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enter Such is the power of male weight in romance novels that I can invent descriptions of male characters and transform them from heroes to zeroes just by changing the words describing their bodies. His sweaty t-shirt clung to his sculpted abs as he carried a television down the steps to the basement. But what if the author changed that description, just a tiny, tiny bit? Now, instead of the previous quote, you read:. His sweaty t-shirt clung to his pudgy belly as he carried a television down the steps to the basement.

The characters in 'Porgy and Bess' are comfortable in their skins; we should be, too

That sweat is probably yellow, and it definitely stinks. Link to the rest at All About Romance. The answer is, for the same reason that romance novel heroines rarely, if ever, have excess weight on them. Spoken by someone who does not read a lot of romance.

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I can think of at four romance sub-genres where a heroine with a bit, or more than a bit, of weight are not just common but practically required. And they sell very, very well.

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However, April once called me out on how she was supplying the cannabis and I wasn't saying thank you enough for her offerings. Torres June 29, at PM. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Tom Selleck I don't think I've ever had a partner that I didn't smoke weed with, although I've had relationships where weed was not as positive a part of it. Their companion was the boy Prince, Arthur. In , he was created Earl of Wiltes; the following year had charge of the castle of Guisnes; and in , was appointed guardian of the realm during the absence of the King in Ireland.

It comes in colors? How did I not notice this? Her objection is that fat guys are universally portrayed as losers in the romance genre.

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A writer could have fun with this. So using those adjectives already slants the reader against Robert from the start.

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Those characters will have some other character flaw, like being stingy or cold-hearted. The world is rife with double standards.

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I think you guys are thinking that the OP is asking why romances use hawt guys as the heroes instead of schlubs. At least he could just be some normal guy, rather than a loser with chromatic sweat. The OP makes it sound as if that trope has been beaten into the ground. I guess the OP would like for other writers to surprise her once in a while. Per the OP, romance writers uniformly cast fat men as losers. Hence her complaint.

And any others you can think of. Also a business man in modern romances is often the hero as well as being buff and a billionaire rather than a villain. In fact billionaires are far too common and pretty to be at all realistic are there any truly handsome billionaires in the real world? Not being model thin ie. Officially there are over 7 million in the US, as many as the next five countries combined. Not much to fantasize over. Billionaires there are around in the US or about one per half million people so that is rare enough for a fantasy.

Add in that billionaires tend to concentrate in big cities over in NYC, some in SF and it makes it something to dream on, lotteries aside. Another romance trope, the secret millionaire, is actually fairly real.


Those are perfect protagonists because they are single, youngish, smart, rich, and focused on things other than paying bills. As you say, very much a character in a fantasy.

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Fact is, even someone like me can be a millionaire if they bought a property in an expensive city and have lived long enough to pay of their mortgage. And some of those I know in this position have very small incomes to live off. I suspect that billionaires are a stand-in for princes and kings. Shoot, the billionaire could just buy an island paradise and live as a king. Of course, the internet is not the only source of misinformation. It happens in every medium.

A recent example is the retraction by Rolling Stone magazine of the story published about a sexual assault on the University of Virginia campus.

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Even textbooks contain inaccuracies. Truth is, you see, a rather strange commodity. I enjoy hearing those words; I enjoy saying those words. Children and Youth in History Knowing this certainly makes me realize how much attitudes and ideas can change over time. In all this confusion Burr showed himself a man of mettle.

The slain Montgomery was six feet high, but Burr carried his body away with wonderful strength amid a shower of musket-balls and grape-shot.

Less popular than its predecessor due to much of the action taking place in the wild west rather than Africa, [ citation needed ] the film has not been preserved , and no prints of it are known to survive today. The film opens with flashbacks from Tarzan of the Apes to establish the back story. The party now prepares to return to civilization when it is attacked by natives and separated from the ape-man. Tarzan's paternal cousin William Cecil Clayton Colin Kenny , the current Lord Greystoke, desiring to keep his wealth and title, reports having seen the savages kill Tarzan.

Believing him dead, they leave without their charge. But Tarzan has in fact survived, and is eager to be reunited with Jane. Finding his new friends gone he swims out to another boat to follow. Tarzan in civilization is like a bull in a china shop, as is demonstrated early in a destructive incident in a dance hall, where his prowess impresses La Belle Odine Cleo Madison. Things get back on track when Jane is kidnapped by outlaws, presenting him with the opportunity to rescue her. Jane, however, is cold to him, as Clayton has falsely convinced her he is in love with the other woman.

Heartbroken, Tarzan swears off civilization and returns to Africa. Belatedly learning the truth from Odine, Jane follows, and is happily reunited with her lover in the jungle. Like many American films of the time, The Romance of Tarzan was subject to cuts by city and state film censorship boards.