Oregons Dry Side: Exploring East of the Cascade Crest

Oregon's Dry Side : Exploring East of the Cascade Crest by Alan D. St. John (2007, Paperback)
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As I wandered under the walls, raptors soared overhead. Views Read Edit View history. This small side trail scrambles up to an overlook that provides westward views outside of the walls of Fort Rock. The game plan. Was great meeting the crew, and getting a feel for how they worked and played. Crest of the trail with an epic view.

The "spade" on the rear foot of a Great Basin spadefoot. With the arrival of spring and early summer rains, spadefoots emerge to breed in any available shallow water--seasonal rain pools, lake and stream edges, irrigation ditches, stock ponds, and even the warm, muddy water in a cow hoof print. The males quickly attract large aggregations of both sexes with their loud, monotone choruses of "whaaa, whaaa, whaaa.

This allows them to be ready for existence on land before their often temporary pools of water have evaporated under the summer sun.

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A Great Basin spadefoot emerging from the sand after a rainstrom. The next time you're driving during a spring cloudburst on the high desert, watch the wet pavement ahead. Chances are, you'll see one or more of these hardy toads hopping purposefully across the road. A native Oregonian, Alan D. Having become somewhat acquainted with the authors through the magic of Twitter, I was eager to check this one out.

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The only downside for me is that the book focuses on the coastal third of both states, not the dry side where I live, which is why I also bought…. It includes chapters on the geology, flora, and fauna of the whole region, plus more detail on exploring specific areas within the dry side, with lots of color photos.

This will be another one to pack along on weekend adventures. Home Ground: Language for an American Landscape, edited by Barry Lopez, which is like a dictionary of geography words, including some extremely local words for specific features; and 2. Shorebirds are one of my weaknesses, and this one looks fantastic.

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