Beginning Java Game Development with LibGDX

Beginning Java game development with LibGDX
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About this book Difficulty ramps are also discussed in relation to the spawn rate and speed of obstacles, as well as measuring player performance and storing high scores. Bouncing and Collision GamesThis chapter describes how to create the game Rectangle Destroyer, inspired by brick-breaker style games such as Breakout and Arkanoid. Particular attention is given to determining the angle at which the ball bounces off the paddle and the bricks.

Collectible items which may have a positive or negative effect on the player are implemented, and their relation to changing game feel and maintaining player interest, while maintaining gameplay balance, are discussed at length. Drag and Drop GamesThe chapter focuses on mouse-controlled drag-and-drop style games. Two fairly different types of games are created; the common functionality required by both is encapsulated within the new DragAndDropActor class, extending the previously created BaseActor class.

Visual effects change in apparent size and drop shadows are implemented to make the objects appear as though they are being lifted. The first game project is a jigsaw puzzle style game, which demonstrates how to associate draggable objects with target positions.

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The second game project is a solitaire-style card game, in which the targets are other draggable objects, subject to a set of conditions the rules that state on which other cards a given card may be played. TilemapsThis chapter introduces tilemaps and how to create them using third-party software the Tiled map editor, freely available. For easier reuse, a TilemapActor class is developed which simplifies loading tilemap data into LibGDX projects built with the extended framework in this book.

Learn Java Game Programming - Java Game Dev #1

Earlier game projects with different player perspectives one top-view, one side-view are revisited to demonstrate how tilemaps can be incorporated to simplify level design. Platform GamesThis chapter explains how to create a platform-style game in the style of the original Super Mario Bros games. This chapter features the first actor with multiple animations standing, walking, jumping, climbing.

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Design and create video games using Java, with the LibGDX software library. By reading Beginning Java Game Development with LibGDX, you will learn how to. GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Download the files as a zip using the green button, or clone the repository to your machine using Git. See the file for more.

There are many surprisingly sophisticated elements to creating these games, such as detecting when the player is standing on the ground, determining which part of the player collides with an object top, bottom, or side , allowing the player to be carried by moving platforms, enabling the player to jump through certain types of platforms from below, and enabling the player to climb up and down ladders.

Each of these aspects will be discussed at length. Adventure GamesThis chapter explains how to create an adventure-style game in the style of the original Legend of Zelda game. Once again, the main character has multiple animations walking in the directions north, south, east, and west. Additional new topics covered in this chapter include transitioning between different screens, and implementing an "item shop" mechanic.

Java Game Development with LibGDX: From Beginner to Professional

Bushes, Coins, Chest, Bomb, Rock Part III: Advanced TopicsThis final part of the book contains some additional optional features that can be added to many of the previous projects, such as gamepad controller input, and special effects made with particle systems an efficient method for creating unique, non-repeating.

Some game projects involving advanced algorithms and 3D objectsare also included in this part of the book. Alternative Sources of User InputThis chapter demonstrates how to add alternative control systems to games, namely, gamepad controllers and touch-screen controls. Both sections build on the Starfish Collector example.

Procedural Content Generation This chapter includes a maze-based collection game, inspired by PacMan. The initial example illustrates grid-based movement and basic player-tracking enemies on a predesigned tilemap. Later examples are randomly generated, and enemy movement algorithms are improved to find the shortest path to the player using the A-Star pathfinding algorithm.

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Finally, random item placement such as keys and locked doors is discussed, with an emphasis on verifying that the resulting game can be successfully completed by the player. He earned his Ph.

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He has been teaching at the college level since then, with an emphasis on Java programming, computer graphics, and video game development for the past eight years. He has refined the set of topics covered and the progression of material in this book based on years of experience helping students overcome their difficulties with these particular topics.

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