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Twin Peaks of Praise and Hope and the Valley of Suffering We find this in John refer and Mk refer too. Paul personally experienced acute affliction read 2 Cor. One of the paradoxes of the Christian life is that we experience the grace of God when we are afflicted and are weak refer 2 Cor. Read Matthew No matter what affliction we face and no matter how severe our afflictions are, God can comfort us in all our afflictions. People may comfort us for a certain period of time, but the Lord keeps comforting us until we are strengthened.

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This comfort leads to the twin peaks of praise and hope. The word means to strengthen, to encourage, to stand alongside in sympathy and in support. Christians do not glorify suffering. But the world is also saturated with suffering. This week we will see that God is the God of all comfort.

The same root word is used to describe the Holy Spirit as well refer Jn , 26; ; Summer Sermon Series. Weekly Sermon Collections. Online Sermon Editor. And then comfort others who are also afflicted. I would be delighted if you could rate this sermon and give brief feedback.

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2 Corinthians 1:3-4 NIV

Where do we find this comfort, this strength? Where is the source of your comfort?

For many it is to be found in addictions: comfort foods or drinks there is even a liquor called Southern Comfort , drugs, work, comfort entertainment, romance, and other forms of escape. Others find comfort in anger and bitterness leading to violence, abuse and crime. Jesus comforted his disciples by promising them that he would send them a Comforter after his death and resurrection.

God comforts us in all our troubles.

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God is the Father of all compassion and it is through Christ that our comfort overflows 2 Cor. God is to be praised because the Father, Son and Holy Spirit comforts us in all our troubles.

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Paul praised God despite his troubles. He never let his troubles make him bitter. He anticipated blessing which took his thoughts off his trials. We make our troubles much greater than they need be by turning them over, considering them from all points of view, weighing them and thinking and meditating upon them When you keep brooding over your grief, you will probably hatch something out of it which you did not expect The next time that a friend come in to see you, do not tell him how cold the weather is for this season of the year, how your poor bones ache He has probably heard the sad story many times before!

Instead of that, tell him what the Lord has done for you Your griefs and troubles speak for themselves, but your mercies are often dumb" C. The word of the Lord tells us "Comfort, comfort my people" Isaiah The God revealed to us in the Scriptures and through Jesus is not indifferent to our suffering.

The character of God as revealed in Jesus is that of mercy and comfort. Why does God bring thunderclouds and disasters when we want green pastures and still waters? But by bit we find, behind the clouds, the Father's feet; behind the lightning, an abiding day that has no night; behind the thunder, a still, small voice that comforts with a comfort that is unspeakable. Oswald Chambers. As we have received comfort from God so we are given a ministry of comfort to the broken-hearted.

The suffering we experience is part of the suffering of Christ -- it is redemptive.

THE GOD OF ALL COMFORT: Hannah Whitall Smith - FULL AudioBook

The distress we experience is a continuation of Christ's suffering which enables us to comfort others. If you have never suffered, it is highly unlikely that you can be of comfort to someone who is truly suffering.

The God of All Comfort

The comfort we experience in our own lives enables us to be able to comfort others. The strength which we receive from the Holy Spirit enables us to patiently endure -- to be strong and to persevere -- despite our suffering. What comfort does God give us to share with others? We find the strength to patiently endure because God is able to assure us of his sovereignty and power in the midst of suffering.

As Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote from prison:. I believe that God can and will bring good out of evil, even out of the greatest evil. Computer Science. LC Subject. Subject Tag.

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