measurements made by Mawson have become critical to charting signs of global warming.

With nothing else to do, who knows what they might get up to. For those coming late to this story, it all started when Chris Turney decided he wanted to retrace the steps of an Antarctic exhibition mounted by the great Australian explorer Douglas Mawson a century previously. The intention was to document modern day changes over those conditions seen a century previously. Bartlett made a career as a movie star by appearing on Pathe news reel film in cinemas about his arctic exploits, some of his journeys being funded by National Geographic..

However, the Xue Long has barely moved in a day and may be stuck in the ice. Careful ignoral??? I feel really sorry for those who have been suckered into believing the CAGW meme. Perhaps their experience will help change their views? What does a fire on a Chinese fishing vessel have to do with sea ice? Hopefully they will simply disappear with the Abbot administration slowly but surely LOL. However we do have remote controlled drones and over-ice vehicles onboard our vessel to improve our chances of access…….

In other words the outcome is highly uncertain……..

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The Bible was hand-written at one time thus limited access. Then the printing press was invented enabling many more people to have access to it. While speaking to the missing BBC correspondent, the expedition exhibition by Prof. Christmas Turkey says that the Academic Shockski became immobilized on remobilized very old ice. Many thanks to all I have plagiarized. JB says: December 31, at am What does a fire on a Chinese fishing vessel have to do with sea ice?

I just love that penguin in the lead photo at the above link to the BBC story. After breakfast and completion of customs formalities, we will disembark, transfer by coach to downtown Invercargill or to Invercargill Airport. Please make your reservations for travel out of Invercargill after midday. And so our expedition comes to an end. Less dramatically than Mawson and his men perhaps but we know that Antarctica will have touched you.

I cannot think of a better send-off to and climate change alarmism with this fiasco expanding across to How many icebreaking ships now are trying to rescue 1 ship? How many ships rescued Mawson? Given 3 failed rescues — and counting — this seems a stretch. Happy New Year from the Akademik Shokalskiy. Secondly, I watched the video of the wimp who misses his milkshakes.

If everybody involved in this crisis is not very careful, this could be heading for a worst case scenario nightmare version of: I assume all the professionals are fully aware of the risks and this is why they are sending in the heavy icebreakers. Reminds me of the WUWT thread on science ethics. It seems the scientists really did know what to expect. My apologies. These startlingly prescient statements are from the expeditions online page, all written into the itinerary well before setting sail.

Graph Since the temperature has dropped like a rock. He has been looking at the ocean data for years. The SST anomalies are not warming. They are cooling and have been for more than a decade. Bob goes on to prove that point and provides links to the paper and other discussions of the paper. Note: Bob started as a believer until he started smelling something fish and began to investigate. Bob, like me is a retiree and receives no funding from the bureaucrats who are after your money or from Big Oil who is also after your money. Thankfully, at this point, the ill- fated voyage of the A.

At any rate, she would probably be capable of launching her helo. I am amazed no one has yet come up with the twitter hash tag shipoffools. There has been no official press release saying the Polar Star is going to be involved. If and when there is one it will be on the Polar Star web page.

The weather break 12 hrs later, I meant… gale force winds and temp drop below 0C. Those are the conditions which trapped them. There is a sufficient window for the required transport of passengers. Once in progress, each trip should only take 30 mins or less. We are talking about distances around 20 miles via helicopter. A fitting anaolgy for the AGW movement. Happy AGW-free , World! The MSM is now reporting the Chinese ship has not moved in a day and their crew might need to be evacuated as well. Rob Ricket says: December 31, at am There is a sufficient window for the required transport of passengers.

Thanks for the post! Akademik Shokalskiy should now be thru celebrating the New Year if they are on Sidney time. Hope they have maintained their spirits with the available spirits. They will run aground on a sandbank about 50 nm out and have to be rescued by a villager in a fishing boat — one at a time. Rowed 50 miles to a small island where they will have to be rescued again. There will be much fun; singing, dancing and hugging though. Alan Robertson says: December 30, at pm Felix says: December 30, at pm Does any of this refute data, actual measurements, showing that the Southern Ocean is warming?

Not if the Chinese icebreaker Xue Long is also stuck in the ice. The Polar Star is at least 10 days out and pack ice may render these ships inoperable before rescue is achieved. Xue Long is underway and making 3. Captain Wang is smart enough to hold on station without getting trapped by sea ice. It would help us get through the dark winter nights…. Felix says: December 31, at am Alan Robertson says: December 30, at pm Felix says: December 30, at pm Does any of this refute data, actual measurements, showing that the Southern Ocean is warming?

You might notice that the trend is temperature decreasing. Furthermore, due to the manipulation of temperature data, there has been much controversy over reported warming around Antarctica, even from organizations which should know better than to play politics instead of science. Rob Ricket says: December 31, at am Xue Long is underway and making 3. Coming out of their three year reactivation period they embarked on Ice Trials this past summer and are now en route to McMurdo Station in Antarctica to help resupply their research station.

They will assist by creating a navigable shipping lane through the layers of ice in McMurdo Sound. Approximately eight million gallons of U. This fuel allows the Station to remain manned and ready during the freezing winter months. During the summer trip, CGC Polar Star spent weeks in the Beaufort Sea north of Barrow, Alaska, testing propulsion machinery, conducting emergency drills, and qualifying crewmembers in individual watchstations. They need this guy.. JimH says: December 31, at am ….

From Climategate 2. I gave up on Judith Curry a while ago. Tenuc says: December 31, at am I feel really sorry for those who have been suckered into believing the CAGW meme. Sadly, most probably not. At first they thought it was a meteor. It was round and.. It was first seen 70 deg.

It moved north-northwest deg. Shortly thereafter.. October 13th, Paignton, Devon, UK; approx. While observing the Moon with a inch telescope my attention was directed to the crater Aristarchus, then on the terminator, and brilliantly white in colour.. I was surprised to see a delicate yet bright reddish-amber glow in or near Aristarchus clearly outlined against the white background. It was visible for only a few seconds.. After it disappeared no trace remained to show it had been there. Rowe, FSR Reports spanned four U. Immediately afterwards he located nearly overhead a red ball.

The FBI learned of the photograph after Perry, who runs a restaurant, showed it to some of his customers. Two agents from the Flint office were sent to investigate. Perry showed the agents several of his slides taken the same night. Needless to say, the photos were not returned to Mr. Oates, chief technician at Charles Hayden Planetarium in Boston, and his wife. The UFO appeared at an elevation of about 50 degrees in the east, near. It pulsated from red to white to red. While Oates tried to call other members of the Planetarium staff, his wife watched the object which vanished suddenly after about five minutes.

See a Problem?

May 5th or 22nd, Palma, Majorca, Europe; 9. The astronomers said that the object appeared to be spinning around on its own axis without deviating from its path and had the apparent size of the full moon. In San Antonio.. Damen Sterk, of the observatory of Utrecht. In fact there are so many planets on which life and even higher evolved life than on this earth is present. Among the company were two amateur astronomers, Mr. Lewis Hart, who subsequently submitted an excellent report to the Air Force. Amendations to that record were published by professional ufologist Lloyd Mallan.

Robert Johnson, estimated the object to be about one-tenth the size of the American balloon satellite Echo 1 — which is about feet in diameter — but travelling twice as fast. Johnson and two assistants last friday, it is neither an artificial satellite nor a meteor. It has not been seen on radar, he told reporters, but he understood that an aircraft company had used a ballistic camera to track its course. It is only recently that man has started observing the heavens constantly with highly developed instruments.

The satellite was first spotted.. Occasionally we observe objects that remain unidentified. Thus on 11 July at P. I saw a satellite brighter than second magnitude. I had time to log a few data points. On another occasion several of us recorded no less than eleven points. The next morning Muller, who behaves like a petty army officer simply confiscated the tape and destroyed it, although a similar object had just been tracked by other astronomers at Besanscon and by Pierre Neiriuck, a satellite expert based in Saint-Malo.

Concerning the appearance of the object, Mr. I could see no lights.. Shelton, at the time of his report had been an amateur astronomer for 48 years since the age of 7. He was able to categorically rule out the possibility that what he observed could have been any known celestial phenomenon, a balloon, or a known type of aircraft. Spacelink He is Mr.

Guy Page.. Page said today. They were not visible with the naked eye. I watched them for about ten minutes before they disappeared into cloud. But when I read where two policemen saw something yesterday, I decided to report it. Wells and J. Lewis, watched a small object through a power telescope. Llewellyn, who observed it twice through an earth satellite-tracking telescope. Slow-moving, it rose from the north-east horizon at about 40 degrees, and its radiance diminished until a green pinpoint remained.

'The Great Britain III' - Days 1 & 2, 6th & 7th April 2010 (plus 'The Royal Dutchy' and light moves)

From the overhead position until its exit to the north-west, it resolved itself into a triangle of two orange and one green lights. A pilot found the object and had a very clear view of it from underneath. It was, however, impossible for him to estimate the size and character of the object. For some time it made a vertical climb and then disappeared in a northerly direction.

It looked like a luminous star, but seen through binoculars it had a triangular form. The object was sighted for two hours, and by some.. An amateur astronomer who looked at the object through as telescope, was quite sure that it could not be a balloon. He also says that it had a pyramidal form and that on top it had a luminous cupola and at the bottom a luminous edge. Also the middle part.. It was first seen by Mrs. Wood when she looked out of a bedroom window of her home at about 6. It was getting dark at the time, with the sun setting quite brightly in the west.

Wood called her husband, who is an amateur astronomer. With his telescope he was able to pick up the object for a few seconds before it dropped behind a cloud. He described it as being similar to a ball flattened in the middle with two pieces protruding — one on each side. Wood can find a possible explanation for the object they saw.

March 21st, USA; 8. Sighting by an amateur astronomer, Larry Conner. It formed a red tail about twenty times as long as its diameter. April 4th, USA; 8. The object, which looked like a large star and moving swiftly in a somewhat zig-zag course, was near the end of the Big Dipper when spotted by Conner. It was travelling from west to east both times. Although he possesses an power telescope, the object was moving too swiftly to get a fix. At seven in the morning, W. Dolan, professor of mathematics and astronomy, and dean of the faculty of Linfield College, saw a bright, star-like light hover, slow, dim and flash during one minute.

December 28th, Hiroshima, Japan; 3. Sato, astronomer at the Rakurakuen Planetarium at Hiroshima sent the.. The observation was not made by Sato himself, but by seven young Japanese astronomers using the 10in reflector at Rakurakuen.. They were carrying out observations in preparation for the lunar eclipse on 30 December.. Yamada, noted a large, distinct pink patch covering the southern part of Aristarchus, which was soon confirmed by the other six observers.

It gradually spread toward Herodotus until It travelled on an apparently level course and was in view for five minutes. Then last March I saw them on two successive nights in San Miguel. At the time Echo II was orbiting the earth and I believe the crew of the flying saucers was closely following the U.

A year-old boy, Lee Turner, walking his dog, saw an anomalous light in the sky.. But this was unlike anything I have seen. It took about four minutes to move across the sky before it went below the horizon. Saul H. Genatt, astronomer and station manager for the Goddard optical research facility, said he and an electronic technician, Mr. Edwin Reid, saw the colored bands on August 25 from 9 p. Genatt said that through a inch telescope they saw two distinct reddish bands over the southern part of the crater and a bluish band over the northern part.

The longest reddish band was about 35 miles in length. It was the most southerly of the three. All the bands ran an east-west direction, roughly parallel to each other. The colors were very prominent at first — the reddish bands were really red and the other was quite blue. As time passed the intensity of the colors weakened. Genatt said that he and Mr. Reid had been checking the mechanical operation of the telescope and Mr. Reid noticed the lunar colors by pure chance. September 14th, At the Adarra Adhara? The flying object, its apparent size being twice that of the Moon, was seen with the naked eye passing across the constellation Lyra.

Its speed was estimated at three times the speed of sound. October 17th, Rainhill, UK; 8. A letter from Mr. Robert Kemp in the Daily Post regarding the two bright objects he saw in the sky on Saturday night. We were in fact star-spotting with a home-made telescope when a star, as we thought, was noticed to be moving at a fairly rapid rate through the night sky…..

We were looking in a northerly direction from latitude In size the object appeared about half the diameter of Jupiter. Nor was this the first occasion, as scientists at the.. Daniel W. Fry is approaching Albuquerque.. The tour has taken him across the Midwest, to the East Coast, down to the South and Southwest, during a period of seven weeks. Understandably with driving days and lecturing evenings, there has been little time for personal reports, but mail from his various sponsors has been both interesting and encouraging..

Attendance in many areas has surpassed expectations.. An interesting letter was received from the young men of the Rissler Observatory in Philadelphia, which contained the question — What did you think of the UFOs that were overhead that Tuesday night?.. July 3rd-7th, Amateur astronomer Ron Emanuel of Covina, California, observed a pulsating star-like image in the lunar crater Aristarchus, on July 3rd.

Understanding A sixteen-year-old amateur astronomer, M. Viewed through 8-power binoculars, the star appeared as a small flat spot. The telescope revealed a small ball in the centre of the lens-shaped disc. Around the disc, at a distance of two doameters, there were three balls similar to the one in the centre of the disc.

The ball in the centre also left its place and flew aside. We offer a report of the group not only not only because of its goals and achievements but as a reminder that individuals and amateurs may still contribute much to learning although our civilization seems to be dominated by large corporations, foundations, and computers! Summer Chongwen District, Beijing, China. A sighting on a clear night, by Song Jiandong, 19 year old student and lover of astronomy, and Song Jianmen, university student. They were observing stars in the night sky, when Song Jiandong saw a slow-moving star-like object, which was soon followed by a larger elliptical one, giving off a blue-green light.

He quickly got his home-made telescope. They had begun to zigzag, and were judged not to be satellites. Beijing sky is restricted airspace. It is lamentable that Governments have drawn a veil of secrecy around this matter. Valparaiso, Chile. The well-known astronomer and director of the private observatory at Villa Alemana, Mr.

Carlos Munoz Ferrara, declared during an interview that flying saucers were harmless. When questioned whether he himself had seen any, he replied in the affirmative. It was not a star, nor a planetoid, nor any known object. It went from South to North. Later between Venus and Mars there appeared two disks which were transparent, for the bright stars could be seen through them. Many people who were with me saw them. When the disks came to the zenith one of them disappeared. Several minutes later we saw one of them again. It remained stationary at a certain height for five minutes.

Photographs were taken, but nothing appeared on the negatives. Michel Observatory who had finished work stepped out of the cupola to take a breath of fresh air. The night sky was clear and they were able to identify with ease the lights — very familiar to them — of the various villages, far and near. But towards the ESE… precisely in the direction of the peak marked m.

They watched this light for minutes without seeing any change in its position or its appearance, nor did it flicker as the flames of a fire would have done. A solid object emitting its own light would have looked no different. The first time the object appeared was on September 19th, at about 9.

One of the men who saw it was Mr. He tried to measure the height of the object with a theodolite when he first saw it, but failed because of cloud. The general concensus of opinion was that the object looked like an upturned saucer and emitted reddish flames. Tshehanovici saw a small disc darting over the New Athos monastery and executing unusual manoeuvres. The monastery is high in the mountains in the middle of a number of gorges. Larissa Zechanovitch of the Moscow Planetarium was on holiday.. The sun had just set, and Larissa, still swimming in the sea, saw a black object in the sky..

It came down to about feet above the water.. He added they might possibly have come from Jupiter. Furthermore, a few minutes after. Sightings came from many parts of the central west, including Orange, Molong and Bathurst… between 7. No sound, just a steady movement of eight lights in close formation. Too fast for planes and too slow for a meteor. Gordon Patson, said later that all the amateur astronomers had seen the lights, and dozens more people had telephoned about them. Patson said the lights, of which most observers counted about eight, were seen 30 degrees above the horizon, 25 degrees west of north.

Ludmila Tsehanovich, geodetical astronomer, saw a glittering disc with a dome in the form of a cabin. April 25th, Canada-Northeast U. M…a brilliantly illuminated object flashed across the Canadian border and sailed majestically southward over the northeastern United Staes. It was seen by millions of people along the Atlantic seaboard. Astronomers and amateur photographers took excellent color pictures of it, some of which were later published in Life, Newsweek, and newspapers all across the country. It was so bright that it lit up the countryside like daylight as it arced gracefully overhead.

The explanation made sense to those who saw it, and so the whole incident was forgotten. Thousands of actual unidentified flying objects are erroneously explained away as meteors every year. Usually no one bothers to collect these meteor reports, lay them out on a map, and study them properly. August ? First of all I carried out a systematic search, then I sat down by the telescope for about an hour, studying the sky with the naked eye.

Suddenly in the constellation Serpens, I caught sight of some object, of a conical shape. In two or three seconds, it moved into the constellation Aquarius. During that time, I could distinctly hear a sound similar to that of chirping birds. Amateur astronomer Mr. They were not like anything I have seen before. Barber and amateur astronomer, Ralph Ditter took three photographs one underexposed of an unidentified object that moved quite slowly around the sky over.

It was about 20 feet in diameter, and rotating counter-clockwise. There was no accompanying sound. April 6th, Sofia, A. The phenomenon was observed from the observatory at Stara Zagora on Thursday, April 6, at 6. The object, which was triangular in shape, was followed by a trail which was only just visible, and rapidly lost its luminosity.

Sometimes it has been stationary, at others it has moved horizontally and vertically with an incedible speed. Another at first thought the red light, or glare, came from a fire. His son — an amateur astronomer — looked through a telescope and discovered three lights, two green and one red. Sometimes a bright flaming disc preceded by a crescent is observed. And sometimes the crescent is preceded and flanked by what look like first- magnitude stars, which keep at a constant distance from it. Such objects could not have been made by man.

Many scientists working at the station witnessed this sighting. August 30th, Stoke-on-Trent, UK; Becanin reported that two were near together and the other was further away. They stayed there until After one or two minutes it rose and faded, and by Michael spoke of a second smaller light which did not change in brightness, and said afterwards that there may have been a third, further from the other two.

Most of the time. The objects were two equally sized circles of light side by side and close together.. Magnitude greater than any celestial body other than the sun and moon. Reminded observer of the headlights of a landrover suspended from a helicopter.. No apparent change in position except perhaps a very slight drift north. Height estimated at approx. Objects probably eventually obscured by cloud… No sound audible. Minseny, an unidentified object was observed. It was white, shining brilliantly, and remained stationary there until hidden by clouds.

Examined through binoculars, it was seen to be triangular in shape. It was higher than the cirrus-type clouds and its altitude can consequently be put at 10, metres above sea-level. Baker was on the earthward side of the clouds, and was farther north than Venus.. He watched them for an hour and they never moved.

Then they started to zig-zag towards the moon, changing colour first to green, then to blue and finally a bright red. He could not see any details because the red colour seemed to enshroud them. It was very bright but he could see that they were oval in shape.

November 21st, Bulgaria; 5. It moved more quickly than a Sputnik and cast a brighter light… The colour-variations were perhaps a result of the setting sun which coincided with the disappearance of our object — the latter went out right in front of our eyes as if it had been extinguished. Note: The shape photographed here is the same as that of an object later photographed over Madrid, Spain, on the evening of September 5th, Professor Reyes Febles, chief of the Antares observatory — in the course of an observation lasting one hour fifty minutes — took 19 photographs of an unidentified craft.

He first saw the object while looking through his telescope, with the intention of photographing the sun. About 17 minutes later, these reappeared and entered the main craft through its right side. The craft then hovered at a height of 4, feet, before flying into a cloud. Telfer and Messrs. Coulson, A. Coulson, J. McKie, F. Corbett, V. Grieve and G. Storey testified to the following recent sighting — Four fiery gems in formation, breaking off and heading in different directions later, featured in a series of exciting UFO displays one night.

Speeds varied from almost stationary to fast moving, for the quartet of shining spheroids also hovering unblinkingly while in formation. Joe esimated that at maximum velocity they would have journeyed from horizon to horizon in anything between six and ten seconds. Joseph said that, as far as he knew, no such phenomena are listed in any standard works of astronomy. May 17th, Andes Mountains, Chile; 1. The team at El Infernillo observatory, which lies at a height of over 13, feet above sea level, managed to photograph a huge blinking, shining disc that had hung, high above the Andes, for an hour.

El Infernillo is aligned with the University of Chile. After hanging for a while near the rim of the lunar disc, the object moved down towards the Moon and suddenly vanished, seemingly passing behind the western edge. Air Force jets chased a large brilliant object over Bavaria tonight. Whatever it was, it got away before it could be identified. Two F jets were sent up from Ramstein Air Base after hundreds of telephone calls to observatories and police by people who saw the object, mostly.

It made a silver glare in the night sky. One astronomer said the object hung for several hours in one position. The pilot of another plane flying at 36, feet reported seeing the same object. Air Force radar screens tracked the Unidentified Flying Object and said it was flying at 90, feet and moving slowly. September 21st, Russia. Tsekhanovich, astronomer and lecturer at the Moscow Planetarium observed a UFO for a period of one hour.

The observer said it appeared to be about 50 meters in diameter and was traveling east. The changing form of this object suggested to the observers that it was constantly switching its position, thus giving the impression of actually changing form. It was observed by two astronomers who described it as triangular shaped and golden in color. December 21st, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; 6. The orange-red object had a diameter less than that of the moon and was travelling south-east. Svatopluk Kriz and Dr. Boris Valnicek of the Ondrejov Observatory. All information on the subject, whether from laymen or scientists, will be classified and analysed by the Centre — which unfortunately has very limited means at its disposal as yet — and the findings will be published.

These alien beings are currently studying the earth and its inhabitants. Sooner or later they will establish formal contact with mankind. Photographs of a strange bright light moving across the sky had completely baffled one of their leading astronomers.. Professor David Marshall, head of Melbourne observatory and lecturer of the city planetarium, killed reports that the pictures showed the planet Saturn.

The photos.. The chairman of the Irish Astronomical Society, Mr. Andrew Trimble, thinks they do, and last night put forward a strong argument in support of unidentified flying objects. In an illustrated talk Mr. Trimble said that many astronomers privately believed in UFOs but did not say so publicly because they feared ridicule.

Beavan, of Paulsgrove, Portsmouth in Hampshire, at about They appeared sharply defined in the clear evening sky at an angle of degrees above the horizon. Gradually, lights began to disappear from among the cluster, until quite soon there were none visible at all. The principal witness and the head of the family is an amateur astronomer of 20 years standing.. With his mm magnification lens fitted in readiness, John — who has an eight-inch telescope at his home — was anxious to get his camera in action straight away, but we waited until the object gently glided closer, much closer..

At our estimated altitude of fewer than ft, the glowing sphere approached.. No sound came from it.. Gary Graham.. Graham, whose hobbies are astronomy and photography, combined both in obtaining his photograph. November While studying the Archimedes area of the moon with a twelve and one-half reflector, Fred Steckling and his son sighted three very large cigar-shaped objects on the floor of the crater — two in the northern area and one in the south. Steckling and his son referred to the Air Force Lunar Sectional Chart of the Archimedes area, and found that no evidence of these objects was recorded.

Based on an approximate diameter of fifty miles for the crater, it was estimated that the cigar-shaped objects — which remained in the crater for several hours — had to have been at least twenty miles long and about three miles wide.

A List of UFO Sightings by Astronomers (Compiled in 2000)

February 24th, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK; 6. Steve, a worker at Coventry Power Station was on top of a tower at the same time as the three policemen reported seeing mysterious objects in the sky. I have no answer for it, said Steve. It was at least a mile west of our position, flying at a speed of at least miles per hour. Altitude was at least 3, feet. To the naked eye it looked like a satellite but it was distinct but very small.

I am an amateur astronomer and I am familiar with most aircraft and their lighting systems so I feel that I can distinguish between ordinary objects and objects of an unusual nature. August 25th, Lancashire, UK; For two reports by astronomers unknown to each other , click here. A middle light was green and it was flanked by red and white lights. I was with John and I can verify what he saw. I must say I was rather shaken by it all.

September 16th, region of Haute-Province, France; 8. Several astronomers observed two small lights very close to each other moving together. Later they appeared as only one point of light, surrounded with a faint halo, and sometimes preceded, not followed, by a short luminous tail of yellow- orange color. Visibility was excellent without clouds or fog. The radar station at Marignane confirmed the object and said it was moving too slow to be a conventional airplane.

Black holes banish matter into cosmic voids

For various reasons, satellites and weather balloons were ruled out. The possibility of a helicopter seems unlikely since there was absolutely no sound from the object at any time to any of the observers. Whatever it was, no identification was ever made, and the witnesses at the Observatory concluded they had indeed seen a UFO. They approached from the north.. They were completely silent.. No lights.. February 2nd, Manchester, UK; 9. It turned out to be a glowing red-orange light, spherical in shape.

Les Morris, of Beechfield Road, Swinton, saw a strange red light in the sky while walking home with his daughter, Marlene. Morris, who works for Shell Chemicals at Carrington, phoned Manchester Airport and was told there had been no planes in the area for at least 15 minutes before he saw the object.

During most of yesterday a peculiar traveling light was observed over the Kaitaia Aerodrome. The object was discovered accidentally by a meteorological office man who came across it when tracking a weather balloon. Michie who is a recognised authority on astronomy. This time his camera was set for a half- hour exposure, so he could not record the sighting photographically.

October 4th, Winsford, Cheshire, UK; Bryan Bishop, was on night shift, and while he was in the works yard he saw in the eastern sky a series of eight lights forming a diamond shape. At first only five lights were visible, but as the object moved almost overhead, eight.. The centre appeared hazy and it was not possible to discern whether this was eight objects or one.. Bishop is an amateur astronomer and a keen meteor observer, he is familiar with the night sky and can recognise natural phenomena and satellites, etc.

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Visible for four minutes, travelling into the distant east at a moderate speed. Gordon Clegg, BJ The news was met by casual banter and the giggling sound that often accompanies an embarassing situation. Not one astronomer ventured outside in the summer night to see for himself. He should be capable of being astonished and eager to find out. A UFO was sighted over Dunedin by several people last night. From Gilikison St. This makes its minimum speed mph. As they watched, the UFO moved upward at an angle of ninety degrees to its original course.

Smythe Award in , and was president of the Jr. Kotnik, a Yugoslavian engineer.. Now, look… I myself was a witness of such a happening in Zagreb, not long ago. May 23rd, Vernon? They noticed a dark object in the sky and David, an amateur astronomer, took six pictures of it as it came closer, dropped to a height above the tree tops, hovered slightly and then rose up through the clouds and disappeared. When developed, a classic type saucer appeared. He termed the photographs convincing evidence of a UFO sighting and said the boys were reliable witnesses. How times have changed!

MM, August 14th, Cheltenham, UK; 1. I was observing Jupiter from the bathroom roof through 16 by 50 binoculars.