Dr. Bobs Guide to Optimal Health: Gods Plan for a Long, Healthy Life

Dr. Bob's Guide to Optimal Health - God's Plan for a Long, Healthy Life (Paperback)
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Not what you don't. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows. It's also a great way to discover new podcasts. Subjects returned to the lab weeks later to have baseline assessments performed and to begin the 21 day fast. The outcome variables described below were measured before baseline: day 1 of the fast and after the fast day All data collection was done in the morning hours am in a 12 hour fasted state. Upon arrival to the lab, subjects were asked to complete a questionnaire pertaining to their overall mental and physical health status SFv2; QualityMetric, Inc.

The questionnaire was delivered using a computer based program and scoring was performed using automated software immediately following completion of the questionnaire. Following completion of the above questionnaire, subjects were asked to void. Women performed a urine pregnancy test to confirm that they were not pregnant, as pregnant women were not allowed to participate in this study due to potential fetal radiation exposure with the dual energy x-ray absorptiometry DEXA scan.

Subjects were then seated in a chair with a blood pressure cuff placed on their left arm. Subjects rested for 10 minutes, after which time heart rate was measured via palpation for 60 seconds using the radial artery by two trained technicians--one on each wrist. Blood pressure was then measured via auscultation using a calibrated manometer and a dual earpiece stethoscope that allowed for two trained technicians to listen simultaneously.

Duplicate measures were obtained for both heart rate and blood pressure hence a total of four measures for each variable, two from each technician and the average of all measures was used in data analysis. If values deviated by more than 5 bpm for heart rate or 5 mmHG for blood pressure, an additional measure was taken. Subjects' height was measured using a stadiometer, and body weight was measured using a calibrated medical scale.

Ebook Dr. Bob\\\'s Guide To Optimal Health: God\\\'s Plan For A Long, Healthy Life

Body mass index was calculated as weight kg divided by height m 2. Waist and hip circumference measurements were obtained using a tension-regulated tape measure, with subjects wearing "spandex-like" shorts. Specifically, total and regional trunk specific body fat were determined.

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The assessment was performed by a licensed technician. All assays were performed with 24 hours of sample collection. Complete blood count was determined using an automated cell counter Coulter LH Insulin was determined using an immuno-chemiluminescent assay procedure Roche Modular E C-reactive protein was determined using a high-sensitivity, particle-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay Roche Integra All subjects were instructed to maintain their normal diet until they began the fast and to record on data forms all food and beverage consumed during the seven days immediately prior to the start of the fast.

Subjects were also asked to record food and beverage intake during the final seven days of the fast.

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Dr. Bob's Guide to Optimal Health: God's Plan for a Long, Healthy Life [Bob DeMaria] on ykoketomel.ml *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How to steward . Dr. Bob's Guide to Optimal Health: God's Plan for a Long, Healthy Life by DeMaria, Bob () Paperback on ykoketomel.ml *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A technician reviewed in detail the nutritional records with each subject upon receipt. Regarding physical activity, subjects were instructed to maintain their normal habits during the entire study period. Subjects were instructed to refrain from alcohol consumption during the fast and to avoid strenuous exercise during the hours immediately preceding the two assessment days. All data were analyzed using a t-test. Analyses were performed using JMP statistical software version 4.

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Forty-four subjects were initially enrolled in the study, and all 44 subjects completed the 21 day fast, as well as pre and post assessments. Of the remaining 43 subjects, compliance to the fast was Subjects' overall mood during the fast was indicated at 7. Through completion of a post fast questionnaire, subjects reported that the main enervation of their mental health was the omission of caffeine. However, aside from caffeine, there was no one particular food item that impaired subjects' mental outlook or limited subjects' interest in complying with the fast guidelines.

Subjects noted that they enjoyed the ad libitum nature of the plan, as well as the wide variety of food choices. In fact, most subjects reported that they would continue implementing many components of the plan into their previous diets. Finally, subjects reported that selecting food items that complied with the fast guidelines, in addition to planning and preparing meals, were the most challenging components of the fast.

That being said, subjects commented repeatedly that the forced review of food labels significantly increased their knowledge and awareness of the kilocalorie content and macro- and micro-nutrient composition of foods, as well as the inclusion of additives and preservatives. Hence, such a program may very well serve as an education in food choices, rather than merely a method to improve metabolic and cardiovascular health.

In relation to the bloodborne variables, we were able to obtain blood samples on 42 of the 43 subjects. Of the 42 subjects for which blood samples were obtained, pre and post insulin values were not included for two subjects and CRP values were not included for one subject, due to problems in sample analysis.

Mental and physical health, hemodynamic, and anthropometric data of men and women before and after a 21 day Daniel Fast. Insulin pre: 4. As expected, several differences existed in dietary intake from pre fast to the final week of the fast. Dietary data of men and women before and during the final seven days of a 21 day Daniel Fast. Results from the present study indicate that a 21 day Daniel Fast 1 significantly reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure, 2 significantly reduces total, LDL, and HDL cholesterol, 3 reduces insulin, HOMA-IR, and C-reactive protein in a clinically meaningful, although statistically insignificant manner, 4 does not cause any negative effects on blood count or metabolic panel values, 5 is well-tolerated, and 6 may be useful as a nutrition education tool for men and women.

To our knowledge, this is the first scientific investigation of the Daniel Fast. This suggests that a wide variety of individuals may benefit from a dietary approach in accordance with the Daniel Fast.

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As we were not concerned with weight status, sex, or training status comparisons in this initial study, coupled with the fact that no interactions were noted for any of the above-mentioned comparisons, only pooled data are presented in the tables and discussed within this manuscript. It is important to note that our findings are in reference to relatively healthy, young to middle age men and women age range: years , with a wide BMI range Interestingly, we noted similar findings in all subject groups as discussed below.

For example, similar percent changes in all measured variables from pre to post fast were observed in subjects who are of normal weight and low body fat e. Based on our collective findings, it is possible that individuals with diagnosed metabolic and cardiovascular disorders may experience clinically meaningful results on such a dietary regimen.

Future work should consider the inclusion of such patients, as this diet may be considered an anti-inflammatory, anti-atherogenic, anti-hypertensive, non-pharmacologic approach to disease risk management. If this eating plan is to be viewed as "heart healthy" in all aspects, future studies involving the Daniel Fast may include specific food choices e.

A post hoc power analysis indicated that a total of 57 subjects would be needed to demonstrate statistical significance for insulin and HOMA-IR, while 65 subjects would be needed for C-reactive protein. Future studies may include a larger sample size in order to improve the chance of achieving statistical significance for these variables. Of course, inclusion of individuals with high pre fast values for these variables may also improve the chance of noting statistically significant findings.

It is interesting to note that even those subjects who were vegetarian prior to starting the fast experienced dramatic reductions in total and LDL-C, in addition to improvements in other markers. Clearly, the exclusion of meat from the diet as is the case for vegetarians is not the only dietary factor involved in raising circulating cholesterol and other risk factors for cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

It is possible that multiple dietary factors, inclusive moderate and high fat dairy products, as well as processed and packaged foods containing trans fats, simple carbohydrates, and various additives and preservatives can negatively affect the variables included in the present design. Future study is needed to investigate this effect.

While the latter findings are likely related to the lower protein intake particularly meat observed in this study [ 27 , 28 ], the slight decrease in white blood cells is not well-supported. It has been suggested that ingestion of food additives and preservatives can increase white blood cell count by triggering an immune response due to a sensing of invading pathogens from the food stuff; however, we are unaware of any scientific reports that confirm this hypothesis.

In the present plan, subjects' diets were devoid of such additives and preservatives, which may help to explain the finding of lowered white blood cells.

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Based on these findings, the short-term effects of the Daniel Fast do not pose any health concerns. Caloric restriction in humans. Developers constantly update and improve. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we'll automatically remove it at Checkout. Subjects returned to the lab weeks later to have baseline assessments performed and to begin the 21 day fast. With the latest cutting edge technology, top physicians, and an established management system, Ibn Sina Hospital Sylhet Limited brings World Class healthcare to Sylhet at an affordable price.

Moreover, any reduction in saturated fat intake, as well as in body weight or body fat levels, may have contributed to these findings, as excess fat ingestion and increased adiposity has been associated with increased inflammation. This finding indicates that the intake of natural, high fiber, low glycemic carbohydrate foods enhances satiety and consequently reduces kilocalorie intake [ 12 , 29 ].

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Subjects did not purposely restrict food intake, as evidenced by their comments, compliance to the fast, and self-reported satiety ratings. It is likely that subjects consumed a similar or greater volume of food as compared to pre fast, despite consuming fewer total kilocalories; this is plausible, because the foods that were consumed during the fast were more nutrient dense and less energy dense compared to the foods consumed before the fast. This includes the increased intake of fruit during the fast, which resulted in a similar amount of sugar to be consumed as compared to pre fast, although seemed to provide increased satiety, likely due to the fiber content of some fruits.

As mentioned earlier, many of our subjects were already in very good physical condition prior to starting the fast, and therefore had little room for improvement. Inclusion of a homogeneous sample of obese subjects would likely yield statistically significant findings for many of the anthropometric variables.

In fact, most variables were nearly identical from pre to post fast. Based on these findings, the short-term effects of the Daniel Fast do not pose any health concerns. Future studies including longer fasting protocols should continue to monitor clinical parameters in order to extend the present findings. Each of these differences was expected based on prior literature. Finally, for completeness of analysis, we analyzed data using a 2 training status: trained vs. She described the cancer as having been caught early and said it would not interfere in her ability to fulfill her duties as governor.

She went to the University of Alabama at Birmingham to have the initial procedure done. She is back in Montgomery and looks forward to returning to her regular schedule next week," Ivey Press Secretary Gina Maiola wrote in a statement. The governor's office has not disclosed the specific type of cancer she was diagnosed as having. The office said the outpatient procedure will enable her to undergo a series of radiation treatments. The year-old Republican governor said the spot was discovered in a routine exam and was later confirmed to be what she called a tiny, isolated malignancy.

Just as so many others who have been affected by cancer, I am confident of God's plan and purpose for my life and feel extremely fortunate this was caught so early.

Suresh S.