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But meh. Wanted to like this more than I did. Two cynical people fall in love by one-upping each other in the who-can-be-more-sardonic department. Very subdued but that makes the few emotional outbursts more impactful. The decidedly dour second half has some unique tonal changes that really set it apart from other films of the time. Imagine an experimental theater company that stages a grim, fully deadpan production of a Neil Simon play.

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Then after intermission they do a grim, fully deadpan staging of the second act of an entirely different Neil Simon play. Geraldine Page ushers and serves light refreshments at incorrect temperatures. Pete 'n' Tillie.

Director Martin Ritt. Frank Bracht.

Wish For Us, A

John A. George C.

John Williams. Edith Head. Language English. Rosie is to girl robots what Robbie is to boy robots: hideously overused. Comic strips foreshadowed the workings of comic books. As soon as one genre or character or notion succeeded others would rush in to cash in on its success. Even the tiniest hamlet had a weekly newspaper, places with two or more crossroads boasted a daily paper, every sizable city had two in furious competition, the largest cities might have a dozen.

With a few conspicuous exceptions The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal , every one of those thousands of geographical locations needed comic strips by the handful. Few even of the most famous ran in more than papers: a trip to a new city often meant seeing a page of utterly unfamiliar strips. Sunday papers ran separate, full-color comic sections featuring some Sunday versions of daily strips and some strips that ran only on Sundays.

These strips, reaching tens of millions of households in an era when virtually nothing else appeared in full color, were kings of popular culture, the most popular and most-read sections of newspapers, beloved by all ages. Selling a comic strip was the dream of most young artists, a goal reachable by all who had a fertile brain full of gags, at least half-decent talent, and the willingness to toil long hours over a drafting board. Russ Westover fit the archetype. Winnie took off immediately, landing in over papers, spawning a series of movie shorts in , and earning a comic book with her name on the title.

Both started out as daily gag strips and evolved into months-long continuing storylines but the resemblance stops there. Winnie was efficient, wholesome, and the support of her ever-extending family. Tillie was one of the worse people not explicitly a villain ever to head a comic strip. She was lazy, bad at her job, and sufficiently narcissistic and self-entered to earn a DSM label.

A promo ad for the strip roasts her royally. Haters probably felt she satirized the jazz age flapper; admirers loved her insouciance.

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She soared over Winnie, eventually landing in over newspapers, a major hit. Marion Davis starred as Tillie in a full-length movie and Kay Francis repeated the role in , both movies titled Tillie the Toiler. The archetypal flapper girl, she spent all of her free time shopping and primping, allowing Westover to model her in a dazzling array of contemporary fashions, a new look every day.

Dennis Smith Jr. denies that he was paid to play for N.C. State

He also leveraged a gimmick common to Sunday strips by making it interactive. Few so-called full page strips were actually full-page that made them harder to adapt in tabloids and papers trying to squeeze in extra titles. Drawn at first by Westover, the outfit soon became a magnet for girls and presumably grown women to send in their own designs. Not only did readers delight in seeing their names in print, but the cheesecake poses and skimpy underwear on the cut-out dolls added a frisson of cheesecake to the otherwise purely wholesome comic pages.

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I'm Agent Rustee Rails, chief of the coordinator's ranks of the Resistance. If we can't act fast, Cerberus will take over the entire planet. Henry: And remember, don't make a sound. The machines can hear us. Since that can fell aground, they went completely bonkers.

They refuse to let the Toyland Express out. Rustee Rails: Yeah, and the Toyland Express will only help you, if you absolutely free him.

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View the profiles of people named Scarlett Tillie. Join Facebook to connect with Scarlett Tillie and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power. Tillie had crept up to my side. I reached down and petted her soft head. She knew what had happened. Was she the only one? "Tillie. Go lay down!" Dad spoke.

Henry: He'll give you your first power. Rustee Rails: A piece of advice: You can control the camera and take a look around to see if you find anything. Casey Jr: What are those things? I believe these is a lightsaber and a pistol gun. The weapons of the Jedi Knight and Rebel.