A Little Song, Op. 183, No. 2

A Little Song, Op. 183, No. 2 Sheet Music by Carl Reinecke
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http://smylekraft.com/wp-content/security/5914-harburg-single.php An extraordinary combination of old forms within the romantic idiom. A stunning work Joachim Raff An engaging Baroque Suite. Fun and easy to play. String Sextet in g minor, Op. Great addition to this small repertoire Joachim Raff String Octet in C Major, Op. A first rate work unjustly forgotten. A brilliant work brimming with melodies. Hear the sound-bites. Piano Quartet No. Bright and buoyant with fine writing. Belongs to the first rank of the literature. Piano Quintet in a minor, Op.

Hailed by contemporary critics as one of the best chamber wks since Beethoven. Romance No. Wonderful recital or encore choice. Cello Sonata in D Major, Op. Violin Sonata No. A real tour d'force for the recital hall. The famous Cavatina is the third. The first six such works. Very effective. Piano Trio in b minor, Op. Emile Ratez Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op. Written by violist, it makes an excellent recital choice. Georg Rauchenecker Fresh and appealing. Six Comic Pieces for String Quartet Wonderfully conceived and executed, these are among the very best of this genre.

You will be delighted and have fun as well. Well written, good melodies and not too difficult. A fine work. Clarinet Sonata No.

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String Trio No. More concise, Reger's writing is beyond reproach. String Sextet in F Major, Op. Modern, yet within traditional tonal framework. Clarinet Quintet in A Major, Op.

Reger's tribute to Brahms. Not to be missed, an early 20th century gem. Piano Trio in e minor, Op. A highly original modern masterpiece. Trio in E flat Major for 3 Cellos A big work with fine writing for all three parts combines Viennese classicixm with certain Italian elements. Excellent part-writing for all. String Trio in B flat Major, Op. Violin Sonata in e minor, Op. Would do well in recital.


Fine writing, suitable for recital. Sonata No. By turns dark and brooding, then joyful. A highly effective repertoire work. Hailed by critics as one of the finest late romantic cello sonatas. String Trio in c minor, Op. Three Light Piano Trios, Op.

Bartók’s Compositions: Manuscripts, Primary Sources

Not to be missed! Late romantic work with fine part writing. Full of excitement and tuneful melodies. Serenade in g minor for String Nonet, Op. Piano Quintet in A Major, Op. A gorgeous work in every respect. Great part-writing, lovely melodies, fun to play. Beautiful melodies, fine part-writing. A sure audience pleaser. Wonderfully expressive. Perfect for the recital hall.

Violin Sonata in b minor Italian lyricism is crossed with newer tonalities and striking rhythmic effects to create an original work. Italian in conception and highly romantic. String Trio in g minor An important and original sounding trio from the late French romantic. String Quintet Quartet No. Very well-written and not techically difficult. Good for concert or home.

String Sextet No. Hailed by critics as the equal of the Brahms sextets. Not even diffiuclt to play.

Impressive in performance and fun to play. Cello Sonata in C Major, Op. Belongs in the repertoire. A must for cellists. Good melodies and fine part writing. Gorgeous melodies with excellent part-writing. It would do well in the concert hall as well as with amateur trios. Unjustly forgotten after WWI, Of the highest caliber belongs in concert hall.

Piano Quartet in E flat Major, Op. Wonderful to play, original, tuneful and effective. Piano Quintet in C Major, Op. A first class work. Joseph Rheinberger Exotic because of the unusual rhythms which dominate the music. First rate and fresh. String Quintet 2 Violas in a minor, Op. As fine as any romantic period work for string quintet.

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Fine part-writing and appealing melodies. Franz Xaver Richter String Quartet in C Major, Op. String Quartet in B flat Major, Op. String Quartet in A Major, Op. Hugo Riemann Ferdinand Ries A fine work Ferdinand Ries This is a first rate work which would do well in the concert hall and deserves presentation Ferdinand Ries Quartet No. Attractive melodies, original touches, and good part writing Ferdinand Ries Franz Ries String Quintet 2 Violas in c minor, Op.

Good for concert or home, Hubert Ries Hubert Ries Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Piano Trio in c minor One of the very best piano trios from the late Russian romantic period. A big, beautiful highly effective work. Well put together. An appealing work easy to play and good part writing. Based on Russian Orthodox Church song. String Sextet in A Major A light-hearted, youthful work, full of gaiety, which is fun to play. Georg Wenzel Ritter Mozart was influenced by them. Josef Rixner Spanischer Marsch for Piano Trio From the golden era of salon music a wonderful choice for an encore Pierre Rode Good for amateurs and students.

Clara Kathleen Rogers Violin Sonata in d minor, Op. A very fine work. Alessandro Rolla Each instrument receives solos Alessandro Rolla Lovely melodies with many fine solos for each voice. Andreas Romberg Cello Sonata No. Bernhard Romberg Good recital choice for intermediate cellist. String Trio on Ashkenazic Themes Highly emotive, evocative and effective trio. Well written for all three voices. A superb pick for the concert hall. Wind Trio in G Major, Op. Great part writing and melodies. A must for concert and home. Piano Quintet No. Not difficult technically, good for concert or home Joseph-Guy Ropartz Quite effective.

Joseph-Guy Ropartz Interesting and engaging.

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Piano Trio in a minor A highly individualistic work. Jakob Rosenhain Good part-writing for all. Nikolai Roslavets Here he eschews the outbursts of violence for a calm lyricism. An astounding work well ahead of its time Solomon Rosowsky Fantastic Dance for Piano Trio, Op. Gioachino Rossini Une Larme for Violoncello and Piano First writing for both instruments. Operatic, exciting. They will be a key component for your students' success in their studies of the works by the masters!

Book 1 provides teachers and students with superior elementary repertoire available by the master composers. These pieces furnish students with the necessary repertoire to develop solid technique, and to cultivate a sense of musicality that is necessary in playing the works of the masters. What a terrific way to introduce young aspiring pianists to repertoire right from the beginning! Book 2 continues on the path toward the master works set forth in Book 1, providing students with continued exposure to the repertoire available at the Late Elementary level.

In Book 2, the literature choices increase gradually in difficulty, adding more musical and technical challenges for careful and continued growth in the students' studies. This collection will give students the opportunity to polish their abilities in playing the repertoire that spans the Elementary level. Book 3 begins the introduction of literature for the Early Intermediate student.

The repertoire included in this level will provide your students the necessary structure and experience that will allow them to hone their abilities and fine-tune their technique and interpretation. These pieces will carefully lead them towards the Intermediate and Late Intermediate level repertoire.


Sciarrino, Dita unite a quattro mani. Gliere Eight Easy Pieces, Op. Spectrum 2 30 Miniatures for Solo Piano. Many works—both Polish and foreign—are devoted to folk music and its occurrence in the compositions of Fryderyk Chopin. Caprice Op. Cui 5. Variationen on Sarabande by J.

Book 4 consists of pivotal Intermediate level repertoire that is essential for the student to study, and to apply the knowledge and experience they have mastered from the previous levels. The repertoire at this level will broaden the students understanding of utilizing the fundamentals of proper technique, with accurate musical expression and interpretation in their performances. Mastery of pieces at this level will allow students to refine their abilities and prepare for the advanced repertoire. Valse lente 2. Menuet Cello Sonata, Op. Violin Sonata in A, Op.

Available at the University of Rochester Library. Retrieved Sonata for violoncello and piano London: Novello. Lindgren, Lowell ed. The Complete Sonatas for Cello of Bononcini. Limited preview available at Google Books.