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During the first decade of the response, it became increasingly evident that an effective HIV response required a multisectoral response: to tackle marginalization, stigma and discrimination, to address the economic, social and security threats of a rapidly expanding pandemic, and to generate the necessary human and financial resources to sustain worldwide action.

Condoms have been a basic but critical tool in prevention. In many communities of men who have sex with men, and sex workers, awareness-raising meant that the use of condoms became the norm. However, this messaging is not as strongly pushed now, and a new generation is growing up without being fully aware of the benefits of using condoms, and many countries have shortages.

The introduction of harm-reduction programmes including needle and syringe programmes and opioid substitution therapy in a range of cities in the mid to late s prevented and reversed explosive HIV epidemics associated with drug injecting, but such effective public health programmes face legal barriers and a lack of political will in many countries, resulting in very low coverage in most countries. PrEP has contributed to reduce rates of new HIV infections among men who have sex with men, in some settings in high-income countries. However, PrEP is only starting to be available in low- and middle-income countries, where programmes are starting for men who have sex with men and transgender people in all regions, as well as sex workers, adolescent girls and young women in East and Southern Africa.

So why do we still have this fear and nervousness when it comes to HIV-positive people whose treatment has resulted in the viral load becoming undetectable in their blood? The answer is lack of education, conversation and the stigma associated with being HIV-positive.

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We need to increase access to prevention — to condoms, to voluntary medical male circumcision, to harm reduction and to PrEP. We need to prioritize HIV services for vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups such as people in prisons, people who inject drugs, men having sex with men, transgender people and sex workers. Why the HIV epidemic is not over. Fear, stigma and ignorance. That is what defined the HIV epidemic that raged through the world in the s, killing thousands of people who may only have had a few weeks or months from diagnosis to death - if they even managed to be diagnosed before they died.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 70 million people have acquired the infection, and about 35 million people have died. Today, around 37 million worldwide live with HIV, of whom 22 million are on treatment. Now, we have easily accessible testing, treatment, a range of prevention options, including pre-exposure prophylaxis of PrEP, and services that can reach vulnerable communities. It was a very sad and difficult time. HIV facts in pictures. HIV fact sheet. HIV data. At that time New York based artists from the Visual AIDS Artists' Caucus created the symbol, choosing the colour for its "connection to blood and the idea of passion—not only anger, but love Scaling up treatment.

The effort to develop effective treatment for HIV is remarkable in its speed and success. However, a single drug was found to have only short-term benefits. By , ARVs were being prescribed in various combinations. However, not everybody would benefit from this life-saving innovation. Because of the high cost of ARVs, most low- and middle-income countries could not afford to provide treatment through their public programmes.

Such inequities generated outrage in communities and demands for affordable drugs and public treatment programmes. Generic manufacturing of ARVs would only start in providing bulk, low-cost access to ARVs for highly affected countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where by , HIV had become the leading cause of death. Male circumcision. Men who have sex with men. People in prisons. People who inject drugs. Sex workers.

Transgender people. As committed as the global health community was, the dedication of HIV activists and advocates in pushing for patient-driven care, improving access to new drugs, and expanding funding for both HIV care and research, has been unparalleled in almost any other disease field. No problem. You too can sell using Facebook ads. You just need to scale down your offer, first.

They should be ready, willing, and able now. This looks a little time-consuming because it is. The first campaign will bring people in. The second will warm them up. And the third will get them to convert. Now you know the secret. You need to have a few campaigns running, simultaneously, to slowly but surely transform strangers into loyal customers. But… how are you supposed to come up with a budget for something like that?

That way we can start estimating your sales. So… how much is it going to cost to get those 1, clicks? This is the max number you want to spend each day to hit your goal. After defining budgets, you can select an objective so that Facebook will automatically help you do a better job of reaching your goals. Because Facebook will help you out. For example, if you select clicks, their own system will monitor and adjust in order to get you the most clicks. Your two main bidding options are manual and automatic. Manual means you can control the limits for how much you spend. So by selecting Automatic bidding, it will help adjust things for you to maximize what matters: sales.

For example, it makes no sense to show ads on weeknights or over the weekend if your office is only open from to take phone calls and respond to new leads. After running campaigns for a few weeks, you might also notice that certain days or times generate the best results for the least amount of money.

For example, you can have them shown as quickly as possible exhausting your daily budget the soonest. Or you can spread them out evenly throughout the day. All new ad campaigns require a fan or brand page to go with it. Already got that part covered? Go ahead and skip over to Step 3 to see how to create your first campaign. Facebook ads can only be attached to businesses, never individuals.

Go to the create page site and pick an option. Next, you have to enter some info about your page, a website and what you want the page name to be, inside Facebook. Set a country, or even specific states and cities, as well as the right age and gender categories. Under interests, select a few likes that they share with you or your brand.

These can also be other influencers in your industry or products or companies. But, before starting to create ads, you should do at least two things. Add a cover and create a call-to-action. Your cover should be simple, uplifting and ideally, if you have a company tied to your name, just show its logo. You can use this cover creator to craft one in 2 minutes.

Then, you can choose your objective. As with our Google ads , we want to keep it as simple as possible, to just get started. Now, enter the link to your website. Remember, profit is the only thing that counts! For example, 10, might be an OK audience size if you have a tiny budget and are just dipping your toe into Facebook ad waters.

For example, pick a few specific cities in the countries that you want to target even better to focus on one country and narrow down the age span to about 10 years. If I want to get young entrepreneurs to sign up to my email list, I can narrow down the age group to , then select that I want only men in Seattle and specify even further. If I find a statistic that shows that most entrepreneurs in that age category are single, then I can set that as criteria for my targeting, too.

After selecting a few interests and behaviors, my audience immediately shrinks down to less than 1, I just added a few more big cities, especially ones with high concentrations of tech entrepreneurs, like San Francisco, New York and Austin.

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Otherwise, Facebook will happily show your ad to as many people in your audience as possible, instead of trying to get them to actually click by maybe showing them the same ad more than once. This should also be in the range that Facebook suggests, but on the lower end. You could change this by setting it to ongoing and then just turning the ads off manually at the end date. That way your ads will be shown evenly, and you have enough time to make adjustments along the way. The images will slide through the ad, giving you more space to advertise.

You can also use video in your ads. Videos, carousels, and all of these other ad types have their place. You can then choose to upload your own picture or browse free stock images. Always use your own pictures. But, take a look at the right sidebar. So you may not get automatically disapproved like before. But you should still abide by that rule.

Generally speaking, the less text, the better on Facebook ads. Or ones that convey some emotion that you want people to have for example, scared, triumphant, etc. Play around until it fits. Or, if you want to skip the hassle of this altogether, just go with a nice head shot of yourself. Now you need to write the copy for your ad and choose your CTA button.

Your Facebook fan page will be automatically connected unless you have multiple ones. Headline: This is easy. Physically, emotionally, and literally.

The ones that get people to sit up and take notice. For example, finding good backlinks for SEO is tough.

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The worst part is how time-consuming it can be. What if I said you could get 50 backlinks in only 20 minutes? Now, how about blog posts. Especially when some marketers spend anywhere from hours creating a single post. Not only could you speed up the time it takes to create a blog post, but it would be an awesome one. A Blockbuster. For example, wasting money is bad , right? Most of the time, yes. This example is perfect because it starts off by being negative. This is a pattern interruption. After the headline is the ad text: And fortunately, this part is fairly easy too.

Try to get 2 things into this. A call-to-action and some social proof. Claire Pells has some awesome advice on what makes great ad copy. For example, Download vs. Book Now. Study done by Adroll. And when it doubt? Give your prospects something for free. News Feed Link Description : Get the inside scoop on how I run the show, so you can take your business to the next level fast. A tab will slide in from the right side, which, as a side note, shows you how many people your campaign will likely reach each day.

This section determines your ad placements. For example, there are a handful of places your Facebook ad can show up in addition to Instagram or their Audience Network. And driving conversions. Once you start having some success, you can experiment with different campaigns on each placement. For example, sometimes you can get better costs read: cheaper views on mobile devices.

Nobody does! Which means the only way to still create a profitable ad campaign is to test a few different options and see which one works. You can get a split test up-and-running within minutes after reading this next part. Imagine that you change both the copy and the image for the second ad. Then, you change these two things again and create a third ad. The only way to get absolute certainty of where your results come from is by changing one thing at a time.

They are also generally the biggest success factor for your ad. Always focus on the big wins first. According to Facebook image best practices, happy people have a good click-through rate. Three is a good number to start testing with. They even have templates for Facebook ads, ready to use. That means the performance of your ad will start to decline after a few days or weeks. Constantly split testing ads like this, though, will help you avoid that fate. Just little tweaks here and there. So you might be able to take the same exact ad, but simply change the background color.

Or flip the layout. Test a new headline. Finding a successful ad is tough. After the new ads pass the review, turn on your ad set and let it run for a day to get some results. So that means your performance can actually start to improve after a few days.

Coaching people through the Change Curve

Not bad! Just by picking a better campaign objective and allowing it to do its thing, they generated five times as many leads. So give it a little time to run. Then come back in about a day or so to decide which one is outperforming the others. Once you have some data on which ad works the best, turn off the other two. Run with the best performing ad until it stops working.

Admittedly, these are kind of advanced. For example, if your costs are low and you can afford more in order to get more total customers , you can set up a rule that says to increase bids a little bit as a percentage automatically.

You can also set-up another one of these to decrease bids if they get too high. No worries. Just create another one of these that says to decrease bid by a certain percentage when your CPC starts reaching those heights. You can even pause campaigns entirely, too, if things start to go awry. That way, you can go into manually check it out before deciding whether to keep going or pull back. These little tricks might take a few minutes to set up. Custom and lookalike audiences are a great way to increase the detail of your ad targeting custom audience and expand your target audience reach lookalike audience to maximize your ad campaign results.

This is a measurement they use to determine how well your ad is going to fit those people. The higher the Relevance Score, the better click-through rates you can expect, and the lower cost per clicks , too. AdEspresso found this out first-hand. They ran the same exact campaign and ad to two different audiences. You plug in a few brand names or big blogs and it will target everyone else who follows those, too. But once you start getting decent website traffic or Facebook engagement, you can switch over to fire up a new custom audience, instead.

You should be able to find it under Assets toward the right-hand side. Go ahead and click. This option is great for driving conversions because you should know about these people if you already have their phone number or email address. Chances are, you promoted some content to them in order to get them to click. They browsed around your site and left before buying anything. But now you can use a custom audience to hopefully get them to come back one day.

You can even take this a step further by creating different custom audiences for different types of web traffic. For example, Facebook ad pro Jon Loomer uses different audiences based on the blog post topic that person was reading about. So many of the same tactics apply. Those used to be your major options for years. So your odds at using one of the custom audiences mentioned earlier are slim-to-none. The Facebook Engagement custom audience option changes that, though.

You can easily build up engagement directly on your Facebook page, or by getting people to interact with your posts.

Understanding Other People

For example, one of the best ways to build an audience right now on Facebook is by putting up a video and driving video views. Facebook expert, Andrea Vahl, says you can build up audiences for literally pennies per view. Facebook Lead Ads are designed to help you generate opt-ins directly from Facebook, without the person ever having to leave the site. So instead of getting sent to a landing page, having to fill out a form, etc. But not everyone who opens one of these lead ads will convert.

You know these people are potentially interested because they clicked on the form to check out the offer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Your Elevator Pitch Needs an Elevator Pitch

Facebook is probably the most neglected online advertising channel of them all. You know what I think? I think every business tries Facebook ads, fails at it and then blames the platform. I mean it. Listen: You want to reach people online? Facebook is the single best alternative to Google AdWords. You get access to the same number of people.

But for far less. YouTube changes the experience for us, forcefully, by interrupting it with their ads. Facebook is smarter than YouTube. Flow is actually a great term for this. Think about how you navigate Facebook. Instagram advertising was opened to big brands not so long ago, but now everyone can do it.

There are 2 ways to manage your Facebook ads, which often confuse people. Instagram ads, for example, can only be run using the Power Editor. You can have multiple ads in each ad set, to test which ones work best. The final part of her set up was using Facebook ads to drive traffic to the sign-up page. Hell yeah! Of course, you would!

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Okay, fine, it works for bloggers, but does it also work for startups? They used it to target highly qualified leads, which were then sent to this survey. So many questions? Okay, okay, so it works for bloggers and startups. But, what about big brands? Alright, enough with the bragging, how about we get to work? So there are no excuses to delay. Got it up?