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Where else? I was the newbie. She was late. The connection was instant and eight years later it still remains. I feel another rebellion coming on…instead of a board game, can I read a book out loud? Is that too geeky? But I think it would be completely sexy to read to a guy while he…. So, anyway, you probably want to know what book I would choose. And HOT. Holy cow, that woman was far ahead of her time. I first read it many years ago and have re-read it so much certain pages are falling out.

Razor scooters and Xbox s. They distract my children most excellently so I can write. Oh, wait. Is that not what you meant? And, of course, you all remember that it was part of the soundtrack for Robin Hood with Kevin Costner, right? Baskin Robbins is the perfect place to go for dessert.

Not only is she the protector for a group of outcasts, but Aurora must also track down a force trying to destroy the territory, as well as decide if Edmund, a handsome heir, is worth her trust. Rae handles all these plot twists with ease and a subtle sense of humor. The tension between Edmund and Aurora adds to the fun, and a twist at the end reveals a villain I never saw coming. Feb 13, Marsha Spohn rated it really liked it. That does not change what I think of this novel. No true spoilers, promise. I absolutely loved the world building in this novel. I enjoy reading alternative universe based novels mainly to see how the author changes, merges and creates an entire new existence.

And as a result, has me believing it in totally. Equally obvious that they have different ways in dealing with the harsh realities of their world. Each has magical abilities, neither one will back down from a fight in which they believe they are justified — so, we end up with powerful people needing to find a way to fight their common enemy without tearing each other apart.

I would invite you to check out the Mayflower Mages series for yourself. In an alternative universe almost anything is possible — and I think you need to experience this universe for yourself. You will find dark and light magic, really nasty villains to hate, a very well defined secondary cast of characters to enjoy and a mystery that will take their combined talents to figure out.

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So go on, pick up a copy and fall into an amazing story that will keep you interested to the very last page. I loved the hero of this book. It's been a very long time since I've come across such a wonderful leading man. As much as I liked Aurora, Edmund totally stole my heart. It took me a few chapters to get into the book - perhaps because I haven't read the first in the series. But I did like the world built here. Great alternate reality version of USA as mage run Republic.

I'd like to read more. But if it hadn't been for the wonderful love story between Edmund and Aurora, it would have been a 3 and h I loved the hero of this book.

But if it hadn't been for the wonderful love story between Edmund and Aurora, it would have been a 3 and half star read at best. With them, it's shot straight to my keeper shelf. And I'll be reading everything else this lovely author may have written in the past. Wholeheartedly recommended to anyone who enjoyes a truly strong hero unafraid of his feelings and the will to express them. The concept was interesting, so I picked up the first book in the series to review as well.

So this may be the very first time in my long life as a reader that going back and reading the first book s in a series made things harder rather than better.

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It took me a bit to figure out why. So I went back and re-read it for itself, and with that in mind, and I liked it much better. They just have such natural balance and symmetry, and the heroine is not remotely weak or dependent. My one complaint about this book is I consider the ending a bit of a dues ex machina, and it was hard to get past that.

Overall, I am giving this 3. Feb 20, Mel rated it liked it Shelves: arc , e-books. I liked this book even better than the first one. It is more action-packed and does not focus as much on the romance as the first book did. Each book of the Mayflower Mages series can be read as a standalone. Though I do recommend reading them in order, since they center on one family and follow a timeline.

So in the second book the happenings from the first book will be mentioned and therefore spoiled if you planned to read the first book later. But every book has an ending of its own which is nice for a change. I was happy to notice, that many problems I had with the first book seemed to be taken care of in the second book. This time the focus was more on finding out who caused the problems in the Rallies territories and the social structures. I wish we also had learned more about the terrorist attacks but, unfortunately, they were not mentioned at all.

I was glad that the romance part of the story did not take over. Only this time Rae managed to work the romance into the story. Rae seems to like couples who obviously have feelings for each other but fight an inner battle about giving in to their feelings. I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of that. I mean, that a character might have doubts is a given but after the character has made a decision I want him or her to stick to that decision and not go back and forth again and again.

On a personal note, I would have wished that the romance had not been pre-existing. The love story felt like a repeat of Vince and Bronte. I had been looking forward to reading more about Edmund after the first book. He seemed like such an interesting character.

Unfortunately, he became a little flat in this book.

I feel like his interesting character traits fell victim to the love story. For a long time I also could not pinpoint why I felt so disconnected to the story. I had the same problem with the first book but I could not figure it out until now. Rae focuses very much on the two main characters. Almost the whole book is about the two main characters even though so much is going on. We are introduced to minor characters but very often they are only mentioned or have a very short interaction with one of the main characters. I wish Rae would focus more on the side characters especially since she has some great characters on the sideline.

There is a lot of potential and it would give the story more background. The story was faster paced and the romance less overwhelming. I am curious who will be the love interest in the next book.

Syphon's Song

There are some great possibilities and all of them seem interesting. Again I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a romance book with a well thought-through magical system. The enchanted mesh of vines and branches that blocked the entrance to Rallis Territory's forbidden forest vibrated in welcome as its creator returned Welcome to Book Two in the Mayflower Mages series. Picking up shortly after the events in book one left off.

Our heroine is an enchanter mage one of several new breeds of mages that author Anise Rae introduces us to living on her ow "The keep-out spell awoke at her approach. Our heroine is an enchanter mage one of several new breeds of mages that author Anise Rae introduces us to living on her own terms on the wrong side of the Republic tracks known as the Drainpipe.

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When we meet Aurora Firenze, she's on the backside of a long-term vow to one of the founding families the Noble family and she's not in a rush to find herself avowed to the service of another family, no matter how deep her bond with Edmund Rallis is. Remember him from Syphon's Song? Much like her previous book, Rae is writing a romance with so much more. We've got a case of sabotage on the Rallis family and their entire territory and an entire cast of suspects to choose from. And while they're trying to save Rallis and Edmund himself , our hero and heroine are on a crash course to falling in love.

I want to take a second here and commend the author. In both of her books now, she's featured a love story that, while complicated, isn't tortured. I really love that and found it so much easier to root for our couple--they were in love and even if one or both thought sacrifice was necessary, there was no question or potential love triangle to muddy the waters. It was pure and emotional and came across the pages. I dug that!

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There's a gentleness to Aurora compared to the timidity and fear our poor Bronte carried in Syphon's Song that's sweet and sort of made me want to hug her--or at least invite her over for hot chocolate and Jane Austen movies. I mentioned in my previous review how much I admired Rae's world building. It was all still here in book two, but in this entry in the series, I was fascinated by the way the vibes magical auras ratcheted up the sensuality and tension in the story It made the bonds between Edmund and Aurora that much more layered and was fascinating to imagine.

As if I needed more reasons to love this series, I happened to reach out to the author via social media with a question about review timing. I'm happy to report she's just as lovely as her series and it makes me root for an author and their work even more when they're genuinely nice people. Rumor has it okay, she told me that's she's hard at work on book three, and if you happen to read the acknowledgements, she mentions book three will be Gregor's story you'll remember him from Syphon's Song. Hooray, ya'll!! Enchanter's Echo was incredibly unique, well written and full of complex characters that you can't help but to root for.

The magic was fantastic and really draws you in. I was incredibly lucky to get an advanced review copy of this book through NetGalley. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own. Feb 19, Gaele rated it really liked it Shelves: kensington , net-galley , reviewed. With light and dark magic, inherited territories and a strictly defined series of laws to define and control the country. Aurora is a wonderful character: she world that is mage driven with plenty of mystery, danger and consequence to be found in making the wrong choice.

Her particular talent is to work with metals and metal-implants, she can fix just about anything. Her hideout is in a junkyard where she is busily repairing items. She hasn't spoken to her family in thirteen years, not since they exiled her from society for her lack of mage power. But she's a syphon mage, able drain another mage's power. Syphons' destinies are always the same: death by fiery stake.

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She hides her secret by living among the Nons--powerless humans and the lowest class in the Republic. When her family orders her to go plead for the body's return, she comes face to face with the one man who knows her secret. Colonel Vincent Rallis isn't letting his syphon get away this time.

Not when she's under suspicion of body-napping and aiding anti-mage terrorists. He'll prove her innocence whether she wants him to or not, and then convince her they belong together Vincent's help comes with a steep price: Bronte must reveal her power.

The inevitable ensuing witch-hunt and trial would be bad enough, but even a tough girl might buckle if her prosecutors are her own parents. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Mayflower Mages, 1 Legends say a syphon can drain a mage dry. Product Details.

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