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Today I was processing a box of new junior fiction, and lo and behold, there was a shiny brand new copy of Swordspell nestled in among the Tom Gates, Enid Blyton and Time Hunter volumes. I grabbed it and in The second adventure is every bit as fun as the first. I grabbed it and instantly issued it to my card. Whilst I love to read, money is tight and so is shelf space.

Most titles I'm happy to borrow from the library, return and move on. These delightful tales have been added to my amazon wish list. Now, excuse me please. I'm moving right along to IceSpell Jan 15, Elfeeza Ul Haq rated it it was amazing Shelves: achildrensbookadayproject Busby's writing in this series thus far. It is very fitting of the time, playing a major role in setting the ambience for the whole book.

The humour injected into the characters, especially Merlin and Caradoc the Bard, makes this book so lighthearted and that much more enjoyable. The heroes in the book are so lovable and the villains not so terrible that you enjoy every bit of the story. She mixed all the ingredients--a cup of adventure, a spoonful of humour, a sprinkle of m I am a big fan C.

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Frogspell Book Two: Cauldron Spells. By C J Busby Illustrated by David Wyatt. Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN Paperback Pages | " x. Wizard-in-training Max heads off to Spell School in this sequel bursting with thrills , spills, and spells! Max Pendragon is not looking forward to attending Morgana.

She mixed all the ingredients--a cup of adventure, a spoonful of humour, a sprinkle of magic, a dash of action and a pinch of luck--and voila! A perfect blend of story just right for your tastebuds. Can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series.

I'm going to have to hunt down copies of the books to add to my personal collection at home. I would definitely like to re-read them. I'm currently reading the library copies. Nov 20, Namratha rated it really liked it Shelves: adventure , children-s , childrens-fantasy , fantasy , kiddie-brigade , humour , tween-time , books-i-love.

Max Pendragon is in two minds. While he is worried sick about attending Morgana Le Fey's Summer Spell School, he is also brimming with pride that the mighty Merlin has entrusted him with the task of keeping an eye on Morgana's evil schemes. Morgana is no ordinary enchantress and Max definitely doesn't want to let Merlin down.

But what is one fledgling magician with a dented cauldron supposed to do? When his sister Olivia the spirited knight-in-training , her pet dragon Adolphus he of the slow w Max Pendragon is in two minds. When his sister Olivia the spirited knight-in-training , her pet dragon Adolphus he of the slow wit but high exuberance and his very own pet rat Ferocious world-weary and wise as always show up by his side, things may not be so bad for Max.

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And let's not forget the new and mysterious Bard called Caradoc. What is his game? Whose side is he on? All that and more in Cauldron Spells. The second instalment in the Spell series is even better than the first. The humour is intact and the characters are as entertaining as ever. Add to that, a healthy splash of magic, mystery and dark deeds and Max Pendragon is set for an adventure of a lifetime. I am really enjoying this series.

Each book is short enough that I can zip through it quickly and yet, meaty enough to keep me engaged. Fun, adventurous and utterly enchanting. Jun 30, Becky rated it really liked it. Well after reading the first book I was intrigued and as these books are so simple and short I thought I might as well read the rest of them.

And I have to say I actually enjoyed book 2 more. I don't know if it's just because I know the characters now and feel more involved in the world but everything just seemed to flow better and happen quicker. Max is now on his way to spell school, a whole summer in Morgana's home and having to attend her lessons, Max is sure she is still out for revenge for Well after reading the first book I was intrigued and as these books are so simple and short I thought I might as well read the rest of them. Max is now on his way to spell school, a whole summer in Morgana's home and having to attend her lessons, Max is sure she is still out for revenge for him ruining her plot in the first book.

And just as expected, things don't go as planned. Olivia comes along with Max but disguises herself as a boy so that she can attend Squire training, she's determined to be a Knight. Then they find out about another plot to harm Arthur and they must try to stop her and Hogsbottom before it's too late. There is a lot more magic in this book and everything seemed a bit more exciting and urgent and I really like Olivia, she is developing a lot as a character and I like her attitude. Strong and Confident and not afraid to go after the things she wants.

I'm looking forward to seeing more from Merlin and Arthur as they aren't massively featured. Good for younger or reluctant readers and very fun. Sweet little stories full of magic.

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I have found that the second book in a series is often hard as it must live up to the expectations left by the first as well as leaving expectations for the next book. Fortunately, Cauldron Spell managed to do exactly that. This keeps the adventure going, brings in suspence and mystery, and continues the same humour from the first book, making this a perfect second book to this series. Sep 20, Zayneea rated it it was amazing Shelves: l-childrens-fiction , , five-stars.

Even though I am an adult reading this childrens book I thoroughly enjoyed it, going to start reading part 3 Icespell straight away Mar 27, Rebecca Chamberlain rated it liked it. Pretty much the same as the first book. Short and sweet. Final Verdict: read it if you liked the first one Review by Rebecca Chamberlain, all opinions, ratings, reviews and thoughts are entirely my own. Jul 16, melanie rated it liked it Shelves: with-the-girls. I'm currently reading this series to my 7-year old daughter and she is loving it. Some good references to the King Arthur mythology that we are able to discuss but it's at a level small children can enjoy.

She's all excited for the next book. Jun 12, Varsha Seshan rated it really liked it. Book Two of the series Now I need to read the first book! Jun 13, Claire R Kerry rated it it was ok. Okay, for a children's adventure story that I read in a few hours whilst nothing much else was going on at work. I'm a sucker for anything Arthurian.

Jan 31, Crystal Anderson rated it really liked it. Its white handle will help you distinguish it from your athame. In this case, a kitchen knife can also turn out to be a great option. If you want to step up your candle-carving game, you could also get a candle carving toolkit. For the consecration of the boline, Scott Cunningham recommends:.

Choose the most beautiful and vibrant plants. Touch them gently with the tip of the knife, forging a connection between the knife and the plants and thus the Earth. Then sit on the ground. Making sure you are alone, make a pentagram on the ground with the tip of the knife. This tool will now only be used for harvesting or cutting ritual ingredients. This will be your personal spellbook.

It will also often be used to record important information about Witchcraft, as well as observations and thoughts. To create your own book of shadows, find a notebook and decorate it with according to your personal taste.

You can draw something on it or paste some flowers, leaves, anything you want! The design of the cover is left to the imagination of the Witch. The goal is to customize it so it will be unique and in harmony with you. Then simply write down all the rituals, spells, Magic invocations and instructions that you plan to use during your practice.

Copy the spells and rituals step by step with their respective illustrations and decorations. Ideally, you should know all of these by memory, but at first you will need to read them, so make sure that the pages and text are readable. The most important thing is to get started. Find any notebook and decorate it to make it personal and unique. Turn it into a Magical tool by logging your experiments, your findings and your successes in it. The cauldron is the tool of the Witch par excellence. Wiccans see the cauldron as a symbol of the Goddess, the manifest essence of femininity and fertility.

It is also a symbol of the element Water, reincarnation, immortality and inspiration. In contemporary Witchcraft, the cauldron is still used but not to create brews and potions. Think of the Cauldron as the belly of a pregnant woman.

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Inside of it, a new life is getting ready to exist. In your Cauldron, you could place candles, incenses, perfumes, offerings such as fruits, liquids, and all kinds of elements to be used during a ritual. It can be filled with water and contemplated during divination, or filled with flowers or some other items related to the spellwork you are doing. You will see that many spells require making fire and burning things, herbs, etc.

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For this, it is advisable to have a heat-resistant container as your cauldron. They come in many different sizes, but usually small ones are preferred.

They are traditionally made of iron, with three legs the three legs represent the triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman , and it also alludes to the three levels of being: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. A cast iron skillet of any size will work wonders as an entry-level cauldron. Just like with any other tools, wash it well, consecrate it and use it only for Magical purposes. The chaliceis a cup with a long stem that will be filled with various liquids during spellcasting and rituals. Often, it simply contains water, representing this element, which could be always present on your altar, but it can also be used for pouring wine during Sabbat offerings and ritual toasts , or even blood, and other liquids depending on the spell you are casting.

You could also use a chalice to mix water and salt for tracing your protective circle and also for blessings and purifications. It can be made of silver, brass, glass, stone, or ceramic. Some groups in the tradition of Wicca usually have two types of chalices, one for clean water and one for the wine and other liquids as described.

In a coven, there is a main chalice that is carried on to the altar for consecrations.

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This cup is shared by all the members during the ceremony, and it is filled every time so that everyone can share the beverage with or without alcohol. Some other covens prefer that each member have their own chalice and they pour from the main one.

Worst day we are CURSED??! Magic Spell Book Episode 4!

Wiccans typically garnish their chalices with runes or other symbols to decorate it. Some paint it or they attach semiprecious stones, so that it will also contain and provide energy to the liquid inside. Wash it well, consecrate it and keep it near your altar reserved only to use during rituals and spellcasting works. Alternatively, you could turn your favorite mug into your chalice using it to drink your daily potion.

Find a outdoors shop near you. Learn how to make a homemade compass in this video tutorial. The Wand is a prominent tool because it symbolizes the Will of the person who performs the Magic, and serves above all to direct the energy, and sometimes to cast the Circle of Protection. It is highly esteemed within most Witchcraft traditions. The wand, like the athame, is used to direct energy. It is usually made of wood and can be decorated or inscribed with symbols. It is a projective tool that represents the Element Fire, although some consider it to be a tool ruled by Air.

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Targeting black salt to a specific use adds another step or a few other steps, depending on your personal cabinet of kept items. I commend your pains; And every one shall share i' the gains; And now about the cauldron sing, Live elves and fairies in a ring, Enchanting all that you put in. Keep available for all uses and you can even share it as needed with other witches you know. Max and Olivia soon discover that Spell School has more in store for them than they ever imagined. Dragon Witch does not have to be from any specific tradition although they walk to the beat of their own drum. Complete challenges to unlock your ingredients at this hands on magical experience!

Unlike Harry Potter books, the wand does not serve to banish negative influences or for defense, hence many Witches prefer to cast their circle using an athame instead of a wand. The wand symbolizes evocation, fertility and enchantment. Its function is to evoke and control certain beings to whom the athame and other tools should not summon, since it works by invitation, not by command.

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There are lots of different types of spells. Some of them require only your words and concentration, others require specific materials or supplies. Some are easy to find, others not so much. Candles will play a major role in your rituals, in part because they help create an ideal state of mind. Their aroma, color and presence can put us in a good mood. You have probably used candles before when taking a relaxing bath or setting up a romantic dinner, so you are already aware of their power.

A well-chosen candle can promote feelings of health, prosperity and love. Charcoal is the easiest and safest way to burn incense. When done, you will have a cake of ash that is easily disposed of. Small cloth bags or sachets are used to make good luck charms, such as mojo bags to attract love and positive energies on a daily basis.