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Teddy tells us about Andrew, the maintenance man and "firebug" whom he blames for his wife's death.

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He said Andrew claimed "voices told him to do it. Another flashback to the concentration camp, now identified as Dachau, where Teddy explains that the "Commandant tried to kill himself.

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Teddy interviews Rachel who talks about her children as though they still live. She tells Teddy, "You're dead.

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Teddy's apparent dream includes another flashback to Dachau and a vision of Andrew offering a drink. A young girl asks Teddy, "Why didn't you save me?

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Teddy walks past cells full of naked inmates until he finds George who also tells him to "let her go. Climbing into a cave Teddy confronts another woman who claims to be Rachel. She says, "I was a doctor. She explains that she got in trouble when "I started asking about these large shipments of sodium Amytal and opium based hallucinogens. They zap the patient with electroshock then go through the eye with an ice pick. Pull out some nerve fibers I asked about the surgeries too.

I was an esteemed psychiatrist Psychiatrists probably paid little attention to hallucinogens of any kind in , let alone any drug of that class that might have been "opium based.

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Lobotomy involved severing "nerve fibers" but not removing them. Rachel continues: "Let me ask you.

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Any past traumas in your life? Apparently fearing that psychiatrist Naehring will stop him from escaping, Teddy grabs a syringe from the psychiatrist's pocket and injects the psychiatrist.

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Cawley to Teddy: "How are the hallucinations Cawley: the tremors are getting pretty bad You're not on anything. Cawley introduces Teddy to the man he thought was his partner Chuck as his primary psychiatrist, Lester Sheehan. He says they have staged the most "radical cutting-edge role-play ever attempted in psychiatry. Sheehan explains to Teddy that his wife "Dolores was insane, manic-depressive , suicidal ," and that she drowned his children.

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In an apparent cinematic flashback, but possibly Teddy's own memory, we see him finding his children's bodies in a lake. Teddy awakens apparently accepting the truth about his wife and children. The latter received critical acclaim and rave reviews, while the former didn't, which I never understood.

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Shutter Island is a American neo-noir psychological thriller film directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Laeta Kalogridis, based on Dennis Lehane's. Shutter Island () Michelle Williams at an event for Shutter Island () Shutter Island () Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo in Shutter Island ( ).

In addition to the lukewarm response to the film, I learned through my extensive research of Googling "ranking Martin Scorsese movies" that Shutter Island is widely regarded as one of Scorsese's weakest works. Now that's just outright blasphemy. Is it the best of the 10, movies Scorsese has directed?

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Probably not for most people, but it's the best of the three that I've seen. Sure, that isn't a huge sample size, but as we've already established, I don't watch a lot of movies. Tags: Movies. Visit the archives…. Switch to the mobile version of this page. Got a News Tip? Log in. New Times San Luis Obispo. Pin It. Favorite Saving….

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