The Neuroscience of Religious Experience

Religion and the Brain
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Written By: Nouran Amin. Do We Inherit Our Instincts? Some things are just instinct. Written By: Annie Lennon.

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Neuroscience and religion - W.R. Klemm - TEDxTAMU

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Emeritus, Study of Religion, Aarhus University. The authors are so adept at presenting findings that this book can be read in one sitting while equally serving as a reference book that one will turn to often.

The neuroscience of religious experience Patrick McNamara

This fast-paced and comprehensive book is a must have for any cognitive neuroscientist or any person interested in knowing what can be argued is the most interesting facet of brain research. It is a stunning accomplishment and I recommend it for anyone interested in religious experience. It is one thing to advocate for collaboration between the sciences and humanities; it is quite another to produce a volume that not only builds the science-humanities bridge, but regularly traverses it.

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Thanks in advance for your time. Skip to content. Search for books, journals or webpages All Pages Books Journals. View on ScienceDirect. Authors: Brick Johnstone Daniel Cohen. Paperback ISBN: Imprint: Academic Press. Published Date: 18th June Page Count: For regional delivery times, please check When will I receive my book?

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The Neuroscience of Religious Experience: Medicine & Health Science Books @ of people the world over, religious experiences and beliefs influence who they marry literature on the neurology and neurochemistry of religious experiences .

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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50 1 , By Patrick McNamara. Starting in the 19th and continuing throughout the 20th century, the disciplines that have contributed most to the scientific study of religion have been sociology, psychology, and cultural anthropology. By the mid 20th century it was realized that not only did our human bodies evolve by natural selection but so did at least some aspects of our behavior.

This was followed by a number of zoologists E. Wilson, Richard Alexander, Randy Thornhill, Klaus Jaffe and others realizing that there were some fundamental principles governing social behavior in insects that were applicable our social behavior as well. These principles were memorialized in E.

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Be the first to ask a question about The Neuroscience of Religious Experience. Emeritus, Study of Religion, Aarhus University. Patrick McNamara. An email will be sent immediately to notify the recipient of your gift and provide them with instructions to redeem it. Research backs him up.

The chapter ends by Wilson saying that the transition from purely phenomenological to fundamental theory in sociology must await a full, neuronal explanation of the human brain. Given that religion involves both solitary and social activities, who could deny that our human brain that generates religious experience, contributes to both. With this as background, let us now consider the book currently under review. The Neuroscience of Religious Experience addresses at least some of these neuronal explanations. Nor is the topic new to SSSR.

What religion does to your brain

It literally gets into the brains, not minds, of persons of faith during religious experiences. For billions of persons the world over, religious experiences and beliefs influence who they marry, how they rear their children, whom they spend time with and how they comport themselves in daily life. It is high time that we have. He argues that when decentering occurs in religious ritual contexts, the ideal Self against which the old Self is compared may constitute a powerful ancestor, a saint, or a god.