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Rapid Java Web Application Development with Ratpack
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OpenXava 6.2 released

follow link If you're using an ORM that's something to get used to as well, and then of course for any framework you go with there's the API to learn as well. PHP on the other hand is a little more intuitive in terms of where you put the code and how pages make up your web app. It'll basically let you slap code wherever you want so in the beginning it will probably be faster.

In the end it will be quicker but your final product will be sloppier and probably require re-factoring later on. This comes down to a question of what's the use of the framework. If it's for a hobby site, just go with what's easy php , otherwise you might want to consider a well-supported MVC framework. Edit -- And apparently now Django as of 1.

Top 5 Free Tools for Rapid Web App Development

You've already tagged your question with "java", "php", "python", and "ruby-on-rails", so researching and learning more about those tools would probably help to answer your question. However, I believe that rapidly building an application is almost never actually the correct goal. Normally, what you want to do is build an application that can be rapidly maintained -- that is, maintained with the lowest possible overall development cost over time. I would say part of the learning curve will go into understanding concepts.

I have been learning about web-apps for some months now, and with my improved understanding of concepts right now, most frameworks show very much similarities. Here are my results so far:.

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You can build an runnable Java Web application within 5 to 10 minutes by using the following online Java web application generator:. Learn more. First 10 Free. How to rapidly build a Web Application?

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Modern Java Web Development with Play Framework 2.0

Have widgets for rapid development From a GUI perspective. Database integration.

Rapid Java Web Application Development with Ratpack

Kevin Boyd Kevin Boyd 6, 23 23 gold badges 76 76 silver badges bronze badges. There are several reasons for this: Low resource usage Apache, nginx ; Cheaper hosting; Really low barrier to entry; It's really Web-oriented rather than being general purpose that can be used for Web like Java ; The fact that PHP scripts aren't persistent like Java servlets are between requests makes them much more forgiving and less likely to cause memory leaks and other problems; No deployment step like Python, Perl, etc.

I'd say this is about the best thing about dynamic scripted languages. Just save the file and click reload on your browser; PHP might be inconsistent in syntax and several other things but it's also mature and used by some really large sites on the Web eg Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr, Wikipedia ; PHP is by far the most popular Web development language. I don't think you necessarily need a framework for PHP but if you do I'd look at one or more of: Kohana : it's like a more modern version of the more popular CodeIgniter ; Zend Framework : it's modular so you can use as much or as little of it as you like; Smarty : it's a powerful templating system.

PHP may be a rapid way to develop a web application.

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But it's almost never a good way. PHP, like anything that's popular, has its detractors. Posts on Forum.

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Proven Architecture CUBA provides modular and scalable multi-tier architecture on top of mainstream frameworks, designed to work in any popular environment. Generic UI module boosts development of backoffice interfaces.

Proven Architecture

Rapid Java Web Development Paperback – March 3, Javier Paniza is the creator and project lead for OpenXava, an open source Java framework for rapid development of enterprise applications. He has been developing Java Enterprise applications for banking and Spanish public. Which is the best Java web framework and why? Finding the answer to this question is crucial for every Java developer. Your project's success and future.

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