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She even thinks of herself being streamlined, but Victor reassures her that Caitlin is just a normal engine under herself. Emily still wants to be as special as Caitlin no matter what the other engines say. But one day, she delivers a delivery to Ulfstead Castle, and there she meets Caitlin, who is having a check on herself by her driver. Emily goes back down again from the castle, but all the sudden she hears Caitlin screaming for help; and she is thundering at high speed down the hill right behind Emily with broken brakes, so she cannot stop herself.

Emily takes action, and decides to slow down her own speed. Eventually, she stops Caitlin at the bottom of the hill, and Caitlin says that she is her hero. Emily then helps Caitlin to the Steamworks, and this time it was her that needed to help Caitlin, then Caitlin helping her.

They laugh together after saying things about the differences between the 2. Thomas is shunting trucks in Knapford yard, when he spots something odd. It later appears that what he saw was the new diesel boxcar on Sodor, by the name Philip. Philip is a keen but curious kind of engine. The bigger engines finds him a bit annoying and refer him as a show off. One day, Philip bumps into Gordon, and asks him if he wants to race.

Gordon says no, and continues to get water from the water tower. Later, Gordon is pulling the express when Philip asks Thomas where he is.

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Thomas' Christmas Delivery (Thomas & Friends) [Rev. W. Awdry, Tommy Stubbs] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It is Christmas eve, and. Thomas' Christmas Delivery is a TrackMaster set by Fisher-Price. Contents Talking Holiday Thomas with Red Truck with Presents, Christmas Van and Brakevan.

Thomas responds by saying he is pulling the express, but might have time later. When Gordon is about to go to rest, Philip asks him for a race. As Gordon says go away, Philip mistakes it for meaning go, as to start the race, and he races away. In the shed at night, he tells the other engines that he beat Gordon.

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Pay items with Pay items with other payment options. Please try your search again later. Sign up to Kmail to discover our latest products and be inspired by the hottest trends all at our irresistibly low prices. All orders for guaranteed Next Day delivery need to be placed before 2pm Monday to Friday for guaranteed delivery the next working day. List of Railway Series books Major characters Minor characters. Thomas responds by saying he is pulling the express, but might have time later. Every other engine reassures him that everything is going to be okay, and eventually Salty gives himself up and goes to the Mainland.

The other engines laugh, but Gordon doesn't. James pulls a long line of trucks one day to show Philip, the new boxcar diesel, how strong he can be himself, but the line of trucks James is pulling is very heavy and has a big load on itself, and when he goes up a hill, it becomes more and more difficult for himself, but when he finds it difficult to stop when he finally goes down the hill, he starts to lose balance and derails off the tracks, and collides with the wall of a bridge and hangs dangling while calling for help.

Luckily, Philip is nearby and manages to prevent James from falling down on the tracks below. James' driver goes to call for help, and soon Percy arrives with Rocky. The Fat Controller points out that James was a show off himself. While at Tidmouth Sheds the following night, Philip tells everyone about how he saved James, and states how strong he can be, but Edward points out that he is a show off himself by saying so.

Thomas Christmas delivery

Gordon murmers to himself that they should find Philip his own shed, but nobody listens, because they're all busy laughing at Philip's final statement. Henry has derailed off the tracks down from Ulfstead Castle to the junction near Ulfstead Mine. Thomas arrives to Henry's site with Rocky, and he places him back on the rails again, but when a couple of workmen tries to get a large rock off the tracks, it suddenly bumps into Rocky and sends him flying down the tracks; until he derails at a junction.

After realizing that neither one of them can help Rocky; he tells them that they need to work together. Thomas must deal with a noisy baby on his train, which always seems to cry when his train stops at every station. He soon learns he can't prevent the problem because he always needs to stop at every station.

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Thomas later speaks to Sir Topham Hatt and asks him if he can accept that Thomas can take his train on a non-stop route for the mother and the baby only. Sir Topham Hatt agrees and after going through the Ffarquhar to Knapford route and back again, both the mother and the baby have fallen asleep. Back at Knapford, a workman named Albert comes over and thanks Thomas for looking after his wife and baby. Albert and his wife soon figure out a name for their baby, which apparently is Thomas.

Thomas wants to find out what is on the other side of a mountain on his branch line, when Bertie tells him about the experience and sights he sees on that side. This makes Thomas intrigued, and he wants to see for himself; but knows he can't do it. One day when he has to deliver a goods train, he rushes by Bertie who desperately tries to explain the truth after their argument the day before. Thomas suddenly derails by missing a signal and the Troublesome Trucks pushing him and goes so far as the other side through a forest.

When Butch is tasked to take him back by road, Thomas is more disappointed when he can't see any of the sights that Bertie was talking about.

Thomas' Christmas Delivery

Then he understands what Bertie meant when he sees a poster, of a jungle with a river and a rainbow, and Butch and Thomas laughs as they continue back to the other side, and at the Steamworks, he apologizes to Bertie for misunderstanding him. Bill and Ben say that Timothy is no help at all at the clay pits so they can have some fun. Therefore they suggest to the Fat Controller to send Timothy to the docks to help. There is chaos at China Clay Pits; where the twin engines can't agree on who is going to do what. Sir Topham Hatt is cross with the twins, but later accepts other engines to work and help out; which includes Timothy, Porter, and Salty.

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In no time the Clay Pits were cleaned up from the mess of the trucks. Diesel gets jealous of Percy when he gets to deliver the Mayor to the Sodor Search and Rescue center. So he makes a plan to be able to deliver the Mayor of Sodor himself. He first tricks Percy by going to an old Quarry, which where Percy gets stuck in some flooded over tracks and his fire dies out. Diesel in the meantime picks up the Mayor and the Fat Controller making his excuse that Percy has broken down.

But Diesel is more disappointed when he isn't allowed to be in the photo of the rescue engines for the newspaper fronts. He tries to find Percy after that; and tries to rescue him, but only for him as well to get stuck. Harold then flies over; followed by the other ground rescue vehicles that has come to their aid.

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The Fat Controller and Percy later laugh of that the fact Diesel got to be on the newspaper front; after all. Percy overhears some workmen talking and thinks the Fat Controller is leaving Sodor. Percy then starts telling the other engines about it, and everyone is convinced that he really is leaving the Island. To convince him to stay, they do everything as best they can, by being earlier then usual and being on time for every job the engines got.

As much the Fat Controller is slightly in doubt he accepts what his engines are doing. The day comes when Percy spots the workmen removing items from The Fat Controller's office. Thomas has three big deliveries to make before he can go back to the sheds and hang his stocking with his friends.

He must deliver the food for the Christmas party at the Community Hall, take presents to children at the school, and bring presents to the Children's Hospital in Vicarstown. The snow continues to worsen but Thomas is determined to show Father Christmas what a really useful engine he is.

At the hospital, Sir Topham Hatt asks him to make a special delivery to a little boy with a broken leg whose mother cannot get to the hospital through the snow. Inside, Father Christmas gave each child a present. Delivery All of our titles have an estimated dispatch time of 2 to 3 working days following purchase.

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