Conservation Science: Heritage Materials

Analytical chemistry for cultural heritage: a key discipline in conservation research
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Conservation Science for the Cultural Heritage

From a conservation perspective some new protective systems based on multifunctional coatings will be explored and studied; while from an analytical and characterization perspective new analytical possibilities will be explored e. In fact, the person in charge of the group is part of its coordination team.

The GI internationalization is furthermore channeled through the Thematic Network on Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage TechnoHeritage and other organizations, such as the Iberian Archaeometry Society applied to Cultural Heritage in which Spanish and Portuguese scholars collaborate together.

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Conservation science: heritage materials

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Search my Subject Specializations: Select Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content. Scientific Methods and Cultural Heritage: An introduction to the application of materials science to archaeometry and conservation science Gilberto Artioli Abstract Scientific techniques and methods developed in materials science offer invaluable information to archaeology, art history, and conservation.

Please take this quick survey to tell us about what happens after you publish a paper. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Conservation research can be defined as the work of scientists and others who pursue their investigations into the study and the conservation of cultural heritage.

Conservation research as such is a form of applied research, which is focused on the conservation of material aspects of cultural heritage. Therefore, conservation research is basically interdisciplinary in its approach. Scientific and technological disciplines, such as conservation science, rely on measurements of physical and chemical properties.

Such measurements are central to, for example, analytical chemistry, that branch of chemistry concerned with determining the qualitative and quantitative identity of a substance. Chemistry was first applied to the conservation field in the eighteenth century, gradually assuming a fundamental role, owing to the increased number of objects and collections exhibited in museums.

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Today, chemistry, and analytical chemistry in particular, plays a crucial role in the characterization of the nature of heritage materials, in the study of ancient production techniques, as well as supporting archaeometric studies provenance, dating, attribution , detecting causes and mechanisms of degradation and developing and evaluating the performance of restoration materials and methods. Ancient artworks, such as paintings, are complex heterogeneous systems often characterized by a multilayer structure.

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PDF | On Mar 1, , IAN MACLEOD and others published Conservation Science: Heritage Materials - Edited by Eric May and Mark Jones. Conservation of artefacts and heritage materials is an increasingly popular and fascinating area, spanning both historical and scientific disciplines. Materials.

Moreover, a single layer is often composed of a mixture of various compounds both of organic and of inorganic nature. Such substances are not distributed homogeneously and numerous interactions between them, as well as degradation and ageing phenomena, may take place.