Water and Ice (Confronting Global Warming)

Opinion: It’s winter. It’s cold. For Trump, that’s evidence against global warming
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There is a projected rise of another 0. In tropical land areas, rainfall has risen by 0. The IPCC exists to provide governments with scientific assessments of worldwide research on climate change.

FEATURE: Mary Robinson – Global solidarity needed to confront climate crisis

Its approach is highly conservative, and undergoes scrutiny by governments as well as hundreds of scientists. By no means at the cutting edge of climate research, the IPCC reports nevertheless represent dominant consensus for policy makers. Working Group I on scientific assessment released its report in Shanghai in January. It is the work of lead authors, contributing authors, 21 review editors and expert reviewers. It will have a significant role when governments meet again later in the year to renew the Kyoto Protocol negotiations that were suspended last November.

Meanwhile, the destabilisation of climate continues. Greenhouse gases such as CO2 and methane are long-lived. Once they are emitted, they have a lasting effect on the atmosphere and climate. So, even if there is stabilisation of greenhouse gas concentrations at present levels already more than the level set by the UN agreements as the level to achieve , the damage will already have been done.

Special report: How climate change is melting France’s largest glacier

The result would be catastrophic beyond imagination. It is also clear that climate change will, in many parts of the world, adversely affect socio-economic sectors, including water resources, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and human settlements, ecological systems particularly forests and coral reefs , and human health particularly diseases spread by insects , with developing countries being the most vulnerable.

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Climate-change bill could mount in coming years. Environmental ministers from countries who convened at the 21 st session of the UNEP governing council on February recognised the need to take action on the environmental challenges confronting the planet, not least of which was global climate variability.

Confronting Climate Change: The Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

In a previous article, BS 16 October , I had commented that the proximate reason why reaching consensus on the scale, speed and durability of global warming has been painstakingly slow is the inherent uncertainty of the subject. Warmer winters also make the effect of short freezes more severe. Main article: Solar variation. Potential effects and issues. Follow Us.

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Confronting global warming : energy production and

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Confronting Climate Change, with Al Gore

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