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Your trusted industry partner From food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceuticals to chemicals, petrochemicals, agrochemicals and paints, we work with customers in a broad range of industries to solve complex packaging challenges—simply and sustainably. See our Industry Solutions. These containers can be made from metal, plastic, or a composite construction of the two materials.

IBC totes are authorized per Title 49 CFR codes [3] to be fabricated of volume from gallons up to gallons while maintaining the "IBC" name and their federal shipping and handling permits.

History of an ISO Tank Container

Intermediate bulk containers can be manufactured from various materials based on the requirements of the application or service the IBC will be used for. Traditional materials include:. Caged IBC totes are commonly used due to their low cost, wide compatibility, and versatility. In addition to the above materials, flexible IBCs can also be made of fiberboard , wood , aluminum , and folding plastic. Folding IBCs are also made of heavy plastic.

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Their sides fold inward when the unit is empty allowing the IBC to collapse into a much smaller package for return shipment or storage. Flexible intermediate bulk containers, made of woven polyethylene or polypropylene bags , are designed for storing or transporting dry, flowable products, such as sand , fertilizer , and plastic granules.

Most IBCs are cube-shaped and this cube-shaped engineering contributes to the packaging, stacking, storing, shipping, and overall space efficiency of intermediate bulk containers.

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Almost all rigid IBCs are designed so they can be stacked vertically one atop the other using a forklift. Most have a built-in tap valve , spigot , or faucet at the base of the container to which hoses can be attached, [6] or through which the contents can be poured into smaller containers.

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When compared to pallets of drums, IBC tanks are capable of carrying equivalent volumes in less shipping space and in significantly less steps, both manufacturing and logistic. Additionally, IBCs can be manufactured to a customer's exact requirements in terms of capacity, dimensions, and material. Intermediate bulk containers may be purchased or leased.

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More Pins. Where heating is required, this should only be by indirect methods. Generally, the thicker the coating the longer the life. These attachments are available through your forklift truck supplier or we will be happy to help you in this area. Our printing, labeling and branding capabilities help insure your products stand out on retail shelves or communicate important warnings or directions effectively. It is completely computer controlled through servo motor drives, and the bottle is captured and held through all the screen print operations.

Bar code and RFID tracking systems are available with associated software. An IBC can be purchased as a new unit bottle and cage , a rebottled unit new bottle and washed cage or a washed unit both bottles and cages have been washed. A washed unit is typically less expensive, with the new unit being the most expensive, and the rebottled unit near the mid-point.

The customer's choice of unit primarily depends on either actual or perceived sensitivity of their product to contamination, and the overall ability to clean their specific product type from the bottle. Those with a lower contamination risk are prime candidates for the washed units.

Modern container coatings : a symposium

With the exception of products produced in "clean rooms" GMP - good manufacturing practices , the decision of a washed over a new is usually a matter of availability or appearance. An IBC can be leased in a closed-loop using only the IBCs which were used by a given customer and washed or rebottled or the most common open-loop system where the origin of the rebottled or wash unit is flexible. For plastic composite units, the trip lease [ further explanation needed ] has largely been replaced by a blended purchase. When exposed to fire as in a warehouse event, plastic IBCs containing combustible or flammable liquids can melt or burn fairly rapidly, releasing their entire contents and increasing the fire hazard by the sudden addition of combustible fuel.

Concerning the mechanical stability and sloshing of intermediate bulk containers during transport, some research has been performed through the U.