Studies on Large Branchiopod Biology and Aquaculture II

The fairy shrimp Chirocephalus brevipalpis (Orghidan, 1953), (Crustacea: Anostraca) in Yugoslavia
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This book contains a collection of papers dealing with various aspects of the biology and aquaculture of the large branchiopod crustacea; the Anostraca. Studies on Large Branchiopod Biology and Aquaculture II ( Developments in Hydrobiology) (): Denton Belk, Henri J. Dumont.

Hydrobiologia ;— Duration of inundation and change in physical and chemical characteristics of small temporary pans in South Africa. Diversity patterns of temporary wetland macroinvertebrate assemblage in the south-western Cape, South Africa. African Journal of Aquatic Science ;— The effect of acid mine drainage on the hatching success of branchiopod egg banks from endorheic wetlands in South Africa.

Conservation status of large branchiopods in the Western Cape, South Africa. Samways MJ. Farm dams as nature reserves for dragonflies Odonata at various altitudes in the Natal Drakensburg mountains, South Africa. Biological Conservation a;— Value of artificial ponds for aquatic beetle and bug conservation in the cape floristic region biodiversity hotspot. Macroinvertebrates as unreliable indicators of human disturbance in temporary depression wetlands of the south-western Cape, South Africa. A new index of water quality assessment in Mediterranean wetlands based on crustacean and insect assemblages: the case of Catalunya NE Iberian peninsula.

Towards a multimetric index for ecological assessment of Mediterranean flatland ponds: the use of macroinvertebrates as bioindicators. Hydrobiologia — Karoo shale gas report—Special report on economic considerations surrounding potential shale gas resources in the southern Karoo of South Africa. Econometrix Pty Ltd. Johannesburg, South Africa: Pretoria: The Karoo. Ecological patterns and processes.


Nama-Karoo Biome. In: Mucinal Rutherford MC, editors. South African atlas of agrohydrology and climatology. WRC Report No. Schulze RE. Vegetation of southern Africa. The climate of the Karoo—a functional approach. The Karoo Ecological patterns and processes. Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater. A manual of chemical and biological methods for seawater analysis. New York: Pergamon Press; Studies on the nitrate nutrition of two indigenous Rhodesian grasses.

Journal of Applied Ecology. Welschmeyer NA.

Studies on Large Branchiopod Biology and Conservation

Fluorometric analysis of chlorophyll a in the presence of chlorophyll b and pheopigments. Limnology and Oceanography. Holm-Hansen O, Riemann B. Chlorophyll a determination: Improvements in methodology. Vegetation map of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland, scale sheet maps. Effects of sampling area and subsampling procedure on comparisons of taxa richness among streams. Evaluating subsampling approaches and macroinvertebrate taxonomic resolution for wetland bioassessment.

Barbour MT, Gerritsen J. Subsampling of benthic samples: A defense of the fixed-count method. Sovell LA, Vondracek B. Journal of the North American Benthological Society ;— Guides to the Freshwater Invertebrates of Southern Africa. WRC Report no. Stals R, de Moor IJ, editors. Models and estimators linking individual-based and sample-based rarefaction, extrapolation and comparison of assemblages. Journal of Plant Ecology.

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Gotelli NJ, Chao A. Measuring and estimating species richness, species diversity, and biotic similarity from sampling data. In: Levin SA, editor. Encyclopedia of Biodiversity. Waltham: MA: Academic Press; Anderson MJ. A new method for non-parametric multivariate analysis of variance. Austral Ecology. Legendre P, Anderson MJ. Distance-based redundancy analysis: testing multi-species responses in multi-factorial ecological experiments.

Ecological Monographs. Fitting multivariate models to community data: a comment on distance-based redundancy analysis. Ecology ;82 1 — Change in marine communities: An approach to statistical analysis and interpretation. Brown JH. On the relationship between abundance and distribution of species. The American Naturalist ; 2 — Gaston KJ. The multiple forms of the interspecific abundancedistribution relationship. Diversity and composition of macroinvertebrate assemblages in high-altitude Tibetan streams.

Inland Waters ;— Macroinvertebtrate diversity and conservation status of Mediterranean ponds in Italy: water permanence and mesohabitat influence. Are distribution patterns linked to dispersal mechanism? An investigation using pond invertebrate assemblages. Freshwater Biology ;— Entomologia Croatica. The role of metacommunity processes in shaping invertebrate rock pool communities along a dispersal gradient.

Assessment of the physicochemical characteristics of surface waterbodies in a region earmarked for shale gas exploration Eastern Cape Karoo, South Africa. Marine and Freshwater Research. Correlation between the zooplanktonic community and environmental variables in a reservoir from the Northeastern semi-arid. Acta Limnologica Brasiliensia. The significance of water inputs to plankton biomass and trophic relationships in a semi-arid freshwater wetland central Spain.

Journal of Plankton Research. Community structure in temporary freshwater pools: disentangling effects of habitat size and hydroregime. Adaptation, phenology and disturbance of macroinvertebrates in temporary water bodies. Assessment of the effects of the dry period on the faunal composition of aquatic macroinvertebrate assemblages in two temporary ponds in NW Spain. Epub Role of diapause in dispersal of aquatic invertebrates. In: V. A, De Stasio B, editors. Dordrecht: Springer; Macroinvertebrate community composition and diversity in ephemeral and perennial ponds on unregulated floodplain meadows in the UK.

The diversity of life in African freshwaters: under water, under threat. An analysis of the status and distribution of freshwater species throughout mainland Africa. Global diversity of large branchiopods Crustacea: Branchiopoda in fresh water.

Studies on large branchiopod biology and aquaculture II [1995]

Invertebrate community patterns in Mediterranean temporary wetlands along hydroperiod and salinity gradients Freshwater Biology. Predictions on the effect of common carp Cyprinus carpio exclusion on water quality, zooplankton, and submergent macrophytes in a Great Lakes wetland. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. Hart RC.

Zooplankton abundance, community structure and dynamics in relation to inorganic turbidity, and their implications for a potential fishery in subtropical Lake le Roux, South Africa. Freshwater Biology. Seasonal fluctuations in macrophyte cover and water transparency of four brown-water lakes: implications for crustacean zooplankton in littoral and pelagic habitats. Fine sediment input and benthic fauna interactions at the confluence of two large rivers. International Journal of Environmental Research.

The interaction between water movement, sediment dynamics and submersed macrophytes. Mhlanga L, Siziba N. African Journal of Aquatic Science. Zedler PH. The relationship between pH and community structure of invertebrates in streams of the Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, U. The effects of stream acidity on benthic invertebrate communities in the south-eastern United States. Impacts of terrestrial habitat transformation on temporary wetland invertebrates in a sclerophyllous sand fynbos landscape. Macroinvertebrate richness patterns in North African streams.

Journal of Biogeography. Aquatic macroinvertebrate diversity and composition in streams along an altitudinal gradient in Southeastern Brazil. Biota Neotropica. Spatial distribution of benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in relation to environmental variables in Korean nationwide streams. Urban ponds as an aquatic biodiversity resource in modified landscapes. Global Change Biology. Terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates as bioindicators for environmental monitoring, with particular reference to mountain ecosystems.

Environmental Management. Feld CK, Hering D. Community structure or function: effects of environmental stress on benthic macroinvertebrates at different spatial scales. Environmental impacts of shale gas extraction in Canada. Ottawa ON : The expert panel on harnessing science and technology to understand the environmental impacts of shale gas extraction Ottawa: Council of Canadian Academies, Modified water regime and salinity as a consequence of climate change: prospects for wetlands of Southern Australia.

Climatic Change. Soil erosion and surface water quality impacts of natural gas development in ast Texas, USA. A critical review of the risks to water resources from unconventional shale gas development and hydraulic fracturing in the United States. Changes in biotic communities developing from freshwater wetland sediments under experimental salinity and water regimes. Impact of sediment releases on water chemistry and macroinvertebrate communities in clear water Andean streams Bolivia.

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Wantzen KM. Physical pollution: effects of gully erosion on benthic invertebrates in a tropical clear-water stream. Effects of sediment pollution on food webs in a tropical river Borneo, Indonesia. Artificial ponds increase local dragonfly diversity in a global biodiversity hotspot. Biodiversity and Conservation. View Article Google Scholar. The geographical distribution of Triops australiensis Crustacea: Notostraca in Australia: a biogeoclimatic analysis. Resting eggs of Anostraca, Notostraca and Spinicaudata Crustacea, Branchiopoda occurring in France: identification and taxonomical value.

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Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. Table of contents 32 chapters Table of contents 32 chapters The growth rate and growth efficiency of Streptocephalus macrourus Crustacea, Anostraca cultured on microalgae Pages Mitchell, S. Culturing Artemia Tuticorin strain in organic and agricultural wastes at different salinities Pages Basil, J. Antony et al. A rapid, non-stressing technique for measuring growth in Anostraca and other delicate, medium-sized aquatic invertebrates Pages Walsche, Christine et al.

Observations on temperature optimum, cyst production, and survival of Streptocephalus proboscideus Frauenfeld, Crustacea: Anostraca , fed different diets Pages Walsche, Christine et al. A model for growth of Artemia franciscana cultures based on food ration-dependent gross growth efficiencies Pages Abreu-Grobois, F. Some aspects of Artemia biology affected by cestode parasitism Pages Amat, F. Indirect effects of the fairy shrimp, Branchipus schaefferi and two ostracod species on Bacillus thuringiensis var Israelensis-induced mortality in mosquito larvae Pages Blaustein, Leon et al.

It also examines the effects of human interventions, mainly dam building, but also pollution and eutrophication. It ends with several contributions on the natural resource value of water, and the constraints this imposes on the policies of the riparian states. Jellyfish blooms : ecological and societal importance : proceedings of the International Conference on Jellyfish Blooms, held in Gulf Shores, Alabama, January by J. These beautiful creatures have come to public attention as featured exhibits in aquaria and in news headlines as invaders and as providers of genes used in biomedical research.

Nevertheless, jellyfish are generally considered to be nuisances because they interfere with human activities by stinging swimmers, clogging power plant intakes and nets of fishermen and fish farms, and competing with fish and eating fish eggs and larvae. There is concern that environmental changes such as global warming, eutrophication, and over-fishing may result in increased jellyfish populations. The literature reviews and research papers in this volume explore the interactions between jellyfish and humans.

Papers cover the medical aspects of jellyfish stings, jellyfish as human food and jellyfish fisheries, interactions of jellyfish and fish, effects of environmental changes on jellyfish, effects of introduced ctenophores on the Black Sea ecosystem, factors causing increases or concentrations of jellyfish, and others aspects of jellyfish ecology. This is an important reference for students and professional marine biologists, oceanographers, fishery scientists, and aquarists. Tropical zooplankton by H. J Dumont Book 14 editions published in in English and Undetermined and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Our knowledge of the limnology of the waters situated, roughly, between the tropics of cancer and of capricorn, has depended for a long time on the expedition-approach, and therefore developed in a rather irregular, haphazard way, with the personal incentive of a small number of individuals as the main driving force.

Things slowly started to change in the s, and at an accelerating rate in the s and s. For one thing, they showed the need for the creation of in situ limnological research institutes. When, in the s, limnological research facilities or their nuclei began to appear in the tropical zones of all continents, an interesting phenomenon occurred: while most of the young native limnologists had received their training in advanced centres or courses held in the temperate and developed climatic zones, quite a few of their former supervisors or their associates became interested in warm lakes and rivers as well, using the new or newly expanded local institutes.

We are, today, still in this phase and it is, apparently, expanding even further. Although not all experiments of this kind lead to happy marriages, a few were quite successful, and several papers contained in the present volume are hoped to reflect this. J Dumont Book 7 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide At the end of the first international Symposium on Rotifers diately accepted to do this, and kindly made an entire in Lunz, Austria, September , entousiastic pleas were special volume of its Journal 'Hydrobiologia' available made for a second gathering of possibly the same format for this purpose.

Also, arrangements were made to have and spirit that had made the first one such a great success. King and Jens Petter Nilssen in particular, tentatively in Gent, and two communications by collegues who could suggested that Gent University might host a meeting of not attend in person.

In view of the relatively large number of Be1gian by one or more referees. Manuscripts have been adjusted, rotifer workers, many among which are or were active in wherever needed, for grammar, clarity of meaning, and Gent, this proposal sounded acceptable to the attendance length. Intrazooplankton predation by H. J Dumont Book 11 editions published in in English and Undetermined and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Studies on the ecology of tropical zooplankton by H. J Dumont Book 11 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide This volume reports on the findings of experts on tropical zooplankton gathered at a meeting in Kariba, Zimbabwe, in Some basic questions were asked on community composition and biodiversity in the tropics versus the non-tropics.

This volume contains a mix of papers discussing the two alternative controls bottom-up and top-down of zooplankton community structure and these constitute another step towards a coherent theory of tropical ecosystem theory.

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