Building Economics: Theory and Practice

(Re)building developmental states: From theory to practice
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Construction Economics & Finance 1 In contrast to this arguably misleading and impoverished viewpoint, the purpose of this research is to develop fresh perspectives and present a contextually sympathetic typology of supply chain management in construction. Drawing on new organizational institutionalism, economic governance and transactional cost economics TCE , the utility and performance of supply chain management in construction is portrayed as rational choice among multiple strategies, instrumentally bound by contract and context.

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This contextually sensitive interpretation of supply chain management captures complex, diverse and often unique characteristics of construction practice. Challenging mainstream assessment of supply chain management can clearly help construction stakeholders focus attention on discrete supply chain strategies that best suit their organizational and project needs.

Theory to practice: a typology of supply chain management in construction

We no longer build buildings like we used to nor do we pay for them in the same way. Buildings today are no longer only shelter but are also life support systems. Building economics: theory and practice. Front Cover. Rosalie T. Ruegg, Harold E. Marshall. Van Nostrand Reinhold, - Technology & Engineering -

Categories Built Environment and Design not elsewhere classified. Read the research. In English.

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