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But in deep learning it tries to learn high level features from the data and because of this it makes ahead of machine learning. Problem Solving Approach.

When we solve problem using machine learning, its recommended that break down the problem into sub parts first, solve them individually and then combine them to get the final result. On the other hand in deep learning it solves the problem end to end. The task is multiple object detection i.

In a machine learning approach, we will divide problem in 2 parts. We will use an algorithm like bounding box detection as an example to scan through image and detect all objects then use object recognition algorithm to recognize relevant objects.

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When we combine results of both the algorithms we will get the final result that what is the object and where it is present in the image. In deep learning it perform the process from end to end. We will pass an image to an algorithm and our algorithm will give out the location along with the name of the object.

Execution Time.

Collins dictionary of artificial intelligence

Deep learning algorithms take a lot of time to train. This is because there are so many parameters in a deep learning algorithm that takes the training longer than usual. Whereas in machine learning the training time is relatively less as compared to deep learning. Now the execution time is completely reverse when it comes to the testing of data. During testing deep learning algorithms takes very less time to run whereas the machine learning algorithms like KNN test time increases as the size of the data increases.

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This is the main reason why people think a lot before using it in the industry. Suppose we use deep learning to give automated essay scoring. So we fail to interpret the result but in machine learning algorithms like decision tree gives us a crisp rule that why it chose what it chose so it is easy to interpret reasoning behind it.

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Cousins of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are the trending topics worldwide with the applications being deployed in all the major business segments.

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