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Introduction Rudolf L. Doppler Effect The Doppler shift describes the change in frequency due to a moving source and a moving observer. Two criteria for functionality are The excited state is of very low energy, resulting in a small change in energy between ground and excited state. This is because gamma rays at higher energy are not absorbed in a recoil free manner, meaning resonance only occurs for gamma rays of low energy.

The longer the excited state lasts the better the image. Isomer Shift An isomeric shift occurs when non identical atoms play the role of source and absorber, thus the radius of the source, Rs, is different that of the absorber, Ra, and the same holds that the electron density of each species is different. Inorganic chemistry concepts, v. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. New York. Lawrence Que, J. Physical Methods in Bioinorganic Chemistry.

Filatov, M. Introduction to mossbauer spectroscopy. Bubek, Moritz, and Dennis Rettinger. Haskins, J. Advanced mossbauer-effect experiments. American Journal of Physics: Kistner, O.

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Evidence for quadrupole interaction of Fe57m, and influence of chemical binding on nuclear gamma-ray energy. Physical Review Letters 4 8 : Preston, R. Hanna, and J. Physical Review 5 : When is the intensity of transition at max?

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Why is it important for the sample to be in solid or crystalline state? What case will result in a delta shift of 0. Experimental classes. Introduction to Thermal Analysis and Thermogravimetry. Topics on differential and calorimetric techniques. Using the system. Application of thermal techniques in the composition and stability of: inorganic compounds, polymers, organic compounds, sol-gel materials, mixed materials, drugs, etc.

Introduction to Scientific Research. Use of the Internet in Scientific Research. Research Methodology. Handling Useful Tools for Public Presentations.

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Teaching plan defined by professor. Nature and production of X-rays. X-ray interaction with matter and diffraction phenomenon. Solid types. Structure of solids.

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Types of packaging. Unit cells. Crystalline systems. Theory of X-ray diffraction from crystalline materials. Determination of the crystalline structure by X-ray diffraction. Intensity of maxima in diffraction patterns of crystalline samples. Tools for the elaboration and conduction of the research project. Tools for information. Tools for processing and presentation of data. Tools for scientific collaboration. The bibliography will consist of the specific documentation of each software available on the respective websites.

Introduction to Electrochemical Methods. Concepts and electrochemical terms. The Nernst equation. Electroanalysis systems. Biosensors: potentialities and applications. Curricular structure. Bibliography: Butler, J. Ionic Equilibrium: Solubility and pH Calculations. Skoog, D. Oliveira, A. Inorganic Chemistry, Bookman, 3rd Ed.

MÖSSBAUER SPECTROSCOPY- Principle, Spectra And Isomer Shift(In Hindi)

Concepts and Models of Inorganic Chemistry, 3rd ed. Inorganic Chemistry, Pearson, 5th ed.

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Physical Chemistry. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Matter in Equilibrium. Thermodynamics and in the Introduction to Thermostatistics. Basic Chemical Thermodynamics. Modern Thermodynamics. From Heat Engines to Dissipative Structures. Thermodynamics of Nonequilibrium Processes.


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Warren, S. Organic Chemistry, Oxford University Press, 2nd ed. Merlo, A.

Pericyclic reactions, a symphony of molecules and electrons. UFRGS, Costa, P. Carbonylated substances and derivatives. Bookman, Person Pratice Hall, Vol. Scientific journals MQA — Teaching Stage in Higher Education Participation in undergraduate classes, training of scientific initiation trainees, and other related activities at the discretion and follow-up of the coordinating committee, with the supervision of the supervisor and with the presence of the professor responsible by discipline.

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