Complex contour integral representations of cardinal spline functions

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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Complex contour integral representations of cardinal spline functions file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all Book PDF file that related with Complex contour integral representations of cardinal spline functions book. Happy reading Complex contour integral representations of cardinal spline functions Bookeveryone. Download file Free Book PDF Complex contour integral representations of cardinal spline functions at Complete PDF Library. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Here is The CompletePDF Book Library. It's free to register here to get Book file PDF Complex contour integral representations of cardinal spline functions Pocket Guide. Alternatively, B-splines can be defined by construction by means of the Cox-de Boor recursion formula. B-spline function is a combination of flexible bands that passes through the number of points that are called control points and creates smooth curves. These functions enable the creation and management of complex shapes and surfaces using a number of points. The B-spline contributes only in the range between the first and last of these knots and is zero elsewhere.

A B-spline is a continuous function at the knots. B-splines may share a subset of their knots, but two B-splines defined over exactly the same knots are identical. In other words, a B-spline is uniquely defined by its knots. One distinguishes internal knots and end points. The values of the endpoints do not matter, usually the first or last internal knot is just repeated. B-splines play the role of basis functions for the spline function space, hence the name. This property follows from the fact that all pieces have the same continuity properties, within their individual range of support, at the knots.

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Expressions for the polynomial pieces can be derived by means of the Cox-de Boor recursion formula [6]. The recursion equation is in two parts:. The corresponding B s are zero outside those respective ranges. However, because B-spline basis functions have local support , B-splines are typically computed by algorithms that do not need to evaluate basis functions where they are zero, such as de Boor's algorithm.

These pieces are shown in the diagram.

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The continuity property of a quadratic spline function and its first derivative at the internal knots are illustrated, as follows. Faster variants of the de Boor algorithm have been proposed but they suffer from comparatively lower stability. A cardinal B-spline has a constant separation, h , between knots. The cardinal B-splines for a given order n are just shifted copies of each other. They can be obtained from the simpler definition.

A cardinal B-spline has uniform spaced knots, therefore interpolation between the knots equals convolution with a smoothing kernel. Fast b-spline interpolation on a uniform sample domain can be done by iterative mean-filtering. Alternatively, a rectangle function equals Sinc in Fourier domain. See Irwin—Hall distribution Special cases for algebraic expressions for the cardinal B-splines of degree The term P-spline stands for "penalized B-spline".

Complex Contour Integral Representation of Cardinal Spline Functions

, English, Book, Illustrated edition: Complex contour integral representation of cardinal spline functions / Walter Schempp. Schempp, Walter, Get this. Complex Contour Integral Representation of Cardinal Spline Functions cover image. Contemporary Mathematics Volume: 7; ; pp;.

It refers to using the B-spline representation where the coefficients are determined partly by the data to be fitted , and partly by an additional penalty function that aims to impose smoothness to avoid overfitting. The derivative of a B-spline of degree k is simply a function of B-splines of degree k Univariate B-Splines, i. Depending on the application, additional smoothness requirements such as C1 or C2 continuity may be added. C2 continuous curves have identical curvature at the breakpoint.

Authors: Saburou Saitoh Comments: 18 Pages. In this paper, we will introduce the division by zero calculus in complex analysis for one variable at the first stage in order to see the elementary properties. Authors: Saburou Saitoh Comments: 10 Pages. In this paper, we will show a very interesting interpretation of singular integrals by the division by zero calculus. Furthermore, we will see a similar nature of singula.

What are the singular integrals? Singular integral equations are presently encountered in a wide range of mathematical models, for instance in acoustics, fluid dynamics, elasticity and fracture mechanics. Together with these models, a variety of methods and applications for these integral equations has been developed. In this paper, we will give the interpretation for the Hadamard finite part of singular integrals by means of the division by zero calculus.

Authors: Federico Espil Comments: 9 Pages. This work focuses on the derivation of the formula Espil's theorem which is a perfect tool to avoid that hard task. It allows to change the difficult n iterated integrals into a more outstanding easier problem which consists of n -1 derivatives. The Espil's theorem is a generalization of the Dirichlet integral. Authors: Teo Banica Comments: 12 Pages. Authors: Saburou Saitoh Comments: 9 Pages. In this paper, we will introduce the division by zero calculus in multiply dimensions in order to show some wide and new open problems as we see from the one dimensional case.

Authors: Federico Espil Comments: 6 Pages. The problem of fraction decomposition it's easy to solve by using the cover up method, when there are no repeated linear factors in the denominator. Nevertheless it could turn into a hard work if these factors are raised to a high power, where the cover up method doesn't work. This technique shows how to calculate these coefficients without solving large systems of equations with a clever rearrangement of the numerator.

The laws of Physics and some other related courses are generally written as differential equations. Therefore, all of science and engineering use differential equations to some extent. You can think of mathematics as the language of science, and differential equations are one of the most important parts of this language as far as science and engineering are concerned. Authors: Federico Espil Comments: 5 Pages. Shortly from the Espil's theorem, we can derive the generalized Dirichlet integral for any natural value when the hole integrand is raised to the n-th power.

Comments: 42 Pages. Comments: 31 Pages. Many of the concepts presented therein are analogous to well established notions from real and complex variable analysis with any divergent results being due to the non-commutativity of quaternion products. Comments: 8 Pages. Authors: Wolfgang W. Puha , Saburou Saitoh Comments: 16 Pages.

Surprisingly enough, we can introduce analytical structure of conformality to the model. Two examples are then given of polynomials that generate hyponormal weighted mean operators, and one that does not. Paired with the main result presented here, various computer software programs may then be used as an aid for classifying operators in that subclass as hyponormal or not. The solution is valid for every integer number k it has infinite solutions.

The series are divergent because Ln n tends to infinity as n tends to infinity. If we take the logarithm of the absolute value this is, we take only the real part of the solution , the value corresponds to the smooth continuation to the y axis of the curve that calculates the partial sums at every point, as we will see in the paper. To gain true understanding of a subject it can help to study its origins and how its theory and practice changed over the years — and the mathematical field of calculus is no exception.

But calculus students who do read accounts of its history encounter something strange — the claim that the theory which underpinned the subject for long after its creation was wrong and that it was corrected several hundred years later, in spite of the fact that the original theory never produced erroneous results.

I argue here that both this characterization of the original theory and this interpretation of the paradigm shift to its successor are false. Infinitesimals, used properly, were never unrigorous and the supposed rigor of limit theory does not imply greater correctness, but rather the usually unnecessary exposition of hidden deductive steps.

Furthermore those steps can, if set out, constitute a proof that original infinitesimals work in accordance with limit theory — contrary to the common opinion that the two approaches represent irreconcilable philosophical positions. This proof, demonstrating that we can adopt a unified paradigm for calculus, is to my knowledge novel although its logic may have been employed in another context. I also claim that non-standard analysis the most famous previous attempt at unification only partially clarified the situation because the type of infinitesimals it uses are critically different from original infinitesimals.

Submitted to the journal Annals of PDE. Comments welcome. Authors: Markus Sprecher Comments: 6 Pages. Positivity of the Fourier transform of a convolution mask can be used to define an inverse convolution and show that the spatial dependency decays exponentially. In this document, we consider, for an arbitrary order, the shortest possible convolution mask which transforms samples of a function to Cardinal B-spline coefficients and show that it is unique and has indeed a positive Fourier transform.

We also describe how the convolution mask can be computed including some code. Authors: Terrence P. Murphy Comments: 4 Pages. This paper presents an uncommon variation of proof by induction. We call it deferred induction by recursion. To set up our proof, we state but do not prove the Zeta Induction Theorem. Using that theorem, we provide an elementary proof of the Riemann Hypothesis.

To be clear, we make no claim as to the usefulness of the Zeta Induction Theorem to the theory of the Riemann Zeta Function. In fact, we poke a bit of fun at the theorem in our Introduction and, indirectly, in our Title. Respond to the author by email at: info ersatz-systems dot com. We evaluate the logic of the definition of the k-triangular function in set theory and find it tautologous, hence confirming it as a theorem.

Some versions of Dieudonne-type convergence and uniform boundedness theorems are proved, for k-triangular and regular lattice group-valued set functions. We use sliding hump techniques and direct methods. We extend earlier results, proved in the real case. Authors: James Bonnar Comments: Pages. This book is dedicated to the subject of the Gamma function and related topics.

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The Gamma Function is primarily intended for advanced undergraduates in science and mathematics. It is concise yet thorough and covers each of the most important aspects of the Gamma function. The Gamma function has important applications in probability theory, combinatorics and most, if not all, areas of physics. This work is an alternate method of evaluating absolute modulus value.

Authors: Yogesh J. Bagul Comments: 4 Pages. In this paper , a mathematical mistake is discovered and another simple proof of the theorem is proposed. In this short review note we show that the new proof of theorem 1. Tooker Comments: 11 Pages.

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We demonstrate the existence of a broad class of real numbers which are not elements of any number field: those in the neighborhood of infinity. After considering the reals and the affinely extended reals we prove that numbers in the neighborhood of infinity are ordinary real numbers. As an application in complex analysis, we show that the Riemann zeta function has infinitely many non-trivial zeros off the critical line in the neighborhood of infinity.

It was an herculean task because the concept was too difficult to grasp with the use of approximation property until I discovered an easy route. In a bid to restrict my papers to just few pages, I will focus more on examples than theorems. The aim of this part is to provide a working definition for the integral of a bounded function f x on the interval [a, b].

We will see that the real number "f x dx" is really the limit of sums of areas of rectangles. Authors: Zaid Laadjal Comments: 4 Pages. In this work, we apply the fixed point theorems, we study the existence and uniqueness of solutions for Langevin differential equations involving two ractional orders with multi-point boundary conditions on the half-line.

In this preprint we will prove the isotropic constant conjecture. In this paper, we study the existence and uniqueness of solutions for Langevin differential equations of Riemman-Liouville fractional derivative with boundary value conditions on the half-line. By a classical fixed point theorems, several new existence results of solutions are obtained. Authors: Zaid Laadjal Comments: 5 Pages.

Some new results are obtained by applying standard fixed point theorems. Authors: Zaid Laadjal Comments: 6 Pages. In this work, we use the fixed point theorems, we investigate the existence and uniqueness of solutions for a class of fractional Langevin equations with boundary value conditions on an infinite interval. Authors: Michael Atiyah Comments: 5 Pages. The Riemann Hypothesis is a famous unsolved problem dating from This paper will present a simple proof using a radically new approach.

It is based on work of von Neumann , Hirzebruch and Dirac Authors: Jonathan Tooker Comments: 66 Pages. We develop a representation of complex numbers separate from the Cartesian and polar representations and define a representing functional for converting between representations. We define the derivative of a function of a complex variable with respect to each representation and then we examine the variation within the definition fo the derivative.

After studying the transformation law for the variation between representations of complex numbers, we show that the new representation has special properties which allow for a consistent modification to the transformation law for the variation which preserves the definition of the derivative. We refute a common proof that the limits of sine and cosine at infinity cannot exist. Then we use the newly defined modified variation in the definition of the derivative to compute the limits of sine and cosine at infinity.

Authors: Edigles Guedes Comments: 3 Pages. I derive an infinite product for the ratio of k-th power and factorial.

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Table of Contents. A real example? Zentralblatt MATH identifier Online Price 1: We will see this equation has two answers, depending on your initial guess. Book Series Name: Contemporary Mathematics. Christensen, O.

Authors: Edigles Guedes Comments: 5 Pages. I derive some Ser's infinite product for exponential function and exponential of the digamma function; as well as an integral representation for the digamma function. Authors: Armando M. Evangelista Jr.

Comments: 15 Pages. In his paper, Bernhard Riemann used an integral equation to develop an explicit formula for estimating the number of prime numbers less than a given quantity. It is the purpose of this present work to explore some of the properties of this integral equation. In the present paper, new multifractal analysis of vector valued Ahlfors type measures is developed.

Mutual multifractal generalizations f fractal measures such as Hausdorff and packing have been introduced with associated dimensions. Essential properties of these measures have been shown using convexity arguments. I derive an integral representation for the Barnes G-function among other things. Authors: Edigles Guedes Comments: 2 Pages. I derive an infinite product for gamma function and infinite series for log gamma function.

Authors: Edigles Guedes Comments: 4 Pages. I derive some infinite product representations for the exponential function. Authors: Edigles Guedes Comments: 9 Pages. I derived an identity involving gamma functions and sine function at rational argument; hence, the representation of infinite product arose.

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