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Neutron Kinetics of the Chernobyl Accident
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There was no significant difference observed in this small group of subjects between the accumulation rates in men and women. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time data from in vivo measurement of fluorine content in humans by neutron activation analysis have been presented.

A neutron star almost too massive to exist

The data determined by this technique were found to be consistent with results from ex vivo studies from other countries. We suggest that the data demonstrate that this low risk non-invasive diagnostic technique will permit the routine assessment of bone-fluorine content with potential application in the study of clinical bone-related diseases.

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This small study demonstrated that people in Southern Ontario are exposed to fluoride in measureable quantities, and that fluoride can be seen to accumulate in bone with age. However, all volunteers were found to have levels below those expected with clinical fluorosis, and only one older subject was found to have levels comparable with preclinical exposure. In Press.

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A common challenge at nuclear power plants is to ensure that routinely-collected data is fully utilised. Data analytics provides an opportunity for improvements in prognostics and health monitoring by identifying correlations in related datasets without major capital investment. The CANDU reactor comprises individually-pressurised horizontal channels which can be refuelled without taking the reactor offline.

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Delayed neutron data play a key role in nuclear energy technology, in particular in the estimation of reactor physics safety and economy related parameters. In nuclear engineering, a delayed neutron is a neutron emitted after a nuclear fission event, Delayed Neutron Data for Thermal Fission in U

The detection and location of fuel defects is typically achieved using two systems: the first monitors the primary coolant for the presence of fission products and specific radionuclides, and is used to detect the presence of fuel defects within the core. The second system is deployed periodically and uses the emission of delayed neutrons to identify the channel containing defect fuel.

Methods series - Neutron Activation Analysis

In this paper we focus on improving the assessment of on-line delayed neutron monitoring data, with the aim of reducing the time taken between initial detection of a defect somewhere in the core to scheduling the channel for removal of the damaged fuel. The existing process is manually intensive and reliant on a domain expert to make a judgement call as to which channel contains the fuel defect.

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The defect location process is challenging as the data has low resolution and high variance. Operating experience using the existing data processing system has demonstrated that the time taken for the channel containing the fuel defect to become distinguishable from its neighbouring channels varies considerably.