What Needeth All This Travail?

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graphql.muchmore.be/traduccin-en-las-relaciones-talo-espaolas-lengua-literatura.php View or edit your browsing history. Get to Know Us. Motetula de Passione VII. Motetula de Passione IX.

What Needeth All This Travail Sheet Music by John Wilbye

Motetula de Passione X. Motetula de Passione XI. Motetula de Passione XII. Pater, in manus tuas. Mountains, bow your heads majestic. Muchos van de amor heridos. My Lady's coloured cheeks. Natus est nobis Deus de Deo. Ninna erguide me los ojos. No hay placer en esta vida. Non me place nin consiento. Now lift the carol, men and maids. Now, O now I needs must part.


Nun komm der Heiden Heiland. Can you not see a traffic nearer. O little town of Bethlehem. O quam gloriosum est regnum.

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O'er the hill and o'er the vale. Of the Father's love begotten. Oft in the stilly night. Oh who are they so pure. Oh, bendita sea la hora. On the birthday of the Lord. Once again, o blessed time. Once in Bethlehem of Judah. Our hasty life away doth post. Pasto mi ciudad 3 voices SSA. Pensad ora'n al, triste corazon. Por las gracias que teneis. Por unos puertos arriba. Pose un gran foco nel mio petto amore. Prophetiae Sibyllarum Carmina chromatico.

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Sibylla Agrippa Lasso Orlando di. Pues con sobra de tristura. Pues servicio vos desplace. Pues vivo en perder la vida. Quando ritrovo la mia pastorella. Quejome de ti, Ventura. Questi tuoi occhi ardenti. Quien te trajo, caballero. Quien vos habia de llevar. S'el pensier che mi strugge. Se grato o ingrato amor. Se son quest'occhi tuoi Sennora, cual soy venido tal me parto. Shall I seek to ease my grief? Shepherds watching o'er your flocks. Shepherds, rejoice, lift up your eyes.

Shine calm and bright ye moonbeams bright. Si lieto alcun giammai.

Siempre crece mi serviros. Signora, un che v'adora. Sing we merry Christmas. Sing ye the songs of praise.


Missa O magnum mysterium - Gloria. Tenebrae Responsories 9. In the same manner-wise we know that when man fell so deep and so wretchedly by sin, there was none other help to restore man but through Him that made man. English text. This is not this vanity? Missa in honorem Sancti Laurentii - Gloria.

We are based in London but travel widely. Below are some programmes we perform, but we always seek opportunities to explore new topics through the medium of early music. In other words, we take requests! See full programme and notes here. We can also build a concert of 45 minutes to an hour around Lamentations settings by composers such as Lassus, Palestrina, or Victoria.

Holy Week dates 5thth April 28th March-3rd April. Con dolce brama Magister Piero c — c The wind is good! What needeth all this Travail John Wilbye — Love over riches. Doulce Memoire Antonio Gardane — Love conquers all. While it lasts.


Chanterai por mon corage Guiot de Dijon fl — My beloved is away on a holy pilgrimage. God keep him safe from the Saracens! La Folia Diego Ortiz c — c Some more foolishness. Who will ascend to heaven Giaches de Vuert — You wounded me. Lasse pour quoi refusai Anon, Chanson de Femme 14th century I wounded you.