Video Games and Creativity

Video game playing tied to creativity
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Video games can make us creative if spark is right

source url Whether it is the dramatic landscapes, character design or storyline. Some games can inspire you to create your own worlds.

These are a few video games that for whatever reason can reignite your creativity. The games in this list are personal choices from the games I have played.

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All of the game images in this post are screenshots heavily modified in Photoshop to look like paintings. Very few games actually get me emotionally attached to the character but this game almost got me upset a few times. The graphics are one thing but at the end of the day, it is the story that keeps you playing a game.

The game teases you with little bits of the backstory as you progress, not enough to figure it out, but just enough to keep you playing. The creature design is incredible and if you like big robots you are in for a treat. Horizon offers a world where machines are the dominant life-forms with their own ecosystems.

Guerilla Games are also responsible for the Killzone games which are extremely stylish. The abandoned cities and the fresh take on a zombie style infection make for some stunning concept art. The Last of Us is clearly inspired by films and shows like the Walking Dead but the artwork takes it to another level. The zombie epidemic is actually a fungal infection and the creature design is beautiful yet disturbing. I have a copy of the official art book by Dark Horse and the amount of concept art is staggering.

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Video games have become an increasingly ubiquitous part of society due to the proliferation and use of mobile devices. This is a series of questions and activities that scientist use to gauge the creative powers of the mind. When a concussion left her depressed and unable to work, she gamified her recovery process, treating each recovery goal like a challenge that she had to achieve. A study of nearly year-olds found that the more kids played video games, the more creative they were in tasks such as drawing pictures and writing stories. Amitabh Avasthi axa47 psu. Or have you just had the creative thought of your own that perhaps these children would be even MORE creative if not for the time spent with a controller and headset?

Although the wall would terrify children. Naughty Dog is also the studio behind the Uncharted Game series. The Uncharted games are just as well designed as The Last of Us.

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Metal Gear! Metal gear solid on the PS1 was probably my first experience of playing a game with a cinematic movie like plot.

10 Video Game Innovations That CHANGED Complete Genres

I know the story is ridiculous at times but I love it. The bosses were brilliant and the level design is perfect.


It is a video game and is more than happy to through in some crazy stuff to keep the player entertained. It is one of the few games that manages to balance arcade elements with tactical stealth and strategy. However visually it looked amazing and featured some cool robots.

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While we are often remined of the negative effects of video games, a new study encourages us to acknowledge their educational aspects. Emphasis on video games as the sole information technology related to creativity was made explicit in an abridged version of the paper published in the.

Photography is a creative discipline, and from my experience creativity is the main area that suffers from playing games. I am a designer and am lucky enough to be pretty successful. Despite this I have managed to sink hours into gaming, culminating in a couple of years in an MMO. I stopped playing that about 4 years ago. Luckily for me I have always been pretty ambitious which has kept me in work, subsequently having work deadlines in a highly competitive field has kept my gaming in check.

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Every job I have ever had has been through someone I know, or a recommendation of someone I know. Creative work is all about trust, companies put a lot of money into a job usually with short deadlines, and part of the future of their business rides on the success of your work. They will hire someone with a personal recommendation every time. Social media sites do not count. Computers kill creativity, and gaming most of all. At best, you are just thinking within the confines of the software.

With gaming I found this spills over, sometimes I would think about a game even when not playing, but more often it is a subtle effect. It is very insidious, and I would only really notice when I had time away. A week without using a computer, and my mind would start racing with ideas, not only that I would have the motivation to execute them. Just like when I was a kid. I always had plans, and thought I would do them later.

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